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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #147

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (9/24/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

* any idea of how hard it would be to setup an alternative to the
EM newsletter format in a remote RSS newsfeed, such as bloglines?
not sure of how such things work, if it is necessary to keep the
list up or if it requires a list in order to work. that way, the
content could be checked at will via a feed, and other could more
easily contribute ideas via group posting permissions. if anyone
has ideas, please share. (if it is non-webhost/domain dependent,
that would be ideal).  if the EM newsletter can be made into a
group effort more time will b available to pursue other options.

* 'flip-flop' has been used so effectively in the .US political
race, that it is somewhat baffling that another electronic view
could be to shortcircuit what may be some crossover, where one
part of the circuit (VP Cheney) is attacking Sen. Kerry, at the
same time another is also attacking him (Pres. Bush), while the
assumption that this is behaving as would a normal circuit. The
vp-candidate, therefore, battles the VP, the pres-candidate then
battles the President, and in such a way, it is unbalanced as the
Vice President with all his related issues remains untouched, with
Halliburton, Plame, Enron, WMD, Iraq, Forged Uranium Documents, the
US Energy Task Force, National Missile Defense, etc. while what is
the potential presidential component Kerry gets fried from overload.
Bush can withstand any complex analyis as he is too simple to over-
define (easily resists) while Cheney builds up the high-voltages in
capacitance, which bolts across the circuit. If the short circuitry
was seen, and dually crossed back over, so that Kerry addressed the
issues (often electromagnetic, to due with nuclear energy, policy,
war, oil, pollution) and Edwards appealed to Bush's worldview as an
alternative, at the very least, the path would be a fair, balanced
circuit representing the situation, not something about to explode.
Of course, if energy policy, nuclear war, technology and economy,
cultural development are not made platform issues, that's a big
enough lapse to question approaches being taken. If a cabinet of
componentry was preassembled, a new circuit, to at least challenge
the existing circuit design, it may improve both in either case.
Whose the proposed Kerry energy dept. head, and why aren't they
talking to the public about nuclear policy, international issues,
waste, and the rest? Where is a proposed technology representative
(to later be placed for confirmation) to bring up issues related
to broadband and the economy, pollution, telecommuting? Where is
the economic componentry, pre-confirmed, yet a prototype circuit
for what the future is to build out like- and where are debates
about the many with the many who have many stakes in all of this?

* there is such a backlog of stuff to do that it is hoped that,
in time, more will get done. a state of dearth exists now, which
is difficult to know how to get caught up, though effort is made.
have wanted for four years now, to map a space's EMFs, and had it
started in 2001 when all heck broke loose. was conducting studies
of fields (non-medical related, that is, to do with space-time not
any health issues, for what its worth) in places like sidewalks,
under powerlines on regular streets (distribution poles), besides
pad mounted transformers (metal boxes next to sidewalks), and a
substation (high-readings across the street, 120+ feet). And then
taking this back up has been hard to know how to do, outside, as
even taking photographs of infrastructure seems problematic. have
considered everything from getting an orange vest and flags to put
into the ground, with URL, saying 'EM research' so to make research
at least, open. now, it seems that to do such work would almost be
something to ask in advance, can i do this? (Homeland Security Dept.)
it is only EMFs, and not the part people (industry) are concerned
about, in terms of politics. though it is also to question such an
environment. the visualization of EM has come to be the number one
interest of my personal research, as it seems to be a barrier to
making tangible the invisible environments. one can write about it,
study it, known partially what exists, but without environmental
awareness, a way to see this environment, it seems caught in a
type of traditional view as default, any EM-based thinking/ideas.
that's a personal take on it, and why a lot of work which touches
on one or two aspects is of interest, though thousands of areas
are involved in any given space, from physics to psychology to
anthropology to technology to physiology. hoping to restart it.

01) --top stories--

U.S. plutonium headed to France for electricity // MOX

	'France’s nuclear technology is being used to help fulfill the terms  
of a September 2000 U.S.-Russia disarmament accord under which both  
countries promised to destroy 34 tons of military plutonium each.' ..  
'Radioactive material has been shipped to France in the past for  
conversion into MOX fuel, but this is the first time weapons-grade  
plutonium is being used.'

[and] related nuclear shipment news...

Extreme Oil // PBS .US television series

	'Fifteen years after the end of the Cold War and in the wake of two  
wars in the Gulf and Iraq, all the world's easy oil has been found.  
Today, the oil industry has to go to extremes to find new sources of  
the asset that drives the world's economy and fuels so many aspects of  
modern life. EXTREME OIL crisscrosses the globe like the  
transcontinental pipelines themselves, exposing a wide range of issues  
-- and meeting people who wrestle with the dilemmas of how to ensure  
the supply we need, at a price we will tolerate.'

Pizza Palace // ** flash audiovisual. via TSCM-L...

Putin Calls for Media to Fight Terror // ***

	'"It is obvious that the struggle against terrorism cannot be an  
excuse to infringe upon the freedom and independence of the press,"  
Putin told participants in a conference of international news agencies  
organized by Russia's ITAR-Tass news agency.' .. '"But you yourselves,  
as professionals, should develop a model of work that would allow media  
to become an effective instrument in the struggle against terror, which  
would exclude any, even involuntary, form of assistance to terrorists'  
goals."' .... 'Putin said the government was prepared to work "openly  
and transparently" -- but added that the media, in turn, must act "with  
responsibility and truthfulness."' .... '"If we do not learn to speak  
one language then we will not achieve our common goals and will not be  
able to defend our people ... from this threat, the plague of the 21st  
century, terrorism," he said.'

Whistleblower Criticises U.S. -- Israel's nuclear whistleblower  
Vanunu has criticised the United States for what he says are double
standards towards Israel and Iran over nuclear proliferation.

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

China's Energy Crisis Blankets Hong Kong in Smog

Silicon sensors could save lives

	'The sensors produced by Dr Fleischer and colleagues are about 1 mm  
square and can be tuned to react to many different gases. The sensors  
can spot the target gas often when it is present in tiny quantities.'  
.. 'If a gas is present in the air wafted across the detector, it  
reacts with the silicon substrate of the sensor causing a reaction that  
can be electronically measured.' .. 'Once exposed to ambient air the  
sensor regenerates ready to be used again.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure


04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Mini WiFi locator locks in on networks // tool for mapping  
Key chain device not fooled by microwaves, cordless phones

U.S. Cybersecurity Office May Relocate // DHS -> OMB

	'The new proposal would create a new Office of Critical Infrastructure  
Information Protection at the Office of Management and Budget. Its new  
administrator would be responsible for analyzing electronic threats  
from hackers and terrorists against vital networks, issuing warnings  
about attacks, reducing weaknesses and coordinating with private  
companies and organizations.' .. 'Those are currently responsibilities  
of the National Cyber Security Division, run by [Amit] Yoran inside the  
Infrastructure Assurance and Information Protection directorate at  
Homeland Security.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Bush Set to Open Oil Reserve Spigot // note: Cheney said 'never.' Bush  

// it is wondered if the peltier effect and peltier junctions could be  
// if they could generate power from the heat/cooling difference, or to  
add to
// the heating/cooling. apparently, instead of a motorized 'fan' inside  
of a PC
// some companies are using a peltier junction to cool microprocessors  

The AC of Tomorrow? Tapping Deep Water for Cooling // * via SciTech  
Daily Review

	'Chris Asimakis, Enwave's chief operating officer, says that when  
Toronto's system reaches full capacity, the city will conserve 59  
megawatts of energy—the amount of power required to cool 12,000 homes  
by traditional means.' .. 'The project will keep 44,100 tons (40,000  
metric tons) of carbon dioxide out of the air, according to the  
company's Web site. The greenhouse-gas savings is equivalent to keeping  
8,000 cars off the road.' .. 'Enwave says the system will not only trim  
use of ozone-depleting refrigerants such as CFCs but also keep  
buildings cool even during blackouts when fully commissioned.'

[reference] define: peltier effect // 1834. does it work in reverse?

	'the phenomena in which, when an electric current is passed through a  
junction consisting of wires of different metals, the junction is  
warmed or cooled depending on the direction of current flow.'

YUGANSKNEFTEGAZ refuses to pay electricity bills
ITAR-TASS - Moscow,Russia
500 illegal units’ water, electricity disconnected
Indian Express - New Delhi,India

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

// this article seems to verify that there is a legitimate concern for
// using high-frequency radio waves upon babies in the womb (ultrasound)
// as, if anything like an MRI, it must be quite of a first encounter...

The Womb as Photo Studio // radio-scanning pre-borns...

	'...trying to capitalize on [the] phenomenon, a number of companies  
are selling elective ultrasounds that have little  to do with neonatal  
health. The services, often in small offices or shopping malls, amount  
to fetal photo studios and use newer 3-D ultrasound technology to  
produce more realistic images than conventional machines.' .... 'While  
the Food and Drug Administration regulates the equipment, licensing of  
health care providers is left to individual states. For the time being  
the companies do not need to be licensed, and the technicians do not  
need to be certified.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Robot Telescopes Comb the Skies // ** RoboNet-1.0, "virtual astronomers"

Spacecrafts powered by thunder // nuclear stirling engines...

	'The engine consists of a 0.3-metre-long tube filled with helium gas  
and about 1000 closely-spaced metal screens. Decaying plutonium heats  
one end of the tube to 650 °C, causing the gas around it to expand.  
That gas transfers its heat to the next screen, then contracts again.  
This process repeats in a domino effect all the way down the tube.' ..  
'The expanding and contracting gas produces sound waves - a deafening  
roar - that oscillate at a frequency of 120 Hertz and drive a piston,  
generating electricity.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

// on the topic of harddrives, it would be great if computing systems  
// laptop, desktop) could share a harddrive storage area, which could  
// be used for backup, indexing, searching, and organizing of data for,  
// burning to CD or DVD by some other device, automatically. that  
instead of
// the huge drives being inside a computer, an outside storage network  
// many drives could be networked to for massive storage (such as  
backup OS).
// then, what if a flash-disk could be plugged into a port to download  
a data
// folder of files, from the networked drive, by some automated sync  

Big challenges for small drives-- For disk drives to make a
splash in cell phones, they'll have to handle a crash or two.

Theses for your perusal // .au digital thesis project (via NewsScan  

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Parallax announces the USB Board of Education // microcontroller...

[and] Native OS X Pic Microcontroller / Basicstamp programming? // via  

Toshiba says no more Pocket PCs for the US // PDA market shakeout...

Photo molecules flip current

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

U.S. Nuclear Tests Still Haunt Marshall Islands // **

	'Between 1946 and 1958, the United States detonated 23 atomic and  
hydrogen bombs on Bikini and Enewetak atolls.' .. 'One of the blasts,  
which took place in 1954 and was dubbed Bravo, "was 1,000 times more  
powerful than Hiroshima and its fallout spread radioactive debris  
across the neighboring islands," Note said.'

Missing tanker 'shame' in Nigeria --
The disappearance of a Russian oil tanker in Nigerian custody is
a "national embarrassment" says a senior MP investigating the case.

	'Nigeria is Africa's largest oil exporter.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

// the tablet PC seemed like a good idea for the graphic arts computer
// market with 'painting' programs like photoshop, painter, maybe 3D if
// it could work (with pen or some screen-based mouse). it was thought
// that Wacom's screen-based digital art tablet (being roughly the same
// price range) would have competition by a computer which could do the
// same thing. such as bringing your computer outside to sketch, paint,
// and not having to deal with the intermediate step. not sure it has
// even/ever been mentioned for use as an arts tool for those who draw.
// sidenote: the new iMac would seem to be an attempt to be a non-PC PC
// such as a computer may be interfaced by a remote screen/terminal, yet
// thus no CPU box clutter, though the PC based model remains unchanged
// (strange, as if a laptop on a stand, with external keyboard & mouse).

Entelligence: Why people aren’t buying Tablet PCs

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Nothing Robotic About Robo-Art // em-art... see slideshow...

	'Bruce Shapiro of Minneapolis named his piece Sisyphus, after the  
mortal condemned by the Greek gods to roll a boulder up a hill for  
eternity, only to have it roll down again. It features a large marble  
that moves along a plate of sand, creating something of a Zen garden.  
Beneath the plate of sand lies a magnet attached to a robotic arm,  
which moves about in a geometric pattern, forcing the ball to move  
along with it, making indentations in the sand.'

[and] The Art OfMotion Control // Bruce Shapiro

[see] Sisyphus I , II, and III -- sand plotting:

Make hard drives in to speakers // Afrotech's Hard-disk Sound System

Exhibit: Visionary Anatomies -- Untitled (from the X- Ray series)

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