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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #146

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (9/20/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

* if there are microwaves, may 'nanowaves' also exist, or other
scales of waves smaller than the smallest known waves, and larger
than the largest known wavelengths?

01) --top stories--

U.S. Push for More Scrutiny of Iran Nuclear Program Fails

	'Iran's nuclear program dates from  the late 1960's, when it began  
developing nuclear energy on the advice of the United States, which  
argued that the country should sell its oil rather than burn it to  
generate electricity. Iran eventually contracted Germany's Siemens AG  
to build a 1,000-megawatt nuclear power plant in the port of Busheir.'  
.. 'But construction of the plant was stopped during the Islamic  
revolution of 1979, and Iran soon became an international pariah. As a  
result, the country asserts, it was forced to rely on the black market  
to save its nuclear program, in which it had already invested billions  
of dollars. It bought centrifuge designs from Pakistan and imported  
technology from a secret network of suppliers that spanned the globe.'  
.. 'In 1995, Iran signed a contract with Russia to resume work on the  
Busheir plant and soon began assembling centrifuges, which are used to  
concentrate uranium's unstable 235 isotope at levels necessary for a  
nuclear reaction. Iran will need uranium with 3.5 percent of the  
isotope to fuel its Busheir plant. But the same centrifuges can be used  
to enrich uranium to the higher levels  — 80 percent on up to nearly  
pure  — needed for nuclear weapons.' .. 'Under the Nonproliferation  
Treaty, Iran has the right to enrich uranium for use in nuclear power  
plants, but failure to disclose the enrichment program was a clear  
breach of its obligations under the treaty. The program was disclosed  
by a group of Iranian dissidents in August 2002.' .... '... the United  
States remains certain that inconsistencies in the [.IR nuclear]  
program and other clues point to a secret weapons program.'

// question: how will going to the Security Council (as said by Mr. J.  
// end up with .RU and .CN and others wanting to sanction their own  

[and] Iran Refuses UN Uranium Demand, Is Rebuked by U.S. // sunday

	'``Iran will drag out negotiations with the IAEA and the Europeans,  
who are unlikely to agree to sanctions because of their oil interests  
in Iran,'' Youssef Ibrahim, managing director of the Dubai, United Arab  
Emirated-based Strategic Energy Investment Group, said in a telephone  
interview.' .. 'The U.S. says Iran, site of the world's second-biggest  
oil reserves, is hiding a nuclear-weapons program and wants UN  
sanctions imposed on the country. New sanctions may force European oil  
companies such Royal Dutch/Shell Group to stop working in Iran.' ....  
'Total SA, Europe's third-largest oil company, OAO Lukoil, Russia's top  
oil producer, and Norway's Norsk Hydro ASA are among other  
international oil companies working in Iran. The country is the  
second-largest oil producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting  
Countries after Saudi Arabia.' .... 'Iran's suspension of its  
uranium-enrichment program since October 2003 was voluntary and could  
be extended, Rowhani said.' .. '``Only dialogue can stop us from  
resuming (uranium- enrichment) activities,'' Rowhani said.'

[and] Poll: possible second war worries voters // oil, war, nuclear  

	'"So the talk that you hear within the conservative community about  
perhaps taking strong measures against Iran or North Korea would be  
feasible if it were confined to air strikes," Carpenter said. "Those  
who are concerned that a second Bush presidency might go down that path  
might have some foundation for their concerns."' .. 'Some fear the  
United States could provoke a war -- even if it did not fire the first  
shot -- by focusing on tough talk and actions, rather than  

[see] Quick exit from Iraq is likely // *** oil, war, nuclear, chaos,  

[now] U.N. Official: 40 Nations Can Make Nukes // ***

	'Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic  
Energy Agency, suggested in a keynote address to the IAEA general  
conference that it was time to tighten world policing of nuclear  
activities and to stop relying on information volunteered by  
countries.' .... 'ElBaradei did not name the countries capable of  
quickly turning peaceful nuclear activities into weapons programs. But  
more than a dozen European countries with either power-producing  
nuclear reactors or large-scale research reactors are among them, as  
well as Canada, and countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Why Give a Dead Man a Body Scan? // via wired.com

	'Thali calls the technique “virtopsy,” or virtual autopsy.  
Specifically, his research team has adapted the twin medical- imaging  
technologies of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging  
(MRI) to create three-dimensional, high-resolution computer images of a  
crime victim’s internal organs. Thali pours these digitized blood and  
guts into a hollow-man replica of the victim. The result is a  
head-to-toe cybercorpse that a pathologist can view—wounds and all—from  
any depth and angle, including inside out.' .... 'The equipment  
required for a virtual autopsy includes an MRI machine costing upward  
of $1 million, a CT scanner priced at about $500,000, and 3-D  
surface-scanning equipment worth more than $100,000.' .... 'Already  
Department of Defense medical examiners use a conveyor-belt scanner,  
similar to those used to screen baggage in airports, to look into  
soldiers’ bodies for bullets, shrapnel and unexploded ordnance...'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

BURNING tires for electricity not cost-effective
Daytona Beach News-Journal - Daytona,FL,USA

Radioactivity gets fast-forward // potentially incredible...
A radioactive element's rate of decay has been speeded up.

	'In principle, the result suggests that we might be able to neutralize  
nuclear waste faster.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Los Alamos to Remove Nukes // weapons-grade nuclear material...

	'Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham has said he is committed to moving  
the nuclear materials out of the research center because the area is  
difficult to defend and vulnerable to terrorist attack...'

Navy pulls plug on embattled ELF site  // .US, 28 mile antenna

	'The ELF project began as a testing facility for submarine  
communications in the mid-1960s at Clam Lake in Ashland County under  
the name Project Sanguine.' .. 'In the late 1970s the Navy proposed  
using the site in the Chequamegon National Forest with the underlying  
granite bedrock as an antenna for transmitting low-frequency signals to  
submerged submarines.' .. 'The plans called for building a 56-mile  
antenna system in the Gwinn-Republic area of Michigan, linked to a  
28-mile antenna system at Clam Lake.' .. 'The Navy said the system  
would allow American submarines to operate continuously at considerable  
depths. At the time submarines could receive messages only by  
surfacing, or by operating near the surface using trailing antennas  
that were miles long.'

[and] U.S. navy says it will shut down controversial sub communication  

	'It could take the navy up to three years to close down the sites  
permanently, said Steven Davis, a spokesman for the navy's Space and  
Navy Warfare Systems Command in San Diego, Calif. Each transmitter  
consists of an antenna strung on 600 12-metre poles across dozens of  
kilometres of forest.' .. 'The navy has used the "extremely low  
frequency" transmitters to maintain secure communications with  
submarines at sea but now will use 12 "very low frequency" transmitters  
located worldwide, Davis said.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

BULGARIA Liberalizes Electricity Market
Novinite - Bulgaria
STEELMAKERS face higher electricity costs, industry report finds
Hamilton Mountain News - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
60 percent of Puerto Rico still lacks electricity
Kansas City Star (subscription) - Kansas City,MO,United States
NEARLY all now have electricity
Sun-Sentinel.com - Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
PANHANDLE Could Be Without Electricity For Several Weeks
News4Jax.com - Jacksonville,FL,USA
Southern, Duke Say 700,000 Without Power; Bush Visits Southeast
GAS And Electricity Bills Increase
Ananova - England,UK
RISE in electricity tariffs faces review
Fiji Times - Fiji
‘ELECTRICITY for all by 2012’
Hindustan Times - New Delhi,India

Nigerian Oil Pipeline Blast // microstory

Yukos Said to Halt Some Exports to China

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

The Actifier, silicone sucking // hi-tech suckling trainer...

Embargo threatens Sudan oil gains
The draft of the UN Security Council resolution on Darfur carries the  
of sanctions being taken by the international community against Sudan.

	'The threat aims to pressurise Sudan into complying with its  
commitment to end the waves of murder, rape and violence in the western  
state of Darfur.'

[headline] TV Pastor Turns Gifts Into Empire // LA Times
[headline] CHENEY galvanizes GOP base by attacking Kerry, extolling Bush

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

9 out of 10 cats prefer CDs to downloads // audiovisual archive

India launches world's first education satellite // em-arch

	'But EDUSAT's dedicated function will substantially improve the  
service provided. It will use the virtual classroom concept to offer  
education to children in remote villages, quality higher education to  
students in areas without access to good technical institutes, adult  
literacy programmes and training modules for teachers.' .. '“It is a  
unique mission and we are happy to have achieved it,” Nair says. H P  
Dixit, vice chancellor of Indira Gandhi Open University, added: “It  
will revolutionise education in our country."' .. 'EDUSAT carries six  
KU-band transponders and six extended C-band transponders. All but one  
of the KU-band transponders will be dedicated to specific regions of  
India, while the rest of the transponders will provide blanket coverage  
for the country.' .. 'The satellite will utilise an antenna with a  
1.2-metre reflector to direct the KU-band spot beams towards their  
intended regions. This will enable information to be broadcast in  
relevant local languages - India has 18 official languages and over 400  
dialects. The educational programmes can be viewed on any television  
set through a simple low-cost receiver costing about $65, Nair says.'

Sketch-a-Move // toy car prototype. via engadet.com (.mov)

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

From: Wordsmith wordsmith.org
To: linguaphile at wordsmith.org
Subject: A.Word.A.Day--levin

levin (LEV-in) noun

    Lightning; a bright light.

[From Middle English levene. Ultimately from Indo-European root leuk-
(light) that's resulted in other words such as lunar, lunatic, light,
lightning, lucid, illuminate, illustrate, translucent, lux, and lynx,]

[headlline] U.S. and Iran Disagree on Satellite Imagery

Microsoft Expands Sharing of Source Code

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

// it would seem that this device, if able to capture light, turn it  
// electrical charge, and store it in a capacitor is somewhat like a  
// and photosynthesis, if the technique could cover an area as a  

Light-wave antenna invented // photosynthesis vs. solarcell battery
Device could be used in solar cells or futuristic TVs

Optical Fibers And A Theory Of Things That Go Bump In The Light

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Bush Scraps Most U.S. Sanctions on Libya

	'Bush formally revoked the four underlying executive orders  that had  
barred most trade with Libya, restricted U.S.-Libyan  aviation, froze  
Libyan government assets in the United States  and prevented the  
importation of Libyan oil.'

Russians Stop Car [Electrically] Wired With Explosives

	'After the man in the first car was stopped, police questioned him and  
found two land mines and seven ounces of TNT in the car. The mines were  
connected with wires and had an antenna attached to them.'

// excerpted in full from Steven Aftergood's Secrecy News...


[begin excerpt] A recently completed Defense Science Board study
calls for a new defense initiative to confront the threat of
clandestine nuclear attack.

"The [DSB] Task Force addresses the threat of nuclear or radiological
attack, by anyone for any purpose in any scenario, against the United
States or U.S. military operations, delivered by any means other than
missiles or aircraft. In effect, this means hidden/smuggled nuclear
weapons, devices, or materials," according to the cover memo from DSB
Chairman William Schneider Jr.

"The Task Force finds that this threat is serious enough, and that
there are sufficient indications that effective means of preventing
successful attack might be developed over the long term, to warrant
starting a DoD effort to develop comprehensive capabilities in DoD's
areas of responsibility."

Defense against such attacks "should warrant national and DoD attention
that is as serious as that devoted to missile defense," the DSB said.

A copy of the Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on
Preventing and Defending Against Clandestine Nuclear Attack, dated
June 2004, is now available here:


[end excerpt]

[headline] Nuclear monitors return to Seoul // South Korea...

	'North Korea says it will not return to talks on its own nuclear  
programme until the US drops its double standards on nuclear  
proliferation in the region.' .... 'South Korea has admitted its  
scientists conducted tests in 1982 and again four years ago to extract  
plutonium and to enrich uranium, two separate routes to an atomic  
bomb.' .... 'Many questions remain unanswered.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

[headline] Oil Surges on Storm, Supply Concerns // weather/hurricane...
[and] Crude Oil Soars to 4-Week High on Storm-Related Shutdowns // NYT
[and] Storm blows oil price back above $45 US

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

modified gaming headphones // funny. via engadget.com

How video  art keeps  on moving // Five key moments. via artsjournal

Real Life Architecture // great essay. relevant to em-architecture &  

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