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From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sun, 15 Aug 2004 15:42:52 -0500

Hi everyone, I took apart a bunch of stuff a few weeks ago
as I am planning to demonstrate an approach to learning
more about electronics (and how hardware and software
connects) through the dismantling of the artifacts in the
attempt to get a glimmer of conceptual understanding,
however slight, about how these things operate from the
viewpoint of a novice in search of something meaningful
in the electronic wasteland of junk that is all around today.
So here's the first, probably most in-depth of future such
excavations of electronics as an embodiment of ideas:

Deconstructing Electronics: The PDA Synchronization Cradle

Did not think it through completely and dismantled and
recycled parts of things that could have been presented in
a more 'whole' manner, so kept only some really neat little
artifacts from computer speakers, floppy and harddrives,
and such, and did not document the dismantling process.
Though, there is a keyboard, Zon/credit-card machine, a
small pager, (maybe) calculator (my beloved HP 20 S is
nearing the end of its life, sadly), and some other high-tech
items that are in a different category of exploration, such as
an IC silicon wafer, IC dies, a MEMs mirror assembly, and
other things that are more towards comparing high-tech
with high-art or at least to question this aspect in artifacts
(that is, where is the dividing line between art and artifact?).
One thing I learned, besides that this is a lot of fun, and that
I am glad I studies up on what to do (UNPLUG!) and not do,
only after the fact (don't handle printed circuit boards with-
out gloves, then touch your face, as chemical burns result!).
In any case, here's a sampler and have photos for others,
and other sections of the electromagnetic education
website, at: http://www.electronetwork.org/education/
comments, feedback, suggestions appreciated.
thanks, brian

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