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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #136

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (8/14/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- (urls)

01) --top stories--

// it would be a wonderful outcome if somehow, out of all of today's  
chaos and
// tragedies, that somehow something necessary and beneficial to all  
// such as a way to restructure the global order without a world war,  
and to be
// able to address outstanding nuclear dilemmas (including weapons and  
// waste and other issues) in a shared treaty, strengthening the ideas  
that the
// world can function as one, in some peaceful way, even if different  
// sidenote: one thing about the .UN is that, as with the internet and  
// it seems that the 'nations' and structure may function more as a  
// that is why seeing the .UN site and some countries do not have  
websites, it
// is curious why this is so, what makes it so, and is it somehow the  
// of community are not shared in some fundamental way to create a  
larger whole,
// and if so, what would it take so that every country was equally  
// it would be interesting to know if the .UN could broker a new  
nuclear treaty
// in which the responsibility was shared and secured, beyond a  
security council
// mandate, and to one that is shared by the world community, singular,  
as one.

Iran seeking "peaceful" nuclear program // *** nuclear-peace  

	'Khatami said Tehran was ready to give guarantees that its nuclear  
program, including enriching uranium, would not be diverted toward  
making weapons, as Washington suspects. He said atomic weapons go  
against the teachings of Islam.' .. '"We have nothing more than a word  
-- 'yes' -- to peaceful nuclear technology," Khatami said after a  
Cabinet meeting.' .. '"This is our national interest and prestige. This  
is our strategy. But if they want to deny us of our basic right (to  
develop a peaceful nuclear program), we and our nation have to be  
prepared to pay the price."' .... 'Khatami said Islam does not allow  
Iran to seek nuclear weapons.' .. '"Due to our ideological beliefs, we  
can't acquire nuclear weapons ... we can't use nuclear weapons even if  
they are used against us," he said. "We will give all the necessary  
guarantees to ensure that Iran doesn't work toward acquiring nuclear  
weapons."' .. 'Khatami said Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Hasan  
Rowhani, will embark on a mission to try to defuse tensions over the  
nuclear program. He did not elaborate.'

// the amazing thing about this nuclear world is that hope keeps  

[and] U.S., N. Korean discuss nuclear impasse // active diplomatic  

Too Much Information? // paramedia-panopticon spotlights cryptome.org...
Web Site Raises Questions About Public Access to Sensitive Government  

	'"I know there are a lot of people in the government who find [John  
Young] troublesome," said former White House terrorism adviser Richard  
Clarke, now an ABC News consultant. "There is a real tension here  
between the public's right to know and civil liberties, on the one  
hand, and security on the other."'

// EM spectrum as virtual real-estate: public|private property  
// one of the more interesting things about HDTV (high-definition)  
versus the
// installed base of broadcast (analog?) television is that the  
// issues of 'reception' would not make inaccessible certain TV  
channels thus
// giving a more accurate reading to TV demographers and viewers who  
would be
// able to view any TV news, not just those unblocked by static. for  
// here, one news station is not available, and certain radio/music  
// though with HDTV apparently 'static' or non-reception of signals  
remains an
// issue - if this is a quesiton of geography (hills/valleys/buildings)  
is not
// known, but cable-television seemed is a way for people to see all  
// or so it has been remarked upon. Also, finding computer gear and  
radio does
// not mix nicely (harmonics in the wires? or too many things in a  
single surge
// protector, starting to effect data-signals or static) -- there are  
// core snap-on devices to wrap around EM cables to smooth EMI/RF  

Spectrum policy:  On the same wavelength // squatting on the spectrum.  
Governments and industries are bracing themselves for the possibility
that radio interference will become a thing of the past // thanks *

	'How humans harness electromagnetic waves—and specifically those in  
the radio-frequency part of the spectrum—has become so important that  
old and new ways of thinking are now lining up for a tense  
confrontation that will affect numerous businesses and billions of  
consumers.' .. 'The old mindset, supported by over a century of  
technological experience and 70 years of regulatory habit, views  
spectrum—the range of frequencies, or wavelengths, at which  
electromagnetic waves vibrate—as a scarce resource that must be  
allocated by governments or bought and sold like property. The new  
school, pointing to cutting-edge technologies, says that spectrum is by  
nature abundant and that allocating, buying or selling parts of it will  
one day seem as illogical as, say, apportioning or selling sound waves  
to people who would like to have a conversation.' .... 'The underlying  
assumptions about the physics of electromagnetism had not changed,...  
Devices were still assumed to be dumb, interference a fact of life and  
exclusive-usage rights a necessity. The only change is that today most  
governments run mixed regimes, doling out some licences for free and  
auctioning others...' .. 'This dispensation represents a huge loss to  
society...' .... 'It would be bad enough if most of the spectrum were  
being wasted on the wrong uses; in fact, much of it is not being used  
at all.' .... 'This is promising because broadcasters inhabit the best  
kind of spectrum, the equivalent of beachfront property. The lower an  
electromagnetic wave's frequency the better it is at penetrating rain,  
trees and walls, which is why television and FM radio tend to work in  
the basement, but why Wi-Fi signals have trouble with walls. According  
to the New America Foundation, the 1% of frequencies below 3 GH z are  
worth more than the other 99% of spectrum between 3 GH z and 300 GH z.'  
.. 'Even a sliver of new unlicensed spectrum in the very low  
frequencies could therefore make an enormous difference. It could, for  
example, make possible a cheap alternative to cable and  
digital-subscriber line modems (for which roads have to be dug up and  
trees uprooted) in delivering high-speed internet access across “the  
last mile” to the consumer.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Japan Utility to Shut Down All Nuke Plants // 11, temporarily...

Drugs to fight effects of dirty bombs OK'd  

CPR, defibrillators as good as medics // DIY paramedics...

	'Because paramedics often arrive relatively late, the research found  
the people they save are more likely to suffer brain damage: 78% of  
those saved by bystanders without paramedics survived with excellent  
brain function vs. 68% of those treated by paramedics.' .. 'A second  
study shows the survival rate of cardiac arrest victims jumps from 14%  
to 23% when bystanders use an AED to deliver a shock before paramedics  
arrive.' .. 'Each year about 60,000 people in the USA suffer a  
short-circuit of the heart that can be reversed by such a shock...'

headline: 2 Electrocuted by Fallen Power Line in Storm in Queens

// cellphone manufacturers could help by making their antennas point  
// away from the human brain, which current is not standard practice  

This fall the Mobile Cap is the new tinfoil hat

[and] handy-fashions.com-- The perfect link between up to date fashion
and highly effective microwave protection. // via engadget.com

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure


04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// saw mention in today's paper (8/13/04) that 2 weeks after  
hyper-warnings the
// White House has retracted claims the .US was under imminent threat  
of attack.

Al-Qaeda computer geek nearly overthrew US // via cryptome.org

	'According to wire reports, Kahn the geek had been cooperating with  
Pakistani security forces, until the Bush Administration's insistence  
that he be arrested immediately, and their leaking of his name, ended  
his cooperation, and stuffed up several terror investigations in  
various countries, the UK included.' .. 'Pakistani intelligence forces  
have complained that several high-profile al Qaeda suspects they'd been  
keeping an eye on have gone to earth and now can't be found, merely  
because Khan was named. The twelve suspects suddenly rounded up in  
Britain last week were almost certainly nabbed in haste for the same  
reason.' .. 'But Khan is clearly a small-fry player, one whose  
continuing cooperation would have yielded more fruit than his arrest.  
Indeed, his arrest has signaled to scores of other al-Qaeda players  
that they should shift their plans.'

Surveillance countermeasures primer from Kaiser Electronics // via  

headline: Nuclear Lab's Missing Disks May Not Exist

DefendAir (TM) Radio Shield // em-arch. 'the new paint.' via  

	'This specially formulated flat interior paint can help reduce the  
transmission of wireless radio waves through walls, ceilings and doors.  
 Create a field of protection inside your home or office.  Some radio  
waves may pass through depending on signal strength and other  

		* Prevents radio wave bleeding
		* Blocks radio wave interference and noise
		* Shielding range 100MHz-2GHz
		* Easy to apply and long lasting

Computer Users Share Private Files with Their MP3s // *** via scitech  

	'One does not need the skills of a hacker to grab private  files from  
the thousands of users of programs such as LimeWire  or BearShare. Even  
most home firewalls, which keep out  malicious outsiders, don't prevent  
designated files from being  shared.' .. 'All that is required is  
patience and skills sharpened on  Google or other Internet search  
engines.' .. 'Wallace wants his Web site to showcase a variety of  
private  files to warn the users who unwillingly share them.' .... 'The  
files he has posted include passwords for various  Internet services,  
personal bank information, confidential  police reports, court  
documents and tax returns. All the  information one needs to open up a  
bank account or virtually  assume another person's identity....' ....  
'One Internet user who asked not to be identified said that  in recent  
months using the popular LimeWire program he found  secret military and  
government documents and unpublished  photographs of abuse at Iraq's  
Abu Ghraib prison.'

Online Undercover Facilities // .pdf via cryptome.org

	'Just as law enforcement agencies may establish physical-world  
undercover entities, they also may establish online undercover  
facilities, such as bulletin board systems, Internet service providers,  
and World Wide Web sites, which covertly offer information or services  
to the public online...'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

NATIONAL electricity grid makes little sense: Analysts
Toronto Star - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
REPORT says LA reservoirs, electricity plants vulnerable
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) - San Jose,CA,USA
EU commission opens probe into Portuguese electricity, gas deal
EUbusiness - London,UK
SLOVAK electricity privatization delayed
Big News Network.com - Australia
ENDLESS wait for electricity connection
Times of India - India
IRAQ allocates $1.5 billion to develop electricity sector
MENAFN - Middle East

No outlet for electricity reforms:  A year after lights went out for 50  
people, politicians still plug away at plans to fix fragile power grid

	'Experts say that improvements in equipment, communication between  
utilities, maintenance and monitoring have resulted from the events of  
last Aug. 14, when a rapidly cascading chain of events left people in  
the Northeast, upper Midwest and part of Canada without lights or air  
conditioning.' .. 'But experts say the complex "grid" system that  
interlocks utilities remains fragile, plagued by overloads and, in the  
case of many utilities, inadequately monitored by government to ensure  
that procedures are followed to prevent outages.' .. 'Many contend that  
governmental deregulation of the industry since 1996 has increased  
competition among generating companies, as was intended, but also has  
left many utilities strapped for cash and uncertain about how they  
would recoup the billions of dollars in upgrades that some believe are  
needed to ease bottlenecks and congestion on the grid.'

White House advises Russians on oil case // no comment.

// historical reading came to life (for me) when reading of  
electricity, as it
// was able to begin describing the everyday environment and how it  
came to be.
// though oftentimes the righting is very dry on average, and long and  
// the author below puts some freshness into a short story telling of  
the great
// events that helped to define the present: the first .US power  
blackout, NYC.
// though, it is unclear the argument for the basic issue of  
'transmission' as
// this is hard to conceive in relation to its exploitation by its  
// and deregulation for upgraded (old) systems for trade-markets flows  
by Enron.
// instead, it would seem that the questions today are larger than  
// to include how to reconfigure the critical infrastructure, how to  
protect it,
// make it redundant, distribute generation around the grid, diversify  
// and not rely on large central plants and long-distance powerlines,  
which are
// the reason that maintaining power in Iraq, either with power- or  
// to keep these very large systems dealing with the asymmetric  
// as with climate warming or anyting else. there's a point where  
history is in
// some way superceded by the present, even if uncompiled in a book or  
view of
// a whole situatation. one may imagine it would be in a critical  
review by .gov
// of energy resources and the power industry itself, even this is  
lacking now.
// that is, a comprehensive view of questions to be faced by many in  
many ways.
// such an appraoch is well beyond transmission, that's the old answer  
for new
// problems, which have become liabilities, just like the gas/arc  
lighting was.

New York Unplugged, 1889 By JILL JONNES (author of "Empires of Lights:  
Tesla, Westinghouse and the Race to Electrify the World.'') // **  
superb story

	'Last year's  blackout  -  when we were rudely reminded that  
electricity is the lifeblood of our  civilization  -  still holds the  
dubious honor as America's biggest  blackout. The nation's first   
struck Manhattan on  Oct. 14, 1889, when New Yorkers stepped out into   
a bleak, rainy dusk to find what was called  "A Night of Darkness  -  
More than One Thousand Electric Lights Extinguished."'

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

Russian claim discovery of ET spaceship wreck

Kickboxing robots draw crowds in Japan // via macsurfer.com

	'Robo-One, begun four years ago to stimulate public interest in  
robots, is loosely based on K-1, a popular sport that combines elements  
of kickboxing, karate and taekwondo.' .. 'The Sixth Robo-One Contest  
during a recent weekend drew some 90 robots running on software  
developed by amateurs from across Japan and South Korea to a hall in  
Kawasaki, southwest of Tokyo.' .. 'Unlike human boxing matches, the  
corner crew in these contests struggles with battery changes and, in  
one case, vigorously flapped handheld paper fans to cool the motors  
lodged in the robot's joints in between rounds.' .... 'According to  
Robo-One rules, a robot that gets pulled, pushed or punched down must  
get up on its feet before the referee counts to 10 to avoid a  
knockout.' .... 'With robots, the count to 10 also starts when a  
machine freezes in mid-action on its feet. If it collapses by accident  
on its own and can't get up before the count to 10, that's a knockout  
as well.'

Promethean Ambitions: Alchemy and the Quest to Perfect Nature //  

	'... in the last few decades, alchemy emerged out of the condescending  
and eclipsing shadows cast by modern science. In the 1970s, one of its  
most radical champions, the philosopher of science Paul Feyerabend,  
baldly suggested that there was very little to distinguish between  
alchemy and science: The techniques were similar, and so was the  
accuracy of the results.' .... '...Newman argues that most current  
debates about boundaries between nature and artifice, or boundaries  
between proper and improper scientific exploration, echo debates that  
run through the history of alchemy...' .... 'In Newman's view, this  
tension between nature and artifice is fundamental...'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page // images.

world processor // *** amazing. maps and cartofacts...

	'[1] tv ownership, [2] nuclear desire, [7] landlocked nations, [8]  
life expectancy, [9] crisis zones, [10] chinese geography, [11]  
statistical challenges, [11.1] statistical challenges, [11.4]  
statistical challenges, [12] japan vs the 62 poorest countries, [13]  
population volume, [14] nameless places, [15] local conditions, [16]  
17th century world, [17] 1949 world, [18] blank, [19] refugee currents,  
[22] mountains of debt, [23] gold, [24] white world, [25] red ocean,  
[26] black ocean, [27] yellow ocean, [30] co2 spiral, [31] pollution,  
[32] lack of detail, [33] international data, [34] black africa, etc.,  
[35] not an arab world, [36] oil supply routes, [36.1] oil supply  
routes, [37] comprehensive guide to the world, [38] preferred  
continental drift, [40] travel souvenirs, [43] [population bubble, [44]  
refugee populations, [45] wittgenstein's world, [46] political  
prisoners, [48] combat experience, [50] military budgets, [51]  
positions of nuclear submarines, [52] defensive structures, [53]  
chernobyl cloud, [54] random basics, [55] life in earth, [56] energy  
consumption, [59] rainforest leftovers, [63] population distribution,  
[66] earth in 80 languages, [69] depleted fishing grounds, [74]  
projection problems, [78] people power, [80] acid rain, [96] names of  
continenets and oceans, [101] tropics, [111] major rivers, [117]  
nuclear explosions, [119] fiberoptic network, [121] earthquakes, [122]  
independence, [123] peaceful countries in the 1980s, [143] money  
geography, [145] credit risks for emerging markets, [147] ozone  
depletion, [157] immigration routes to new york, [158] global warming  
and cooling, [163] moody's ratings, [169] soil degradation, [170] solar  
system, [171] infant mortality, [304] japanese empire'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

// like the idea of a DIY LCD picture frame kit, a custom chipset may  
be one way
// to get non-CPU based display for an affordable price as a retrofit  

Intel colonizes with chipsets
PC chipsets are inexpensive, lack brand names and rarely get promoted to
consumers, but they are the components Intel uses to colonize new  

// maybe someday 'spin flip' will replace flip flop in political  

Chips measure electron spin // (parallel-serial 3-valued logical  

	'Practical quantum computers are at least a decade away, and some  
researchers are betting that they will never be built.' .. 'This is  
because controlling individual particles like atoms, electrons and  
photons is extraordinarily challenging. Information carried in  
particles always comes in shades of gray and can be corrupted or wiped  
out by the slightest wisp of energy from the environment...' .... 'Spin  
is a property of electrons that is akin to the rotation of a top. The  
two spin directions, spin up and spin down, are magnetically opposite,  
like the two poles of a kitchen magnet. The spins can represent the 1s  
and 0s and digital information.' .. 'Particles that are isolated from  
their environment are in the weird quantum state of superposition,  
meaning they are in some mix of the two spin directions. This means a  
qubit can be in some mix of 1 and 0, which allows a string of qubits to  
represent every binary number at once.'

Projector lights radio tags // ** information/organization management  

	'Researchers from Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs have brought  
dynamic, computer-generated labels into the physical world with a  
combination of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and portable  
projectors.' .. 'Their Radio Frequency Identity and Geometry (RFIG)  
system consists of a hand-held projector that shines dynamic images  
onto physical objects of the user's preference, and radio frequency  
identification tags augmented with photosensors, which identify objects  
for the projector. Radio frequency identification tags contain tiny,  
inexpensive chips that are read using radio waves. Photosensors detect  
light intensity.' .... 'The radio frequency identity and geometry  
system solves three interface problems, said Raskar: it locates tags  
precisely and can give visual feedback, it allows the user to see a  
subset of tags among many tags, and it allows the user to differentiate  
among multiple tags responding to a radio-frequency inquiry.'

Imagine if we opened our minds -- Why do so many psychologists shy away  
research into the power of imagination? // (because they're not  

	'... however imagination manifests itself, inventors need discipline  
to hone their creations into objects of usefulness...' .. '"Mental  
fluidity needs constraint," said Dr Roth "Without it, you have free  
association, which leads to chaos. Your imagination literally runs away  
with you.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Spirited challenge // (a 'different' home security system) via  

	'An amateur ghost-busting kit for householders who suspect their home  
might be haunted is being tested prior to possible full-scale  
production.' .... 'It includes motion and humidity detectors, a  
temperature monitor and electromagnetic meter to spot subtle changes in  
the room which could show a ghost is present.' .. 'A webcam connected  
to a computer automatically starts filming the room if any of the  
detectors are triggered.'

Mystery of slow software sales still unsolved

Pen writes micro wires

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

[NY] Times Reporter Is Subpoenaed in Leak Case // Plame, WMD, war, oil,  

Iraq 'ended nuclear aims in 1991'

Spy balloon used to spot Palestinian rocket launchers

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Explosion at BP refinery pushes oil to new record
	'A blast at BP's refinery in Indiana raised fears over disruption of  
petrol supplies to US markets.' .. 'It comes on top of worries about  
Iraqi supplies caused by fighting around Najaf and Russian supplies  
because of continuing problems at oil group Yukos.' .. 'The referendum  
in Venezuela this weekend is about the rule of President Hugo Chavez.'

[and] Oil price rises on fears Venezuela will oust Chavez

	'Traders fear that if he loses it will result in an outbreak of  
violence and put Venezuela's oil shipments at risk, depriving America  
of up to 11pc of its oil imports. The US has already been hit by  
shutdowns in the Gulf of Mexico, as hurricane Charley blows through the  
region.' .... 'The high price of oil futures reflects the fact that  
traders do not believe current prices to be a spike, but a trend  
reflecting future lack of oil supply, as well as the infrastructure to  
refine and transport it.'

Mind Reading // pavlovian econometrics. via scitech daily review...
The new science of decision making. It's not as rational as you think.

	'The new paradigm sweeping the field, under the rubric of "behavioral  
economics," holds that studying what people actually do is at least as  
valuable as deriving equations for what they should do. And when you  
look at human behavior, you discover, as Camerer and his collaborator  
George Loewenstein of Carnegie Mellon have written, that "the Platonic  
metaphor of the mind as a charioteer driving twin horses of reason and  
emotion is on the right track—except that cognition is a smart pony,  
and emotion a big elephant." The fMRI machine enables researchers in  
the emerging field of neuro-economics to investigate the interplay of  
fear, anger, greed and altruism that are activated each time we touch  
that most intimate of our possessions, our wallets.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

radio astronomy installation by radioqualia // via  

	' ~Radio Astronomy~ is an art and science project, which will  
broadcast sounds intercepted from space, live on the internet and on  
the airwaves. The project is a collaboration between the art group r a  
d i o q u a l i a, and radio telescopes located throughout the world.  
Together they are creating 'radio astronomy' in the literal sense - a  
radio station devoted to broadcasting audio from our cosmos.' .. 'On 02  
September 2004 the ~Radio Astronomy~ radio station will begin to  
broadcast live on the internet...' .. 'The radio transmission and  
exhibition are comprised of the acoustic output of radio telescopes.  
Listeners tuning in may hear the planet Jupiter and its interaction  
with its moons, radiation from the Sun, activity from far-off pulsars,  
or other astronomical phenomena.' .. 'Many of these sounds are  
fascinating from both an aesthetic and conceptual perspective,  
prompting comparisons with avant-garde electronic music. Yet very few  
people have heard these sounds, considering space to be silent, rather  
than the rich acoustic environment it turns out to be. Radio Astronomy  
intends to share these sounds with visitors to the ISEA2004 festival.'

[and] ISEA 2004, 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art
Baltic Sea, August 12th - 22nd // thanks *

	'ISEA2004 is a unique opportunity to experience new technologies and  
their cultural practices. The "new" is always afloat, yet we feel that  
there is a strong need also to keep one's feet grounded. ISEA2004  
higlights the latest work in wireless, networked and wearable in the  
cultural domain of new media. We emphasize experience over technology,  
history and analytical vision over hype.' .. 'In Tallinn and in  
Helsinki, ISEA2004 focuses, besides the conferences, on several public  
interfaces: the exibition, concerts, and work in the city space. We  
expect 1600 hundred professionals and nearly 200 000 visitors to attend  
different parts of the event. In order for research and innovation in  
new technologies to matter, it needs to be something that people can  
experience and find meaningful in their every day lives. This is what  
ISEA2004 is about: the culture of new technologies.' .. 'ISEA2004 will  
break new ground for new media culture, arts, and research as it  
travels through fresh waters as a physical, critical, and creative  
event. Join the ISEA2004 experience!'

[and] ISEA2004 THEMES:	Networked Experience, Wearable Experience,
Wireless Experience, Histories of the new, Interfacing sound,
Open Source and Software as Culture, Critical Interaction
Design, Geopolitics of Media, Critical Indisciplines

Gauss Meter, Electrostatic Voltmeter, Air Ion Counter, RF and
Electric Field Meter Page. // see tool for mapping Earthfields

Visualization of Remote Sensing Data
<http://rsd.gsfc.nasa.gov/rsd/images/yohkoh_l.jpg> // sun in x-rays
<http://rsd.gsfc.nasa.gov/rsd/images/SFbay_lg.gif> // SF Bay...

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