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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #103

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (4/24/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  nuclear, nuclear, nuclear.

01) --top stories--

Politics trumps law in Cheney dispute // secret .US energy task force

	'The Supreme Court, which will hear arguments on the case Tuesday,  
must decide a rather arcane issue of law. At most, the administration  
would be required to begin turning over some documents about the inner  
workings of a study group chaired by Cheney that came up with  
recommendations for a national energy policy.' ... 'Whatever the  
long-term legal implications, the political fallout could be  
significant should Cheney have to open the records should they reveal  
cozy White House contacts with former Enron chief Kenneth Lay and  
others in the energy industry.' ... 'Despite the attention the case  
received in lower courts and now the flap over the Scalia hunting trip,  
there are unusually few friend-of-the-court briefs filed with the  
justices. No one filed a brief supporting the administration, which has  
lost two rounds in federal court before the high court agreed to hear  
its appeal.'

// this possibility was mentioned on list a few weeks prior... if there  
// an open process, basic transparency, then all could save face by  
// the same nuclear rules of engagement, no surprises, and no  
exceptions. else,
// aspects of nuclear rogue states may apply to any out-of-control  
// which endangers everyone, and guarantees only the false-sense of  

Sharon Hints at Israel Nuclear Deterrent // .il and a nuclear  
diplomatic path?

[related] Russia "deeply concerned" over Sharon's threat against  
Arafat's life

China: N. Korea Agrees to Push Nuke Talks

	'North Korean leader Kim Jong Il said during a visit to Beijing that  
he wants to end the standoff over the North's nuclear program through  
dialogue and is committed to a "nuclear weapon-free goal," China  
announced Wednesday.'

[and] em-quote: 150 Said Dead in N. Korea Train Explosion

	'The fearsome picture of devastation from the North Korean train  
explosions near the Chinese border took shape Friday with initial  
reports saying 150 were killed, 12,249 injured and 1,850 households  
destroyed.' .. 'North Korea's government said the explosion occurred  
when train cars carrying dynamite touched power lines, according to  
Anne O'Mahony, regional director of the Irish aid agency Concern.' ...  
'Sparrow said the trains were carrying explosives similar to those used  
in mining. China's Xinhua News Agency reported the blast was blamed on  
ammonium nitrate - a chemical used in fertilizers - leaking from one  
train. South Korea's unification minister said the trains were carrying  

[and] Electric sparks blamed for DPRK train explosions // photograph

[and] Nuclear Ambitions // nuclear diplomacy...

	'The Japanese Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi, says he sees the  
developments very positively.' .. 'He says it seems North Korea has  
begun preparations to become a responsible member of world society.'

[and] Vermont nuclear plant searching for missing fuel rods //  

	'The fuel rod was removed in 1979 from the Vermont Yankee reactor,  
which is currently shut down for refueling and maintenance.  
Remote-control cameras will be used to search a spent fuel pool on the  
property, officials said.' ... 'But Sheehan said it was possible the  
spent fuel was mixed in with a shipment of low-level nuclear waste and  
ended up at a repository in South Carolina, or a facility in Washington  
state. He said it was also possible it was taken to a nuclear testing  
facility run by General Electric, which designed the plant.'
.. 'The material would be fatal to anyone who came in contact with it  
without being properly shielded, Sheehan said. Spent nuclear fuel also  
could be used by terrorists to construct so-called dirty bombs that  
would spread deadly radiation with conventional explosives.'

[and] How Nuclear Radiation Works:

Snake produces large-scale electricity failure // 5 foot...

	'A snake slithering through a Duke Power substation caused a 42-minute  
power outage Friday morning for thousands of customers in southwestern  
Durham and northeastern Chapel Hill, officials said.' ... '"It's  
essentially a switch, similar to circuit breakers," Gardner said. "When  
the snake caused that fault, it tripped a breaker, and we just had to  
get out there and flip the switch."'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Plan Near for Global Climate Monitoring // **
	'Nations are near agreement on the blueprint of a global climate  
monitoring system that would help forecast environmental threats such  
as rising sea levels or drought, but negotiating the details won't be  
easy, U.S. officials said Friday.' .. 'Officials from 47 nations and  
more than two dozen international organizations are meeting in Tokyo  
this week to decide what the climate watch system should look like, who  
will run it and how open it should be. They are expected to announce on  
Sunday a plan for the next decade through 2015.' ... '... Leavitt said  
nations believe that learning more about the oceans, forests and  
atmosphere can promote +science+, boost economic growth and help fight  
diseases. It could also create billions of dollars of projects for  
businesses.' .. 'The goals range from reducing destruction and deaths  
from natural disasters to improving water and energy management and  
assessing and predicting climate change, according to a draft for the  
Global Earth Observation System of Systems obtained by AP.' ...  
'Nations already have technology -- such as satellites, ocean buoys,  
fixed weather stations and balloons -- to monitor the oceans, forests  
and atmosphere and collect data about the world's weather patterns and  
other threats such as El Nino.' .. 'But nations don't always share that  
information and there's no system that adds up data from all those  
sources to show how the globe's climate is changing.'

Con artists target phone system for deaf // unbelievable.
Internet relay services being abused, operators say

	'Relay service has been hailed as a success by the deaf community.  
Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they give those who are  
hard of hearing equal access to America's vast telephone network.' ..  
'But the system also offers that same free access to criminals looking  
to cheat U.S. merchants. The Internet-based relay system lets con  
artists call for free, even from far away places like Nigeria. It also  
helps disguise a caller's broken English, which in some cases could be  
a scam tip-off, and adds an air of sympathy to the call that might make  
otherwise suspicious merchants drop their guard.'

MIT Aims Radar Research At Breast Cancer

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

You Send It, You Recycle It  // CDs-DVDs in ca.us

// these are material that could be sold in bulk for making artwork and  

Factory Flaws Yield Headaches for Chip Makers // jewelry, etc.  

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Experts: Flaw makes Web vulnerable -- IT professionals say glitch in
Internet transmission could allow hackers to disrupt traffic, access.

[and] Internet defect man says his conclusions overhyped

	'However, Zalewski says that the flaw is not new, everyone has known  
about it since 1996 and it was unlikely to cause an "internet  

Entangled photons secure money transfer

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

EM-headline: Libya confirms first oil cargo to U.S. after ban

Bird causes power outage at LA airport; no flights affected //  

	'On Tuesday, DWP officials said they had found the body of the bird  
believed responsible for the April 12 incident. A chef at a hotel near  
the airport told the Los Angeles Times he tossed the bird's carcass  
into a trash bin after a co-worker saw it electrocuted.'

Three ex-Duke Energy workers indicted
Former execs, trader accused of bogus trades to inflate bonuses

Paritzky wants to link Israel and Turkey's electricity, energy grids--
Minister of National Infrastructures Joseph Paritzky: The idea is to
create an infrastructure corridor that will include electricity power
lines, and pipelines for natural gas, crude oil and refined products.

SINCE LIBERATION-- Minister Visits Haditha Dam in Al Anbar Province;
Discusses Progress Made Towards Increasing Iraq’s Electricity Supply

	'The project consists of 223 km of power lines, with 459 towers and  
was funded through the Development Fund for Iraq (obtained largely from  
the sale of Iraq’s oil). Prior to the full re-energization of the  
Haditha line, the dam had been operating at 20-30% of its capacity,  
producing approximately 100-200 MW. With the completion of this  
project, the dam has increased it generating capacity by nearly 200%,  
providing 550MW of clean power.'

Fuel Cells Weigh Anchor // sailing vs. shipping

	'The module will be a key component of a regenerative fuel-cell system  
designed to propel HaveBlue's X/V-1 , a 42-foot Catalina demonstration  
yacht, said HaveBlue president, CEO and founder Craig Schmitman. The  
module will also help power the boat's lights, navigation and galley  

Russian tax officials raid Yukos HQ // oil co.

	'The raid comes only two days after Standard & Poor's slashed Yukos's  
credit rating by an unprecedented five points to CCC, and warned that  
the firm could be heading for bankruptcy.' ... 'The arrest sparked  
fears that the government could be about to embark on a  
re-nationalisation of the oil and gas companies that were auctioned off  
cheaply in the mid 1990s.'

UN Council Endorses Iraq Oil-For-Food Corruption Probe
	'Mr. Volcker will head a three-member panel charged with investigating  
allegations that Saddam Hussein siphoned off $10 billion from the  
humanitarian program under the noses of U.N. administrators. Published  
reports have also implicated at least three U.N. employees, including  
the former head of the program, Benon Sevan, and officials of several  
governments.' ... 'The inquiry is to begin immediately and is charged  
with issuing an interim report within three months. Mr. Volcker said,  
however, that he expects a full investigation of the $67 billion  
oil-for-food program to take much longer.'

Two American Oil Workers Killed in Nigerian Ambush

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Report: Trains Explode in North Korea

	'As many as 3,000 people were killed or injured Thursday when two  
trains carrying oil and liquefied petroleum gas collided and exploded  
in a North Korean train station, South Korean media reported.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

// 'the media' has long been stated as a political institution and acts  
// an arm of government by representing certain viewpoints, in the .US  
// acts as an unchecked force for pushing the ideas which money can buy,
// and whose returns have a political impact of some sort, or so it  
// the role of 'media politics', in retrospect of all the lack of a  
// representation during the last several years, should incur hearings  
// the role of 'private' media companies to represent the public  
// the model failed in the .US and continues to fail to 'report' the  

U.S. blasts Cyprus media // no comment.

Koppel Says News, Entertainment a Dangerous Mix // via drudgereport.com

	'Koppel argued that the younger viewers anxiously coveted by the  
networks are turned off by traditional news programs and veteran  
anchors like himself. Viewers in the Generation X and Y demos are more  
likely to get their news and information from online sources and their  
analysis from such sages as Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's "The Daily  
Show" and Jay Leno of NBC's "Tonight Show."' .. '"I have no problem  
whatsoever with entertainers and comedians pretending to be  
journalists; my problem is with journalists pretending to be  
entertainers," Koppel said.'

Scientists define cyber-speed limit // **
Lots of room for improvement in data storage speeds

	'... scientists say they’ve discovered an apparent speed limit that  
will restrict how quickly data can be written onto disks and then  

CD levies could double, group warns

	'The levy allows the Canadian recording industry to be compensated by  
consumers and businesses whether or not they copy music.'

Cell Phones Making British Booths Obsolete // red cellphone-booth  

	'Britain's storied telephone booths -- the classic red version and its  
drab glass cousin -- are fighting for their lives in what looks like a  
losing battle with the cell phone.' ... 'The demise of the phone box  
has been lamented in the British press, but British Telecommunications  
says it has no choice: Pay phone revenue has dropped 40 percent and the  
number of calls from public phones has halved in the last three years.'  
... 'The red phone box was designed by the architect of Liverpool's  
Anglican Cathedral, Giles Gilbert Scott, and was first introduced in  
1927. Scott designed a slightly different version that went into  
service in 1936 and became the nation's standard phone kiosk.'

Satellites Act As Thermometers In Space // *

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Shanghai cracks down on internet cafes

	'China's authorities are installing video cameras and high-tech  
software in Shanghai's internet cafes and bars to make sure that  
customers do not look at forbidden websites, a state-run Chinese  
newspaper reported today.'

Space station gyroscope fails; spacewalk needed 

	'The gyroscope problem stemmed from an underlying failure in a circuit  
breaker on one of the external girders on the station, said space  
station manager Mike Suffredini.'

[and] How Gyroscopes Work

Raids Seek to Break Web Piracy Rings -- Justice Department sweep
targets global 'warez' groups distributing software, music, and games.

	'Operation Fastlink resulted in the seizure of 200 computers,  
including more than "30 computer servers" that are said to have been  
functioning as storage and distribution hubs for pirated materials.  
These pirated materials include movies, music, and computer programs.  
One server reportedly contained 65,000 separate pirated titles.' ...  
'According to the DOJ, the department has increased its number of  
Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property, or CHIP units , from one to  
13 in the last three years. This growth, the DOJ says, will undoubtedly  
result in many more searches and seizures in the world of international  
pirating syndicates.'

Forgent Sues Over JPEG Patent 

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Gadgets for Commuters -- From a combo cell phone and TV to paper discs
and tiny drives, here's the spring announcements from Japan.

T-Mobile Fuels Texaco Stations with Wi-Fi // gasoline, coffee, and  

	'Texaco said it sees the Wi-Fi service as a significant customer draw  
and has outfitted all participating stations with Wi-Fi signage and a  
designated parking space for wireless users, much like the designated  
spaces for station air pumps. The parking spots serve a safety purpose  
as well, steering users away from gas pumps, Texaco pointed out.'

Fingertips 'read' text messages // ***

	'For instance, tactile actuator arrays built into steering wheels or  
control handles could provide car drivers or pilots with information as  
to the right route or warn them in difficult situations.' .. 'Pieces of  
art could be developed solely to be touched, by 'tactile composers'  
akin to music for the ear and paintings for the eye.' .. 'The  
scientists are also looking to apply the process in the field of  
medical engineering, to reproduce sounds for the deaf, or as a visual  
aid for the blind.'

U.S. wins China concession on wireless standard // single world wi-fi  

	'The Semiconductor Industry Association applauded the decision, which  
will mean greater access to the world's third-biggest semiconductor  
market. "This is a very important development that will help grow world  
markets," said George Scalise, president of the association.' ... 'If  
China had proceeded with its June 1 deadline, wireless laptops that  
worked in the rest of the world would not have work in China.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Boat Attacks Iraq's Main Oil Terminal -UK Military // short

em-quote: Riyadh Car Bomb Attack Hits Saudi Government Building  
	'The world's largest oil exporter has been combating militants since  
last year's attacks on residential compounds in Riyadh that killed more  
than 50 people. Saudi-born Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda group has said  
that it wants to overthrow the kingdom's government and royal family.'  
.. 'Crown Prince Abdullah, the kingdom's leader, this week said the  
government was committed to destroying the terrorist infrastructure  
that challenged the stability of the country.' ... 'Approximately  
40,000 U.S. citizens live in Saudi Arabia, which supplies close to 20  
percent of U.S. daily oil imports.' .. 'U.S. Deputy Secretary of State  
Richard Armitage was in Saudi Arabia today for a meeting with Crown  
Prince Abdullah and Saudi's foreign minister, Saud al-Faisal, at which  
they discussed the countries' cooperation in the fight against  
terrorism and other issues of common interest, U.S. officials said. '

Israel Sees Missile-Protected El Al Plane by June // $1 million per...

"U.S. Nuclear Weapons: Changes in Policy and Force Structure,"
updated February 23, 2004 (50 pages), 222K .pdf // fas.org  

// q: if nuclear weapons need to be upgraded to stay active, because of  
// issues of deterioration, in what place will any nuclear waste be  
// many nuclear weapons in a small geographical area would seem  

Vanunu: Israel's nuclear telltale -- The spotlight falls back on  
secret nuclear weapons programme on Wednesday, as Mordechai Vanunu,
the man who exposed it, walks from jail after an 18-year sentence.
BBC News Online's Martin Asser looks at the significance of the case.

	'Israel is thought to have begun its quest for weapons of mass  
destruction soon after the establishment of the state in 1948.' ..  
'Faced by a hostile region and vastly outnumbered by its enemies, Prime  
Minister David Ben-Gurion desired a nuclear deterrent, but without  
wanting to upset Israel's friends by introducing non-conventional  
weapons into a flashpoint region.' .. 'So Israel did a secret deal with  
France to build the Dimona plant, which is thought to have gone into  
production to make the ingredients for nuclear weapons in the 1960s.'  
.. 'Successive governments employed a policy of "nuclear ambiguity" and  
have hidden behind the (apparently misleading) formula that "Israel  
will not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle  
East".' ... 'Israel never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,  
so Dimona is not subject to international scrutiny - and its  
"ambiguity" policy has been accepted by Washington (which has laws  
preventing it from supporting proliferating states) at face value.....'

[and] Israel Said Still Making Nuclear Weapons

	'Israel neither confirms nor denies it has nuclear weapons, and  
refuses to discuss such allegations.' .. 'Israel continues to make  
nuclear weapons, said Friedrich Steinhaeusler, a former IAEA nuclear  
safety expert who now is a physics professor at the University of  
Salzburg.' .. 'The best estimates put the size of the Israeli arsenal  
at 150 nuclear weapons, Steinhaeusler said. With air, sea and  
land-based launching systems, "they have the Middle East under  
control," he said.' ... 'The lack of debate within Israel about the  
nuclear arsenal has created uncertainty, Simpson added.' .. '"It is not  
clear that these issues have been thought through," he said. "If there  
was a crisis, actions could be taken almost at the spur of the moment,  
without a clear analysis of the consequences."' ... 'But [UN's]  
ElBaradei, in a lecture this month, condemned "this imbalance in the  
region (with) Israel sitting on nuclear weapons and everybody else  
trying to stick to the Nonproliferation Treaty."'

[vs] The Real Nuclear Danger By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

	'Resolving this crisis is in the interests of virtually everybody on  
the planet, with two exceptions: President Bush and Mr. Kim. They may  
have nothing else in common, except that their fathers also ran their  
countries, but they do share an interest in delay.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

UPDATE 1-G7 sees global growth, but warns on oil, forex

Technological tiger
Too small to have any major industries, Estonia - the most  
country in the world - is putting its faith in a high-tech future, says  
Ben Aris

	'The idea is to take democracy a step beyond allowing citizens to  
express themselves only at the time of elections, and get those  
affected by law changes involved in the process of drafting them.'

ANALYSIS-China's private powerhouse faces electricity woes

	'... the main growth bottleneck for now, according to local  
businessmen and economists, is an acute shortage of power, which is  
forcing firms to rely on diesel generators for several hours a day or,  
in some cases, for up to three days a week.' .. '"Our economy is  
growing too quickly for our power supply to handle. Nowadays people  
have air conditioners, which they didn't have years ago, and such  
things need electricity," said Ma Jinlong, head of Wenzhou City  
Economic Research Institute.'

How E-commerce Works:

Oil stocks close mostly lower:
Mixed picture emerges from inventory data --
Oil and gas stocks bounced off their lows of the day at
Wednesday's close but finished largely in negative territory
as energy futures weakened after weekly inventory reports from
the Energy Department and the American Petroleum Institute.

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Eye-opening look at what we ignore // em-exhibit ***

	'Forget skyscrapers and shopping malls. A terrific new photography   
exhibition in San Francisco shows that the most pervasive marks of our  
modern  world are considerably more mundane: the things we usually  
don't notice.' .. 'They're power boxes, bollards, lamp poles and the  
like....' ... 'metal and concrete imprints are on display in "40  
Monuments to  Progress," an exhibition by Mark Luthringer at the 3A  
Gallery at 101 South  Park, San Francisco, through May 14. He set out  
to document the sources of  radiation that blanket society, such as  
cell phone towers. But as Luthringer  pointed his lens at local  
neighborhoods and the Nevada outback, a different  theme emerged.' ..  
'"I started with cell phone towers because they struck me as an iconic   
form almost, somewhat menacing but mainly overlooked," Luthringer says.  
"After  that, I just started to notice the prevalence and variety of  
these types of  things everywhere."...'

Magnetic Supply Compan // jewelry

The Complete Magnetic Store // jewelry

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