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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #98

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (4/05/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- urls...

01) --top stories--

In electricity, Israelis and Palestinians stay connected // silver rays  
of hope.

	'Even during the worst periods of the bloodshed between Israel and the  
Palestinians, the electricity system in the territories has operated  
normally. The Israel Electric Company supplies the electricity for the  
West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the electricity network has not been  
sabotaged and there is normal coordination between the sides to  
identify and repair malfunctions.' ... '. About two weeks ago meetings  
were held in West and East Jerusalem of a tripartite working group -  
Israeli, Palestinian and European - with the participation of National  
Infrastructure Minister Yosef Paritzky, Palestinian cabinet member Azam  
Shawa and French Minister for Industry Nicole Fontaine. At the meetings  
it was agreed to accelerate negotiations towards the signing of  
commercial agreements between the sides, on the basis of a prior  
agreement that the electricity supply will be outside the conflict.'  
... 'With respect to the future, there are several possibilities....'

Sharon: Palestinian State May Take Years // then this...

	'Sharon did not explain how Gaza would function in such a situation.  
He said Israel would continue supplying water and electricity, but said  
the flow might stop in the event of a major Palestinian attack on  

Why so secretive? // 12:24 PST, April  2, 2004. free day-pass...

	'If Cheney's task force records are ultimately unsealed -- despite the  
vote of Cheney's hunting buddy Justice Antonin Scalia -- we may get  
crucial insight into this question: Whether energy policy and military  
policy toward Iraq were inextricably connected from the early days of  
the Bush administration, long before 9/11 and long before we were told  
the Iraq war was about WMDs.'

// sidenote: the last 'duck hunt' he became the CEO of halliburton,
// thus claims of non-communication of Scalia and Cheney are suspect.

What did the Vice-President do for Halliburton? // essential...

	'For months there has been a debate in Washington about when the Bush  
Administration decided to go to war against Saddam. In Ron Suskind’s  
recent book "The Price of Loyalty," former Treasury Secretary Paul  
O’Neill charges that Cheney agitated for U.S. intervention well before  
the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Additional evidence that  
Cheney played an early planning role is contained in a previously  
undisclosed National Security Council document, dated February 3, 2001.  
The top-secret document, written by a high-level N.S.C. official,  
concerned Cheney’s newly formed Energy Task Force. It directed the  
N.S.C. staff to coöperate fully with the Energy Task Force as it  
considered the "melding" of two seemingly unrelated areas of policy:  
"the review of operational policies towards rogue states," such as  
Iraq, and "actions regarding the capture of new and existing oil and  
gas fields." .. 'A source who worked at the N.S.C. at the time doubted  
that there were links between Cheney’s Energy Task Force and the  
overthrow of Saddam. But Mark Medish, who served as senior director for  
Russian, Ukrainian, and Eurasian affairs at the N.S.C. during the  
Clinton Administration, told me that he regards the document as  
potentially "huge." He said, "People think Cheney’s Energy Task Force  
has been secretive about domestic issues," referring to the fact that  
the Vice-President has been unwilling to reveal information about  
private task-force meetings that took place in 2001, when information  
was being gathered to help develop President Bush’s energy policy. "But  
if this little group was discussing geostrategic plans for oil, it puts  
the issue of war in the context of the captains of the oil industry  
sitting down with Cheney and laying grand, global plans."' ... 'One  
businessman with close ties to the Bush Administration told me,  
"Anything that has to do with Iraq policy, Cheney's the man to see.  
He's running it, the way that L.B.J. ran the space program."' ...  
[note: the following sounds very much like Enron's businsess model]  
'Kemp said that he is working on two business ventures in Iraq. He  
described the first project, a company called Free Market Global, as  
"an international company that trades in gas, petroleum, and other  
resources." Although Kemp provided only vague details about the  
project, he said, "I can tell you that General Tommy Franks has joined  
the advisory board of Free Market Global." Last year, General Franks  
commanded the invasion of Iraq.'

EM-quote: Whistleblower Drops Israeli Citizenship

	'Vanunu, who was a technician at the nuclear plant in the desert town  
of Dimona, served more than a decade in solitary confinement after  
being convicted in an Israeli court.' .. 'Vanunu has become a hero of  
anti-nuclear weapons activists during his years in prison and has been  
nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.' .. 'Based partly on photographs  
that Vanunu provided the British newspaper, it is widely believed  
Israel has a large stockpile of nuclear weapons. The CIA recently  
estimated Israel has 200-400 nuclear weapons.' .. 'Israel has an  
official policy of "nuclear ambiguity," saying only that it will not be  
the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East.'

Game Over television show // ***

[and] Game Over description

	'Game Over is UPN 's new family comedy series featuring the adventures  
of the suburban Smashenburn family , who just happen to live in an  
alternate video-game universe. Comprised of offbeat characters who face  
everyday familial issues,the Smashenburns find unconventional ways to  
fight, survive and love within this 3D CGI-animated world of action  
heroes, monsters and cartoon characters, inspired by the popular genre  
of video games.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Bush attacks environment 'scare stories'
Secret email gives advice on denying climate change

	'The Observer has obtained a remarkable email sent to the press  
secretaries of all Republican congressmen advising them what to say  
when questioned on the environment in the run-up to November's  
election. The advice: tell them everything's rosy.' .. 'It tells them  
how global warming has not been proved, air quality is 'getting  
better', the world's forests are 'spreading, not deadening', oil  
reserves are 'increasing, not decreasing', and the 'world's water is  
cleaner and reaching more people'.' .. 'The email - sent on 4 February  
- warns that Democrats will 'hit us hard' on the environment. 'In an  
effort to help your members fight back, as well as be aggressive on the  
issue, we have prepared the following set of talking points on where  
the environment really stands today,' it states.' ... 'The memo -  
headed 'From medi-scare to air-scare' - goes on: 'From the heated  
debate on global warming to the hot air on forests; from the muddled  
talk on our nation's waters to the convolution on air pollution, we are  
fighting a battle of fact against fiction on the environment -  
Republicans can't stress enough that extremists are screaming  
"Doomsday!" when the environment is actually seeing a new and better  

Computer Program Predicts Heart Attack Risk

// not em-related, though ethically related to issues of expediancy of  
// em medical equipment and diagnoses as a type of medical .mil  
assembly line...
// also in many cases such as post-traumatic stress, brain scientists  
and others
// recent studies may indicate the brute-force treatments may do  
extreme damage.
// (sidenote: veteran's hospitals should have volunteering programs  

Broken US troops face bigger enemy at home: A stretched Pentagon is  
unfit soldiers back to Iraq long before they are ready to serve again

	'In some cases, the wounded were recycled with alarming speed. A  
mechanic, who suffered brain damage last June when his vehicle was hit  
by a suicide bus, was sent back to Iraq in October despite reported  
blurred vision and memory loss. He returned with his unit last month,  
and medical evaluations showed he had continued bleeding from the  
original head injury.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

[note: an advertisement in the local paper for an outdoors store
showed a multi-colored spool of 'leaded-core' fishing line, likely
for its strength. though it is curious if this is contaminating the
water that fisherpeople are using by leaving lead in the lakes. is
it remotely EM because of its chemical processes which may bounce
off certain relations of water and lead molecules, it is wondered.]

New Manure Biogas Plant Expected to be Generating Electricity by  
Month's End

	'The plant uses anaerobic digesters to convert manure from the hog  
barn into biogas, a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, which will  
be sold to Sask Power to generate electricity.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

The Myth of the Secure Operating System

Volunteer Security Pros Launch Free Vulnerability Database // OSVDB

Whodunits to be computer games
Anyone who has ever fancied themselves a detective to rival Poirot can
test their mettle when Agatha Christie's murder mysteries become PC  

	'Which of Christie's 79 novels and short story collections will be  
adapted has not yet been decided.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Judge affirms public's right to know how nation's energy policy emerged

	'Eighteen of the energy industry's top 25 financial contributors to  
the GOP were among those advising the energy task force. Mr. Cheney's  
intransigence intensifies suspicions that national energy policy is  
unduly — and secretly — influenced by the industry.'

False Promises on Gas // NYT editorial on .US politics and energy/oil...

	'The sad part about this squabbling is that it drives the debate  
toward short-term fixes of dubious value and away from the heart of the  
matter, which is getting the country to cut consumption while embarking  
on a serious program of alternative fuels. Tweaking the petroleum  
reserve, jawboning foreign leaders, even increasing refining capacity —  
none of these ideas have ever provided sustained protection against the  
volatility of world oil prices. A better approach would be to wean the  
nation from its profligate use of oil. In that context, a 50-cent  
gasoline tax is not a ridiculous idea; had such a tax been imposed a  
decade ago, consumption might well be less than it is now.'

Sources: Brazil blocks nuclear inspectors
(CNN) -- The Brazilian government and U.N. nuclear inspectors are at  
odds over
inspections of an under-construction, uranium-enrichment facility near  
Rio de
Janeiro, sources close to the International Atomic Energy Agency said  

Iraq Restarts Oil Pipeline to Turkey

U.S. Gas Prices: Don't Blame Us 

	'Al-Jubeir also said it was difficult for foreign oil companies and  
domestic suppliers to sell gasoline in the U.S. market because federal  
environmental regulations require dozens of different fuel blends be  
sold across the country to combat pollution.' ... '"Unless the U.S.  
begins to simplify this area, and unless the U.S. deals with its  
refining shortage, there will always be a problem (with) gasoline,"  
Al-Jubeir said.'

Germany to double electricity from wind // noise-issues

	'Electricity mainly from wind will rise to 12.5 percent of total power  
in Germany by 2010, up from 7.9 percent last year, under a bill passed  
by Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's left-leaning Bundestag majority.' ..  
'Alternative energy subsidies in Germany are paid not by the state but  
rather by electricity users in the form of higher bills which fund wind  
parks and other programmes.'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Pakistan seeks nuclear talks with India in May // nuclear diplomacy...

	'In pursuance of the road-map worked out between the foreign  
secretaries of Pakistan and India on February 18, 2004, said the  
release, Pakistan has proposed 25-26 May as the dates for hosting  
expert level talks on nuclear CBMs [confidence-building measures].'

// new conceptual language and its utility in contextualizing current  

EM-quote: Putin Says Russian Does Not Fear NATO

	'"None of us wants modern Europe to be divided by new, and this case  
virtual, Berlin walls," Putin said.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Robot footballers shoot to score // (aka 'soccer'). via macsurfer.com
A robot football match being hosted next week could provide solutions
to real world problems, as well as showcasing British robotic talent.

	'For the matches at Warwick, two teams of five autonomous robots try  
to score as many goals as possible in the 10-minute matches.'

Haiti Radio Stations Return to Airwaves

Chirac Visits Moscow Space Control Center // e.g. .RU plans a Mars  

	'Putin said his decision to invite Chirac to the site points to  
"Russia's transparency and openness in security matters." But he also  
touched on the economic side, emphasizing his country's "vast space  
exploration potential."'

Robo-Cars Make Cruise Control So Last Century // see autonomus autos  

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

electromagnetism // superb educational overviews.

	'Maxwell moved physics to a new realm of understanding.  By using  
field theory as the core to electromagnetism, we have moved beyond a  
Newtonian worldview where objects change by direct contact and into a  
theory that uses invisible fields.  This introduces a type of  
understanding which can only be described with a type of mathematics  
that cannot be directly translated into language.  In other words,  
scientists where restricted in talking about electromagnetic phenomenon  
strictly through the use of a new type of language, one of pure math.'  
... 'notice that all objects emit all kinds of electromagnetic  
radiation.  Except, cool objects (like humans) emit very little at  
short wavelengths (x-rays) and long wavelengths (radio).  Most of our  
energy comes out in the infrared (our peak emission is at 10 microns)'

[and] Atomic structure

[&] Theory of Everything

[and] Uncertainty Principle

[and] Incompleteness

	'The road to truth is paved by a formal logical system, and a paradox  
is a statement about the limitations to logic, and thereby mathematics  
itself.' .. 'Logical systems are idealized, abstract languages  
originally developed by modern logicians as a means of analyzing the  
concept of deduction.  Logical models are structures which may be used  
to provide an interpretation of the symbolism embodied in a formal  
system.  Together the concepts of formal system and model constitute  
one of the most fundamental tools employed in modern physical  
theories.' .. 'A formal logical system is a collection of abstract  
symbols, together with a set of rules for assembling the symbols into  
strings.  Such a system has four components: 1) an alphabet, a set of  
abstract symbols, 2) grammar, rules which specify the valid ways one  
can combine the symbols, 3) axioms, a set of well-formed statements  
accepted as true without proof, and 4) rules of inference, procedures  
by which one can combine and change axioms into new strings.' ... 'the  
study of paradoxes is very useful to modern science since it quickly  
demonstrates where the problems are in the questions, not the lack of  
answers or solutions'

Tiniest  particles of matter don't behave, raising nanotech concerns  

	'"What's becoming obvious is while it's trendy to talk about  
nanomaterials in broad-brush terms, we can't do that. We need to  
discuss this on a case-by-case basis," Wiesner said in an interview.'  
... 'Even the nanoparticles best suited for travel appeared capable of  
moving underground no more than about 10 yards before sticking to  
larger grains of sand, he added.' .. 'The finding also could impede  
those who want to press the ultra-small particles into the fight  
against pollution.' ... 'The findings underscore a basic tenet of  
nanotechnology: "When you get smaller, properties change," Mark Ratner  
of Northwestern University said during a nanotechnology forum.'

// it is realized it is foolish to speculate on things one does not  
know about
// in any great degree, yet there are some who are convinced  
// _is gravity, and with this thought in mind, considering the EM  
// of the Earth it is wondered how they might affect any such  
// meaning: if the EM forces are visualized for the Earth, it would  
appear to
// be a type of bending (see van allen belts, for instance). amusing...  

Satellite to test Einstein theory-- A satellite that will put Albert  
Theory of Relativity to the test is ready to be launched. // grand  

	'Gravity Probe B will test how space and time are warped by the  
presence of the Earth, and how the Earth's rotation twists and drags  
space-time around with it.'

[and] Probe eyes key concept of physics

	'The project has been hailed as a marvel for its work with cryogenics  
and engineering. The gyroscopes' four spherical rotors, each the size  
of a ping-pong ball, are considered the roundest manmade objects in the  
world. Scientists can also detect a change of angle equal to the width  
of a human hair as seen from 10 miles away. To ensure the experiment's  
success, scientists had to create almost unheard-of conditions inside  
the satellite, where the instruments will be kept chilled at minus 455  
degrees Fahrenheit with liquid helium.' .. 'The probe can even boast  
its own spinoff technologies. Graduate students who worked on the  
project helped develop better GPS systems that are now used in aircraft  
landings. They also created a type of superglue that can stand up to  
the pressures of space.'

[for instance] Nasa Presentation on Antigravity

[and] Gravity and Electromagnetism

	'Study of the interiors of various terrestrial planets, as presented  
in the paper, leads to the possibility of planetary gravity being  
linked to the electromagnetism generated in the planetary interiors.'  
.. 'Findings of the study undertaken suggest that earth's gravitational  
attraction may be attributed to magnetic coupling experienced between  
earth's electromagnetism and the magnetism possessed by all the earthly  
objects-charged and unchanged. More precisely, terrestrial gravity is  
deemed to be produced out of the enclosed state of the planetary  
electromagnetism.'  ... 'Earth's gravity, it appears, is intrinscially  
related to the generation of electromagnetic force within its  
interiors.' ... 'Effect of gravity on a body is analogus to the action  
of a magnet on a ferrous material.' ...  '... gravity and  
electromagnetism might be the two identical forces in nature with the  
exception that gravity is electromagnetic force of only attracting type  
in the light of the observed pulling effect of the gravity force. Study  
of terrestrial interiors like earth's also suggests that gravitational  
attraction of earth may be attributed to magnetic coupling experienced  
between earth's magnetism and the magnetism possessed by earthly  
objects- charged and uncharged.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Moore's Second Law // *** excellent. ~ efficiency of electronic devices  
If we don't do something about increasing battery life, we're toast.

	'... the biggest challenge to progress is much more ordinary: It's  
battery life. What good is a super-functional cell phone if it runs out  
of juice after 20 minutes?' ... 'The problem can be stated in a single  
word: ~wireless.' ... 'we're beginning to lose the race to power our  
wireless electronics.' ... 'What we need is a fourth axis of  
development - a systematic improvement of overall system efficiency,  
from the individual silicon gate, through motherboards and displays,  
all the way up to the Internet itself. How do we do it? Exhaustively.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

// it would seem that any fractures may also change technological and  
// decision making, such that various geographies would supply certain  
// note: if .jp buys the defense, it gets to change its .us based  
// note: producing more missiles seems cheap compared with any missile  
// if for every missile there must be a counter-missile, a missle flood  

Japan Joining U.S. in Missile Shield // fears of igniting nuclear arms  

	'For Washington, getting its allies aboard makes it easier politically  
and financially to push ahead with a system that critics have described  
as too costly and unproven. President Bush, who withdrew from the 1972  
Antiballistic Missile Treaty, made a missile defense shield a campaign  
promise in 2000.' ... 'Japan's role in missile defense  is particularly  
significant because deployment could force it to alter long-held  
pacifist practices and re-examine its Constitution.' ... '... To track  
incoming missiles, Japan would rely on intelligence from United States  
satellites,...' ... '... The United States had been urging Japan to  
adopt missile defense at least since 2002...'

U.S. Bets on Land Mine Technology // cost = breaking treaty + hacking.  

	'Future U.S. mines, however, would be enhanced with radio  
communications and network sensors to ensure that the munitions comply  
with a State Department edict, issued in February, that they all be  
detectable by U.S. forces and automatically defuseable.' ... 'A mine  
could generate a low-power radio signal at a frequency known only to  
U.S. forces, said Loren Thompson, a defense analyst with the Lexington  
Institute. Soldiers would have to respond with a proper password to  
tell the mine to turn itself on or off.' ... 'Smart mines don't impress  
human rights groups, which say the world would be better served if the  
United States joined the 150 nations that have signed the 1997 Ottawa  
treaty banning mines altogether.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

As Video Game Costs Rise, Industry Seeks Savings // mass media

	'Behind the scenes, video game production for top titles like "Grand  
Theft Auto" and "Madden NFL" is starting to look a lot like film  
production: spiraling costs, the need for many more people to bring a  
project to screens, and a growing sense of panic about how to keep  
those factors in check.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

The Geometry Junkyard (links) // ***

Humanoid robot conducts Beethoven symphony // videos...

	'The 58-centimetre-tall humanoid robot led the Tokyo Philharmonic  
Orchestra in a unique rendition of Beethoven's 5th symphony during a  
concert held at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo on 15 March.'

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