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// not sure if this is an April Fool's story (on the 1st of April
// sometimes newspapers will send out false stories as
// part of a tradition of jokes on this day). though, this being
// as serious as it is, it would not be funny either way....

Radar outpost near Tetons coincides with Cheney visits

Associated Press

".... His recent mission, however, was a little less hectic. Until last  
week, when the unit packed up and left town, Santiago, 40, was  
responsible for the squadron manning Operation Noble Eagle, a  
surveillance unit located at Teton Point Turnout." ... "Although  
officials won't say the outpost is for the protection of Vice President  
Dick Cheney, who owns a home here, the manning of Operation Noble  
Eagle, part of Homeland Defense, has coincided with his visits in  
December, January and February." ... "The base is a full-scale  
surveillance outfit headed by the U.S. Air Force staffed by about 80  
people. The operation includes a TPS-75 radar capable of detecting  
aerial moving targets from 200 miles away, a room holding radar screens  
where employees are stationed 24 hours a day, a generator powerful  
enough to light up a small town and several tents needed for  
maintaining the equipment." ... ""It's a city unto itself," Santiago  
said." ... "The radar works by sending out electromagnetic radio waves  
that bounce off fast moving targets in the air, said Lt. Col. Steve  
Robinson." ... "Operation Noble Eagle also is able to detect targets on  
the other side of the Teton Range by connecting with radar in Idaho, he  
said. Also, the surveillance unit has worked in conjunction with  
Jackson Hole Airport and Grand Teton National Park, briefing them of  
any activity." ... "Asked whether the surveillance unit is here solely  
for Cheney, Robinson said that the radar is for homeland defense. But  
he added, "If you've been around here long enough, you can make your  
own interpretation."" ... "In the event of an aerial attack, the  
officials at Operation Noble Eagle would contact Air Force headquarters  
in Colorado Springs, Colo., where they have a missile arsenal, Robinson  
said." ... "He said, though, that the Teton County base has  
"self-protective capabilities.".........'

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