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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #95

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (3/26/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

It may be time for the idea of an 'energy tax' to be revisited.
It may already exist in some forms, yet it would not single out
any one person or industry in requiring doing more with less. A
possibility is that such a measure could reign in what is now an
unfettered growth in consumption, unrealistic with the costs of
this within even a few months time, less the years, decades ahead.
One of the issues that reoccurs is that someone will get hit with
an unfair restriction while others can freely profit. Yet, when it
is a question of all losing, all would have to have a stake in the
changes. In the .US (here) the .EU setup has been an example of how
to make such changes- it costs a lot more to drive a car, and the
result is a different kind of infrastructure and sensibility. So,
a precedent exists that a similar if not better future could exist
in terms of energy overconsumption, if some changes were enacted.
An 'energy tax' seems to be one such tool to move in this direction.
'Tax' is equivalent in today's rhetoric to 'sin' yet it would seem
that there to consume many times the amount of energy than others
should require paying more, if as a penalty to change behavior,
in order to make the economics of this damage realistic to the
ongoing issues of climate change, pollution, health hazards, etc.
There may be no way around it, if energy does get too expensive
to subsidize the wanton excess and hedonism of the technological
lifestyle, which depends on a very cheap supply for a great fix.
If, when, the economics change, it is likely much more will too
such as buildings, transportation, packaging, manufacturing, etc.
Which is good if it is able to happen through peaceful changes.

01) --top stories--

The Kerry Energy Plan

	'John Kerry's energy plan will increase and enhance domestic energy  
sources and provide incentives to help Americans use energy more  
cleanly and efficiently. When 65 percent of the world's oil reserves  
lie beneath the Persian Gulf states and only 3 percent lie beneath  
America, we cannot drill our way to independence. We can, however,  
develop and deploy clean energy technologies that will make us more  
efficient and allow us to capitalize on domestic and renewable sources  
of energy.' .. 'John Kerry's plan includes a renewable energy trust  
fund that will fund the development of renewable energy, reducing our  
oil dependence by more than 2 million barrels of oil a day - about the  
same amount we import from the Persian Gulf. Kerry's plan will also  
create 500,000 new jobs over the next decade and work toward producing  
20 percent of US energy from renewable fuels by 2020.'

// reports state that the NRC is in charge of maintaining energy  
// from its definition it certainly appears to be biased for its  

definition: Nuclear Regulatory Commisssion (abbr. N.R.C.) // .us  

	'An independent U.S. government agency responsible for licensing and  
regulating civilian uses of nuclear materials. It replaced (1975) the  
Atomic Energy Commission under the provisions of the 1974 Energy  
Reorganization Act. Its major function is the use of nuclear energy to  
generate power. The NRC consists of give members appointed by the  
president. Its main offices are in Bethesda, Md, and there are five  
regional offices.'

N Korea 'upbeat' on nuclear talks // nuclear diplomacy...
North Korea has agreed to push towards a third round of international  
on the region's nuclear crisis, Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing  
has said.

	'Correspondents say China is seen as the key mediator in the nuclear  

[and] Cheney to Head to Asia for Nuclear Talks

Oil Gains as U.S. Fills Strategic Reserve // the importance of  

	'In Washington, U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham  reiterated that  
the government would not halt oil deliveries to  the Strategic  
Petroleum Reserve and said the price impact of  the deliveries was  
"nearly negligible" -- something most  analysts agree with.' .. '"What  
is really holding it up here is U.S. gasoline," said  Barclays  
Capital's Paul Horsnell. "But at these levels it  doesn't take much to  
generate a 60 or 70 cent move."'

[and] Record US petrol prices 'to rise further' // new bellwether:  

	'A rise in oil and gas prices has been a modest drag on the otherwise  
strong US economy, but so far US consumers have not reined in spending  
or driving despite the rising prices. Energy analysts say petrol prices  
are almost certain to climb to $2 a gallon on average by summer, which  
will test consumer resilience.' ... '"The market is going to make a run  
at 40 bucks, that I can guarantee you," said Mike Driscoll, energy  
trader at Bear Stearns.' .. 'Indeed, the days of the ceiling on oil  
prices hovering at about $30 a barrel may be history.' .. 'The old  
thinking used to be that if crude rose above $30 a barrel, it was  
disastrous for the US economy. "We have to reset the benchmark - it may  
be $40," said Mr Flynn.'

Bush chided for oil prices // note: 'energy legislation' is not  
'public' policy.

	'"We've ... made clear we're not going to beg for oil," said Mr.  
Abraham, although he later told reporters that the administration has  
been working behind the scenes to try to bring prices down.' ... 'AAA  
announced yesterday that the price of regular-grade gasoline hit a  
record at about $1.74 a gallon, though the country is still months away  
from the peak summer-driving season, when gas prices normally are  
highest.' ... '"It's an intolerable position," Mr. Kennedy said. "No  
one can understand it ... why the president of the United States isn't  
jawboning OPEC."' ... 'Energy analysts say it is extraordinary that gas  
is hitting a record high during the customary spring lull in the oil  
cycle, and it does not bode well for the summer.'

// this refers to papers outlining Iraqi oilfields for the Energy Task  
// hang on... if this is the justification for 'national security' and  
// nature is so obtuse to national security of energy policy, would it  
not be
// a good idea to make public all documents related to this type of  

Treasury Is Faulted for Papers' Release

	'The report by the inspector general, Jeffrey Rush Jr., said that  
mislabeling had caused the release of the "national security or  
sensitive but unclassified" material but that neither Mr. O'Neill nor  
anyone in the department had broken any laws.' .. '"Had these 140  
documents been properly marked as classified," the report said, "the  
documents would not have been entered into Treasury's unclassified  
computer system and O'Neill would not have received them."'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Electricity Harnessed To Stop Angina Pain
Electric Stimulation Blocks Pain Messages To Brain

	'A clinical trial is testing a neurostimulator to treat severe chronic  
angina. Surgeons place an electrode in the epidural space of the spine  
and attach it to a pacemaker-size battery implanted in the buttocks or  
upper abdomen. It delivers a mild electrical current to disrupt pain  
pathways.' ... 'The implanted pacemaker-like device called the  
"startstim" has been used for chronic back pain since the 1980s.'

The Science of Eternal Sunshine: You can't erase your boyfriend from  
your brain,
but the movie gets the rest of it right. // fMRI. reconsolidation  

	'~Eternal~Sunshine ... demonstrates a remarkably nuanced understanding  
of how the brain forms memories, particularly memories about intense  
emotional experiences. The film displays a more subtle model of memory  
formation than the acclaimed thriller ~Memento,...' ... 'The fading of  
memory in ~Memento is about the loss of pure information, like an  
erased hard drive. In ~Eternal ~Sunshine , the richness of memory is as  
much about emotion as raw data.' ... 'The emphasis on feeling over data  
processing puts ~Eternal~Sunshine squarely in the mainstream of the  
brain sciences today. We now know that the brain stores emotional  
memories very differently from unemotional ones.' ... '~Eternal  
~Sunshine plays on this idea of traumatic memories being stored in  
separate regions of the brain...'

// houses and watches could use UV sensors to indicate dangerous  

Cancer: the deadly rays we don't screen

	'Researchers at the University of Sydney have found type A ultraviolet  
(UVA) light, until now considered to be less harmful than type B  
ultraviolet (UVB) light, causes DNA damage and may   trigger skin  
cancer.' ... '"This shows the UVA in sunlight is playing a large role  
in causing gene mutations, therefore playing a large role in skin  
cancer," Professor Halliday said.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Greenhouse gas level hits record high // Onward to Mars...

Oil-drenched birds get dry cleaned // **
Iron dust and magnets might save slick-stricken feathers.

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

FBI Warns Texas Oil Refineries of Possible Attack // via  

Man arrested for allegedly extorting Google

	'According to court papers, he claimed that if Google did not pay, he  
would release a piece of software to spammers that would generate fake  
advertising hits, costing the search giant millions.'

Smiles reveal secrets to security cameras
Expressive muscles could be the key to face recognition.

Buoy sounds out smugglers // sensors. tripwire...
Underwater sentinels could snitch on drug runners.

	'The buoys can also be used for research. Sensors can be added to the  
buoy to measure temperature and water salinity, for example. They can  
even be designed to pop up in the wake of the ship and collect water  
samples to track pollution. Its sonar sensors could listen for whale  
whistles or dolphin clicks, says Risley.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

U.S. Will Give Cold Fusion Second Look, After 15 Years

	'Last fall, cold fusion scientists asked the Energy Department to take  
a second look at the process, and last week, the department agreed.'  
... "I'm surprised," Dr. Stewart C. Prager, a professor of physics at  
the University of Wisconsin, said. "I thought most of the cold fusion  
effort had phased out. I'm just not aware of any physics results that  
motivated this."'

U.S. oil tanker law could raise gasoline prices

	'U.S. gasoline supplies could be in short supply this summer, and pump  
prices may skyrocket even more because of a new law that would ban oil  
tankers from entering U.S. ports if the ships fail to meet security  
standards.' ... 'The new standards will kick in at the height of the  
busy U.S. summer driving season, when refineries are producing as much  
gasoline as possible. U.S. retail gasoline prices are already at  
near-record highs and expected to continue rising.'

Major Breakdown as Electricity Tower Blasted in Baluchistan // .pk

	'Unknown miscreants blew up QESCO tower 603 on Sibi-Bel Pat junction  
holding 220 KV Guddu-Sibi single circuit and Uch-Sibi Circuit-I, thus  
completely destroying the tower and partly damaging tower number 602  
and 604.'

Shell, Libya in Oil and Gas Partnership // the result of nuclear  

EM-quote from article: Putin Calls for Coordinated Terror Fight

	'Georgia sits astride a planned pipeline intended to carry Caspian Sea  
oil to a Turkish port for shipment to Western markets and is a buffer  
between NATO and Russia.'

pc energy use // digital power meter...

Legislators revisit partial deregulation of electricity // power saga  

	'Proponents of the partial market loosening are quick to emphasize  
that their plans would protect most residential and small-business  
customers with rates and service regulated by the California Public  
Utilities Commission.' ... 'Advocates of partial deregulation – known  
in industry jargon as a core/non-core market structure – promise that  
their new plans wouldn't allow big customers to escape their share of  
crisis costs or the overhead of maintaining the state transmission and  
distribution system.' ... 'Large power users, for their part, believe  
they could get cheaper power deals if they were freed from the  
requirement of getting service from their local utilities.' ... '[State  
Senator] Dunn added that advocates of electricity re-regulation are  
considering an initiative of their own, though costs are daunting.'

[and] Gaming the California Electricity Market
Firm with Ties to Cheney's Task Force Faces Criminal Indictment

A Good Laugh-- Jay Leno: "Today, Supreme Court Justice  
Antonin...Scalia. ...
He announced he would not recuse himself from a case involving his  
Vice President Dick Cheney, despite being Cheney's guest on a recent  
trip. Cheney took him on a hunting trip, private jet, the whole bit. And
Scalia said it is not reasonable that a Supreme Court justice could be
bought so cheaply. So he's not questioning the fact that he can be
bought. He's just arguing about the price."

Iraqi Delegation Study Electricity Infrastucture

	'Electricity capacity in Iraq is just equal to demand, but as demand  
and the use of air-conditioning increase, demand could outstrip supply  
by as much as 50 - 100 per cent.'

Sea change for tidal power
New underwater turbines could be cheap and eco-friendly.

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

EM-quote: Monkey mischief 'blesses' Bangladeshis
The town of Keshabpur is overrun by hundreds of monkeys.

	'"The danger for the monkeys is electric wires; they are not insulated  
in Keshabpur," says Monirun Jonday, the project co-ordinator.' ..  
'"When they jump from branch to branch they touch the wires and are  
electrocuted. Every year around 15 monkeys are killed."'

// the caption quoted below is not mentioned in the main article,  
though it
// brings up the question of whether business of selling 'the internet'  
// part of the question-- that is, customized Linux and not proprietary  

EM-quote: China halts rights talks with US:  China says it has suspended
all discussions with the United States on human rights' issues.

	'China's wariness of the internet has led to abuses, the US says.'  
S Koreans in 'net suicide pact'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

China to launch lunar probe satellite on Long March III A

	'China's lunar probe project, also known as the Chang'e  
Program,referring to a goddess who reached the moon in an ancient  
Chinese fairy tale, will be divided into three phases...'

Cell Phones Get More Computer Functions

'Nano-lightning' could cool computer chips // not peltier effect devices
	'Jumping electric charges could waft breezes of ionised air through  
microchips, replacing the bulky, noisy fans that cool down today's  

Silicon-based magnets boost spintronics

	'Spintronics is an emerging field that exploits the fact that current  
flowing through transistors made of certain materials can store data  
not only as charge but also as magnetic moment.'

Vibrating pedal says 'ease off gas'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Double Star satellite begins magnetic probing // ***

	'Double Star, a joint Chinese-European space mission to study the  
Earth's magnetic environment, is up and running.' ... 'Double Star is  
intended to provide a long-range complement to ESA's Cluster mission.  
Cluster studies Earth's magnetosphere on relatively small scales with  
the four satellites spaced 250 kilometres apart. But Double Star will  
take measurements up to 40,000 km away from Cluster.' ... 'Escoubet  
also hopes both missions working in unison will be able to map the  
magnetopause, the boundary between the solar wind and region under the  
direct influence of the Earth's magnetic field....'

E-Textile Buttons

	'The mission of this project is the development of E-Textile buttons .  
  These are small computing, sensor, or actuator devices which attach to  
fabric.  This research involves building physical devices, finding ways  
to attach them to fabric, finding ways to connect to wires in the  
fabric, and developing software and protocols to communication with and  
control the devices.' .. 'This work is partly a project for a Wearable  
and Ubiquitous Computing class and partly E-Textiles research.'

Beekeepers Tagging Hives With Microchips

Radio waves help see moisture inside walls // mold. via energy  

	'Based on hardware developed by Intelligent Automation, the new NIST  
technique involves sending a broad range of radio frequencies through  
typical drywall construction to look for a "moisture" signature in the  
signal that is reflected back.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Hi-tech snapshots from Cebit:  Armed with a SonyEricsson P900  
and a wi-fi enabled PDA, BBC News Online's Jon Kossmann offers a  
of the gadgets on offer at the giant Cebit technology trade show.

LCD to stay but super size screens fading

	'While 16in and 17in widescreen LCDs are still in their honeymoon  
period, the market is beginning to shift back towards the more  
practically sized 15.4in widescreen.'

// this is a great idea. if one could put files for a community meeting  
// some 'place' information, almost like the old bbs/gopher interfaces  
// were file menus, there could be a portable drive set on a table and  
// could contribute to it or copy information from it, creating 'place'  
// such as at a conference or a gathering or something of common  
// e.g. each 'classroom' in a school could have its own partitioned  

Wi-fi hard-drive unveiled // makes a lot of sense...

Minato's Magic Magnetic Motor // ***

Cold Heat Portable Soldering Iron

Hitachi Develops Fuel-Cell-Powered PDA

Robots Move in Sync as Japan Firms Look to Cash In

	'Japanese firms Sony Corp, Fujitsu Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy  
Industries Ltd. unveiled new technology Wednesday that allows robots  
that have been developed separately to be controlled simultaneously via  
a computer network.'

Tale of two video game worlds: Online consoles soar, PCs stumble

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Jordanian prince in WWIII warning

The 1,776-Foot-Tall Target. By DANIEL BENJAMIN
Daniel Benjamin, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and
International Studies, is the co-author of "The Age of Sacred Terror."

	'The total amount of energy released by the two 767's that struck the  
Twin Towers equaled that of a tactical nuclear weapon — almost a  
quarter of a kiloton. In 2006, two years before Freedom Tower is  
scheduled to open, a new generation of aircraft, led by the Airbus  
A380, will begin entering service in the world's airlines. The A380  
will carry almost 82,000 gallons of fuel, more than three times as much  
as a 767. One hardly needs to do the math.'

al-Qaida May Have Nuclear Weapons

Ukrainian missiles 'gone missing'

Ad-Hoc Wireless Networking Technology For Battlefield Environments

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Oil slips as OPEC wrangling unnerves edgy market

	'On Tuesday, Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi met the chief of the  
International Energy Agency in Riyadh and stressed the kingdom's  
commitment to stabilising world oil markets, the Saudi Press Agency  
reported. The IEA monitors oil markets for the world's leading oil  
consuming nations of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and  

Why we ought to be thanking the Chinese // relevant.
(By Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley's chief economist)

AT&T, Verizon hint at wireless broadband // it's the broadband economy,  

EU to fine Microsoft 497 million euros -source
BRUSSELS, March 22 (Reuters) - European Union states on Monday backed a  
to fine Microsoft Corp. a record 497 million euros ($613.5 million) for  
its dominance of PC operating systems, an EU member state source said.

Building a 21st Century Electricity Infrastructure to Meet the Needs of
21st Century Manufacturing // Electricity Sector Framework for the  

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

New Renaissance Music Found in Painting // thanks *

	'The composition has been given its first full modern performance at  
the Florentine art exhibition. There, visitors can admire the painting  
and listen to the music at the same time.' .. '"It is undoubtedly the  
first time this music has been heard in 500 years. It is a moving  
experience and takes us back in time, when the same angelic music was  
played in front of the painting, in a sort of multimedia experience,"  
art historian Jonathan Nelson, the author of a recent monography on  
Filippino, told Discovery News.'

Engineers Just Wanna Make Art 

	'Campbell is a leading figure in exploring computer technology as an  
art form. An MIT graduate with dual degrees in electrical engineering  
and mathematics, Campbell also holds more than a dozen patents on  
video-image processing, and standard-definition and high-definition  
television.' ... 'Campbell worked as a video repairman, filmmaker and  
television-chip designer before delving into electronic art in the late  

// have wanted to take separate rgb LEDs and make a 'pixel' for a while  
// only to realize they sell one with a chip that cycles all these  

[and] Ambiguous Icons explore the relationship between information
and meaning, in the context of reduced or compressed levels of
information.  These works incorporate the fairly new technology:
Red-Green-Blue LEDs allowing each LED to be any color.

Cellular Jewelry, A Real Life Blink Tag // em jewelry (hertzian)

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