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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #71

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (12/28/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

Wm. Safire of the New York Times is trying to conflate and sow
confusion with Howard Dean's challenge to the Bush team
to open .US energy task force records. Maybe there is an
Enron-subsidiary or something. OK. Let's open up Dean's
campaign records and find out, alongside whatever is to
be egregious in the .US task force records, if that is what
is needed to bring sunshine into the process. The stronger
truth will withstand, the weaker will collapse. Mr. Safire has
placed a bet, or better, a threat, that such an open record
is bad for business. It is instead possible that it would be
great for business, getting this out of the way, moving on.
The Supreme Court is supposed to take on this case, and
it will be a total abdication of its responsibility if it does not
make public the .US Energy Task Force records, no question.
This issue is a little bigger than a presidential campaign, even,
it is the integrity of the entire governmental system in a time of
near total corruption, and how this came about. Gambler's ruin.
These records are crucial to the successful development of the
very technologies and cultures in this newsletter, for if energy
planning fails to provide future security, all this can go away.
It is therefore without question a little bigger than just politics.

01) --top stories--

// the difference between Dean's task force and the .US Energy
// Task Force run by Cheney is that the business person is a
// certain Ken Lay and Enron is one of the businesses, one of
// the biggest business and industry scandals of all time...
// this is one of many many reasons there is much difference,
// including the relations of mideast oilfields as part of the
// .US energy planning, via James Baker and the Sec. of Commerce.
// Kathleen Hall Jamieson's remarks are based on total absurdity
// if one does not take into account illegality that is at issue,
// and has yet to be prosecuted or dealt with by the .US .gov...
// Jamesien, not taking this into account is dealign in absurds.
// Safire, in the op-ed tries to equate this as a 'mroe egregrious
// refusal' at 'covered-up advice' than that of 'good guy' Cheney.
// must say matters of national security and governmental integrity
// may trump that of a challenger to today's political-powerhouses.

Dean Vermont Energy Group Met in Private // with sunshine....

	'In an interview with The Associated Press, Dean defended his recent  
criticism of Cheney's task force and his demand that the administration  
release its private energy deliberations even though he refused to do  
that in Vermont.' .. 'Dean said his group developed better policy, was  
bipartisan and sought advice not just from energy executives but  
environmentalists and low-income advocates. He said his task force was  
more open because it held one public hearing and divulged afterward the  
names of people it consulted even though the content of discussions  
with them was kept secret.' .. 'The Vermont task force "is not exactly  
the Cheney thing," Dean said. "We had a much more open process than  
Cheney's process. We named the people we sought advice from in our  
final report."' .. 'Dean said he still believes it was necessary to  
keep task force deliberations secret, especially because the group was  
reviewing proprietary financial data from Vermont utilities. "Some  
advice does have to be given in private, but I don't mind letting  
people know who gave that advice," he said.' ... 'In September, Dean  
argued that the task force Cheney assembled in 2001 and the Bush energy  
policy that were unduly influenced by Bush family friend and Enron  
energy chief Kenneth Lay.' .. '"The administration should also level  
with the American people about just how much influence Ken Lay and his  
industry buddies had over the development of the president's energy  
policy by releasing notes on the deliberations of Vice President  
Cheney's energy task force," Dean said Sept. 15.'

// sometimes hope and encouragement is needed more than criticism
// that certain .US commentators are slathering on recent changes
// via nuclear diplomacy. two amazing things to remember, that it
// was Iran who started a dialogue, and now Libya is calling on
// North Korea (in addition to Israel, as are others) to denuke.
// it is not reported this way, but it should be acknowledged that
// these developments in nuclear diplomatic efforts are innovative,
// especially compared to nations threatening nuclear war instead.

EM quote from: Libya accepts snap nuclear inspections

	'ElBaradei said after talks in Tripoli that Libya had promised to  
dismantle all of its weapons of mass destruction programmes --  
chemical, biological and nuclear.' .. '"These are weapons that the  
international community has agree have no place in our 21st century."  
he told reporters at a the joint news conference with Chalgam.' ...  
'Chalgam said the decision to scrap banned weapons was voluntary,  
indirectly dismissing the suggestion that the war in Iraq had scared  
Tripoli into coming clean about its WMD.' .. '"Our decision was taken  
by Libya -- without any pressure," he said.' .. 'Gaddafi said this week  
other nations suspected of developing weapons of mass destruction, such  
as North Korea, should follow Libya's lead.' .. 'Israel has not signed  
the NPT and has never officially acknowledged having atomic weapons.'

[and] German entrepreneur plans to bring Internet to N Korea

CIA gadget-museum: Robot fish, pigeon camera, jungle microphones

Brazil Resists Plan to Allow Spot Inspection of Nuclear Site
	'This month Mr. [Roberto Amaral, the minister of science and  
technology in the left-wing government that took office in January...]   
publicly criticized the I.A.E.A.'s position on spot inspections as  
"idiotic" and "foolish."'

// at least in the .US, a story such as below is relatively
// invisible - part may be knowledge of other cultures, another
// may be lack of travel, another leading to this 'invisibility'
// also could be that the .US has very little geographic literacy.
// it is inspiring to read of 'transparency' as a goal, yet then
// to have opaqueness in covering such issues is hard to reconcile.
// failure of balance, stability, is going to affect all societies...

Pain or Gain? Crunch Time Looms for Sao Tome Oil // shared goals

	'The government says it is in control and preparing to  manage the  
inflow of money, but the next few months may yield  clues as to whether  
Sao Tome is ready for a better life or will  succumb to the curse of so  
many oil-rich African states.' ... 'Civil wars have wrought havoc in  
oil exporters Angola and  the Congo Republic, while Nigerians --  
jointly managing Sao  Tome's exploration zone -- blame oil as the  
source of much of the corruption blighting their country.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

In Asia, Pollution Spreads as Economies Boom

Scientists begin measuring pollution in human bodies // via drudge

	'For decades, researchers have sampled the air, land and sea to  
measure pollution from power plants, factories and automobiles.' ..  
'Now, in a process called biomonitoring, scientists are sampling urine,  
blood and mother's milk to catalogue the pollutants accumulating in  
humans. They call the results "body burden."...'

Parents' brains tuned to babies' tears

	'Crying may open up the noise filter in the prefrontal cortex, so that  
a woman interprets the toddler's sounds as important. Electrical  
impulses are then relayed to other brain areas, triggering strong  
emotions, as well as caring behaviour such as feeding or cuddling.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Caution over 'computerised world'

	'In 10 years' time, predict the researchers, a trillion objects all  
linked electronically could be available to a billion people.'

Report finds record amount of 'clutter' on TV // via drudgereport.com

iPod a throwaway? Fans demand Apple face music

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Tips for Traveling With Tech Gear

	'Marty maintains that the scanners at the security gate will not harm  
film, hard drives, or digital cameras. The stronger scanners for  
checked baggage, on the other hand, run the risk of causing damage to  
any of these items.' .. 'Pegoraro's advice for tech-inclined vacation  
travelers is that less is more.'

Building Better Bomb Resistance // non-nuclear blast assessments...

	'Researchers at the University of California at San Diego announced  
last week that they are working with government counterterrorism  
agencies to build what they say is the world's first full-scale bomb  
blast simulator.' ... 'When it is completed in late 2004, the simulator  
will be used to test how well columns, walls and other structures stand  
up to terrorist bomb attacks, like the ones that destroyed Oklahoma's  
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995 and U.S. embassies in Kenya  
and Tanzania in 1998.'

Federal surveillance technology to be tested at T.F. Green

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

EM-related quote from The New Republicans // .US energy policy...

	'The last Bush energy bill, which passed the House but died in the  
Senate, seems likely to be remembered most for the now-famous subsidy  
for an energy-efficient Hooters restaurant in Louisiana.'

Wind Energy Not Limited By Technical Barriers // says simulation...

50-Year-Old Magnetic Mystery Solved // quote relates to Cr8 findings

	'Normal electronics encode computer data based on a binary code of  
ones and zeros, depending on the presence or absence of an electron  
within a material such as silicon. But in principle, the direction of a  
spinning electron -- either “spin up” or “spin down” -- can be used as  
data, too. And other directions of spin in-between up and down could  
theoretically provide further information, so a single electron could  
store many different pieces of data.'

Kerry's Call for Energy Independence // defining the new policies...

	'THE SCRIPT Mr. Kerry says: "For nearly 30 years, we've talked about  
reducing America's dependence on Mideast oil. And here we are today,  
more dependent on foreign oil than ever. It's time to make energy  
independence a national priority, and to put in place a plan that frees  
our nation from the grip of Mideast oil in the next 10 years. Because  
no child growing up in America today should ever have to go to war for  
oil. I'm John Kerry, and I approved this message."'

U.S.-Russia Team Seizes Uranium At Bulgaria Plant
Material Was Potent Enough for Bomb // via drudgereport.com

	'U.S. authorities have begun stepping up such joint operations with  
the Russians. In August 2002, a team from the two countries retrieved  
100 pounds of weapons-grade uranium from an aging reactor in  
Yugoslavia. The second seizure of uranium took place three months ago,  
when 30 pounds was removed from a facility in Romania.'

// prior to the Iraq war, one .UK wind energy plann was going to
// be developed, yet then it did an about-face with regard to new
// conflicts with military radar systems, not sure if this is it...

UK's largest wind farm approved // via drudgereport.com

	'A spokesman for Friends of the Earth said: "This is great news for  
the people of Ayrshire and great news for the environment.' ..  
'"Scotland's energy future lies in tapping into its natural resources  
such as wind, wave and solar.'

New Strides in LED Technology Could Be a Sign of Things to Come

Gas Hydrates – Will They Be Considered
In The Future Global Energy Mix?

Solar Comes to (Part Of) The Earth

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Man With Gun Threatens To Kill Others, Self
If More Sims Expansions Made
	'"They're all the same frikkin' game!" Jesperson screamed at terrified  
shoppers while waving his firearm in the air "Don't you see that?  
What's wrong with you people?"'

What We Said and What We Meant, A to Z // much is EM-related...

	'K is for knee-mail - religion's computer-age, tongue-in-cheek word  
for prayer, often seen on signs outside churches: God answers  
knee-mail.' ... 'Y is for yottabyte - or a million trillion megabytes,  
a term likely to become more popular as online data and computer  
memories expand in coming years to fill that amount of storage space.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Epic trip for 'alternative' car : The car is named Apollondine after
Greek gods of sun and water  A car that runs on just hydrogen and
solar power has completed a journey through Australia - the
first crossing of a continent for a car of this type.

New-generation Autonomous Helicopter To Create New Era Of Human Safety

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Low-cost, Digital Displays Through Ink Jet Printing

China Plans to Launch Research Satellite // earth's magfields...

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

10 technologies to watch in 2004 // note: LED lightbulbs....

Invasion of the Centibots // distributed robotics...

	'DARPA wanted machines that could coordinate with each other to create  
a map of an area. The Centibots communicate with a human commander who  
tells them where to search and reviews the information they send back.  
However, the commander doesn't need to give detailed instructions to  
each machine.' .. '"They autonomously decide where to go," said Regis  
Vincent, a computer scientist who helped build the Centibots. "Nobody  
is controlling them."'... 'The Centibot researchers claim the maps the  
robots create are correct within a couple of centimeters. The robots  
can also find and identify an object, recognize each other and spot an  
intruder by separating moving objects from stationary ones.'

I4U Top 10 Gadget Trends 2003

Smaller, Lighter Power Adaptors Take The Weight Off Laptops // piezo-e

	'Transformers are needed to convert the 115-volt, 60-cycle power  
available from a standard U.S. wall receptacle to the 13 to 14 volts  
direct current used by laptops.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

// .UN satellite imagery on .il architectural isolation...

Eyeballing the Israeli West Bank Separation Wall

12 Reasons to Pixelate the Internet
11. How to build and detonate a dirty radiological bomb.

// Pakistan is a nuclear state, and therefore its nuclear stockpile
// falling into a state of militant chaos is of everyone's interest.

Pakistani President Escapes New Death Plot // em-related (nukes)

// diplomacy efforts from the nuclear neighborhood community...

[related] Iran condemns attempt on Musharraf's life

Vital infrastructure may be terror target

U.N. Nuclear Experts Arrive in Libya

EM-quote: Quick-Hitting Brigade Test-Drives a New Army Vehicle in Iraq

	'The Stryker, supporters contend, also fits the new American blueprint  
for war: use an array of sensors to pinpoint an enemy, share that  
information through satellite links, and quickly direct precision  
firepower on that target.' ... 'Soldiers spend a lot of time inside the  
  vehicles, and many have customized their cramped interiors with coffee  
pots, stereo systems and even small television sets to watch DVD's  
during lulls.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

China's rise on world stage no cause for worry in US // good to read

	    "... the unprecedented changes in today's world that lead to   
co-operation instead of conflict between great powers...' ... 'First,  
symbolized by computers, electronics and space  exploration, the third  
technological revolution ascended after World War II. And  mankind has  
entered a new era of information technology since the mid 1980s.' ..  
'The rapid advancement of science and technology has  greatly improved  
productivity, to the point where powers no longer need resort  to the  
traditional colonial expansion to grab interests.' .. 'China, as a  
developing country, thus will not rival  the United States in those  
areas, the article said.' .. 'China is a peace-loving country and the  
Chinese  people long for a peaceful international environment to  
nurture their domestic  economic development. There is no social basis  
for Sino-US conflict.'

If He's So Smart...Steve Jobs, Apple, and the Limits of Innovation
	'If Apple teaches us anything, it's that effective innovation is about  
more than building beautiful cool things.'

Amazon.com Wraps Up Its Ninth Holiday With Busiest Season Ever

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Archaic Electrical Instruments // gallery...

Electrochemical Instruments // gallery

Electronic Test Instruments // gallery

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