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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #70

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (12/23/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

happy holidays and peace on earth. safe travels one and all.
thanks for being apart of the list. brian

01) --top stories--

// the world receives a gift of hope this holiday season...

Libya will give up weapons program, allow inspectors to check,
Bush and Blair say // great action of nuclear diplomacy towards peace.

[and] Nuclear inspectors heading to Libya // United Nations role...

[and] EM-Headline: Libya Says Wants U.S. Oil Companies Back

// the GLORIAD may indicate where geocultural issues are at, in
// relating current events (economics, politics, societal order)...

New Network to Link U.S., Russia, China // global diplomatic network.

	'The network, expected to go online next month, will ring the Northern  
Hemisphere, connecting computers in Chicago with machines in Amsterdam,  
Moscow, Siberia, Beijing and Hong Kong before hooking up with Chicago  
again, said Greg Cole of the National Center for Supercomputing  
Applications, one of the leaders of the Little GLORIAD project...' ...  
'Little GLORIAD - an acronym for Global Ring Network for Advanced  
Application Development - will allow scientists and educational  
researchers to work together on such issues as responding to natural  
disasters, safeguarding nuclear material, monitoring earthquakes or  
joint space exploration.'

EM-quote from Stephen Lauf of design-list...

	'Earlier in December, I twice passed and briefly stopped by Benjamin  
Franklin's grave, which is just catty-corner from the new US  
Constitution Center here in Philadelphia. It has long been a custom to  
toss a penny on Franklin's grave. Like he said, "A penny saved is a  
penny earned." Franklin's Ground One Penny, I guess.'

// hmmm, emergency powers of the governor, and now the power is out.

Power outage in San Francisco leaves 120,000 customers in the dark

// this could be looked at in at least two ways: one, is that
// strikes on infrastructure are to prevent the Iraqi people
// from restoring their services. another might be, that there
// is looting of the wealth and resources which may be trying
// to be prevented by stopping any covert flows. as there is
// absolutely no non-NeoCON perspectives on such issues, it is
// really a coin-toss as to what is going on, it could be both.
// whoever is dealing with the oil infrastructure issues, if it
// is actually Halliburton/KBR, well, that would speak volumes...

Iraqi Insurgents Blow Up Oil Pipeline // what is really going on?

	'Rebels fired rocket-propelled grenades at storage tanks in southern  
Baghdad on Saturday, sparking fires that burned for hours and consumed  
about 2.6 million gallons of gasoline, Oil Ministry spokesman Issam  
Jihad said. Iraqi police were investigating, he said.' .. 'Also  
Saturday, a pipeline exploded in the al-Mashahda area, 15 miles north  
of Baghdad, in what Jihad said also was an act of sabotage - the latest  
in a series of attacks on Iraq's oil infrastructure, apparently aimed  
at undermining the coalition.'

// difficult to comment on this. if not enough -- not worth doing.
// if enough, it would be a substantial transportation policy so as
// to spread the issues of roads, cars, fuel supply, pollution, and
// mass transit into an ecosystem, so that the dynamics are added in,
// instead of just people losing jobs, versus losing a whole industry
// or even several, due to not adapting enough to make big transitions
// yet, then again, it is curious if 'transporation' department policy
// can actually be developed separately from communictions and housing
// and energy and other policies and disciplines. i.e. urban sprawl,
// highway traffic jams, lost business/work, time wasted, pollution,
// then to consider telecommuting/work, and those issues in relation.

Administration opens 'dialogue' on SUV fuel economy

	'President Bush, along with the automobile industry, has opposed most  
efforts to improve fuel economy, saying it could cost U.S. jobs. An  
energy bill endorsed by the White House and passed by the House does  
not touch the current standards. The legislation has stalled in the  

A shocking phenomenon // overview...
When discharging static electricity, we also are emitting radio waves

	'Soon after you've tumbled-dried a load of clothes, preferably nylons  
or polyesters, remove the articles from your dryer. Have an AM radio  
close at hand, turned on and tuned to a quiet spot on the dial. Now  
pull apart some garments that are "stuck" together. Along with the  
popping, you'll here static crashes coming out of your radio speaker.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Pop a Pill, Save Your Hearing? // hearing aid related

Bendy lampposts may save lives

	'The hatch at the base of the post - designed to allow electricians  
access to the power supply - has been utilised so that it creates a  
"natural flaw" around which the post collapses.'

Endless Christmas carols irk Czech clerks // recommended...

// humans as electromagnetic beings (nervous system as infrastructure)
// this may be of significance in to how policies are developed today,  
// relation to how mental (EM) issues are disconnected from (EM) body
// and itself might impact the philosophical foundations which operate
// on the assumption of 'thought' separated from extended 'actions'...
// instead of having an integrated model of understanding (division of
// labor, of disciplines of knowledge, placed back into relation  

Stress Found to Weaken Resistance to Illness // via drudgereport.com

	'"People who have the shy, sensitive temperament seem to be more prone  
to having sympathetic nervous system responses," Cole said in an  
interview, referring to the part of the nervous system that causes  
accelerated heart rate and other unconscious changes. "They are more  
stressed by lots of things, including contact with unfamiliar people."'  
... 'Fauci agreed the research was promising but cautioned that the  
connections between the neurological and immune system are extremely  
complex, and no single mechanism is likely to provide the entire  
answer.' ... 'Scientists are far from understanding all the links in  
the bewildering number of chemicals that establish feedback loops  
between the body and the brain, but teams of researchers at the  
intersection of neurology, immunology and endocrinology are working to  
chart all the pathways and signals.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

// dunno. just seems an abuse of understanding an international .US
// and since this is also a founder and EM inventor in things such as
// the lightning rod, the mass murder of the pheasantry may defile
// what is otherwise a historical question, trying to harness it as
// another ideological justification for 'power' by base motivation.
// what kind of person shoots birds en masses, as a hunter, anyway?
// oh yeah, EM-related-- meaning, it is like a shoot-em-up videogame.
// -- this was in a holiday x-mas card. any powdery substances found?

Cheney goes hunting, then others take their shots // tough act...

	'Vice President Dick Cheney's Christmas card arrived in the capital's  
mailboxes last week with this suddenly apt quotation from Benjamin  
Franklin: "And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his  
notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid?"'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Police call for remote button to stop cars  // losing your car keys...
Motorists face new 'Big Brother' technology // via drudgereport.com

	'The key is the electronics box in most new cars which, when the  
driver presses the accelerator or brake, sends a message to the engine  
to speed up or slow down. It can be programmed to limit the speed  
generally or according to the position of the car, established via a  
GPS satellite. For remote operation, a modem, which works like a mobile  
phone, can be used tell the car to slow down or stop.'

Open Source and Linux Pose Security Problems

// note: if a company sends your private information (privacy)
// from a database they buy, and you get junk mail, throw it away
// and in turn, are held liable by the banks for stolen money--
// isn't it the companies sending stuff (banks, etc) who are liable,
// not persons who are held responsible for stopping database flows?
// (know of two people who had this happen, one with credit card,
// another with a dumpster diver who printed computer checks...)

Dumpster-Diving for Your Identity // shred ID-related recycling...

	'Some identity thieves do go straight to the Internet, hacking into  
databases or using ''phisher sites'' -- phony Web pages that mimic real  
banking and e-commerce sites in order to entice victims to hand over  
sensitive information. But those cases remain the exception, not the  
rule. For the most part, obtaining dates of birth and Social Security  
numbers still begins off line, and often in the trash.' .. 'The digital  
dimension usually comes into play later. After harvesting information  
from a Dumpster, Massey would visit a credit clearinghouse online and  
apply for credit in the person's name.' ... 'Meth could turn slackers  
into hyperefficient paper pushers. "Drug addicts who used to kick in  
doors and steal electronic devices now kick in doors and steal identity  
information,'' Hoar said. ''They do it because identity information is  
more transferable and lucrative than stolen electronics."' ...  
(specifically: 'While the actual thieves are to blame, the companies  
safeguarding these records should share responsibility, experts say.')

Mobile phones - the new fingerprints

NetScreen, Cisco Shift to Network Security Super-Device // macsurfer

It's 2 a.m. Do you know where your workers are? // via cryptome.org

	'"You can start with the assumption that a certain amount of  
surveillance is necessary ... but the question really becomes, when  
does it go too far?" says Frederick Lane, author of "The Naked  
Employee: How Technology Is Compromising Workplace Privacy." Public  
discussions of GPS and other monitoring tools aren't keeping pace, he  
says, "and in the hands of some managers - who are very concerned about  
efficiencies and profits and so forth - it becomes more punitive than  

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Fingers point to Pakistan for sharing nuke secrets

	'Although documents from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the  
UN's nuclear watchdog, reveal that Iranian officials have offered  
detailed accounts of how they obtained sensitive equipment from  
European, Asian, and North American companies, the most important  
contibution seems to have come from Pakistan, suggests the Post.'

Iraq Revives Russia Oil Hope, Gets Debt Cut Pledge

EM-quote from article: Rebuilding Iraq Is ...
Nothing a Few Middle-Class Guys Couldn't Solve

	'Iraq's oil reserves might seem to be its economic salvation, creating  
the kind of per-capita wealth necessary to support democracy. But oil  
has a perverse effect on politics and economic development. Easy money  
corrupts. As oil royalties flow to the capital, politicians use the  
money to consolidate power. They build armies and secret police forces  
and dispense favors. Courtiers displace the bourgeoisie. You can see  
the effect of this ''resource curse,'' as researchers call it, in  
studies correlating mineral wealth with authoritarianism, corruption  
and economic stagnation. If its oil money is allowed to flow directly  
into the hands of a new ruling elite, Iraq might well become another  
Nigeria or Saudi Arabia.'

Goodbye sunshine : Each year less light reaches the surface of the  
Earth. No one is sure what's causing 'global dimming' - or what it  
means for the future. In fact most scientists have never heard of it.

	'So what causes global dimming? The first thing to say is that it's  
nothing to do with changes in the amount of radiation arriving from the  
sun. Although that varies as the sun's activity rises and falls and the  
Earth moves closer or further away, the global dimming effect is much,  
much larger and the opposite of what would be expected given there has  
been a general increase in overall solar radiation over the past 150  
years.' .. 'That means something must have   happened to the Earth's  
atmosphere to stop the arriving sunlight penetrating.'

AEP says nuclear plant unit briefly in emergency plan

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

The Internet Remains Meaningless to Most Nations
Because Web Sites Are Mostly in English

China Wishes Computer Users a Virus-Free Christmas

Blasts From the Past
What today's game designers can learn from Space Invaders.

[and] Playing Mogul // developing video games in EM wilderness

Steinmetz, Charles Proteus (1865-1923) // anecdote...

[and] Tesla, Nikola (1856-1943) // amazing life story...

[and] Thales of Miletus (634-546 BC)

[and] Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Iraq approves mobile licences despite probe

	'The investigation comes as the Pentagon investigates charges that  
Halliburton, the Houston-based oil services company, overcharged the US  
government for fuel imports into Iraq. The CPA has also delayed the  
bidding process for $18.6bn (?15bn) in contracts to rebuild Iraq.'

Fox set to span the world

New Infrared Telescope Lifts Universe's Dusty Veil // cosmic IR beauty

[and] Cool Cosmos: Orbiting telescope views infrared universe

Google Experiment Provides Internet With Book Excerpts // Google Print

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Nanotubes break semiconducting record: The futuristic material is
the best semiconductor ever measured, according to a recent study,
and could form the basis for far more efficient computer chips

	'Semiconducting carbon nanotubes are significantly better at  
conducting electricity at room temperature than any other known  
material, according to recent tests at the University of Maryland. The  
findings are the latest evidence that nanotubes could form the basis  
for future generations of powerful electronics.'

[and] Nanoscale Devices Said Nearly Ready For Prime Time // ferro-e

	'Today every micron-size capacitor in a DRAM cell is fastidiously  
refreshed every millisecond just to guarantee that bleeding electrons  
don't float the voltage past the boundary between zero and one....'

Atom Optics: When 3+0=4 // matter waves... (the new math)

	'Using sodium atoms cooled to very near absolute zero, the NIST team  
demonstrated that three atom waves can be mixed to produce a fourth  
wave, in exactly the manner as optical laser beams can be combined to  
form a new laser light beam. These experiments, conducted in vacuum,  
show that under very specific conditions, the interacting matter waves  
can mimic the way high-intensity laser light waves behave in certain  

Scientists at UH help discover new matter // the ~mystery meson~

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

// one problem with this model: if you tutor has not advanced
// beyond aristotle's worldview, then it would be regressive
// in educational terms-- and therefore should be evaluated as
// to its educational value, based on innovative content, also.
// toys-aren't-it, in itself, either for education, they can
// teach, but flashcards may be just as well as digital ones,
// unless of course, the idea is transformed, upgraded in ideas.
// otherwise, the traditional model may work better, and cheaper.
// education is not simply economics of the technology sectors,
// as marketers would like everyone to believe so as to sell
// products said to be educational. they must teach, about the
// present, or instruct, about skills. which they may do. but
// to be a tutor-- that requires some actual intelligence, no?

Digital tutors teach learning basics

	'Back in the days of the first IBM PCs or the Apple II, it was easy to  
find optimistic educators who dreamed of a golden age of learning in  
which smart interactive technologies would deliver top-rate instruction  
to schoolchildren.' .. 'Today, that vision is reality to some degree --  
not in schools, but in the aisles of toy stores.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Israel's nuclear programme // dialogue requested...

	'The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency recently urged  
Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and surrender its  
nuclear weapons in order to further peace in the Middle East.'

[and] UN satellites eye Israeli barrier // god's eye view...

	'The images are being collected by satellite agency, Unosat, for  
another UN body, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian  
Affairs.' ... 'The agency maintains it is not taking a position on the  
fence, but that its role is to make the information available to all.'  
... 'Both Israelis and Palestinians have access to the images of the  
wall.' .. '"This has the virtue of putting the reality in front of  
everyone," said Mr Retiere.'

Computer-Sleuthing Aids Troops in Iraq // pattern recognition...

	'U.S. troops battling the shadowy guerrilla insurgency in Iraq have  
adopted the computer-sleuthing tactics of big-city American police  
departments to prepare strikes against rebel fighters and their sources  
of money and weapons.' ... 'Like the police, the military uses the  
software to predict the locations and timing of attacks.' ... 'The  
division uses three programs in tandem, entering data on every bomb  
blast, every firefight, every suspect detained and every tip given by a  
local resident. Digital fingerprints are taken from every arrested  
suspect and added to the database.' ... 'Analysts have compared attack  
clusters with weather and other data to pick up interesting clues.  
Intelligence analysts struggling to find a pattern among seemingly  
random nightly mortar attacks compared attack histories with a chart  
showing the phases of the moon, and learned the attacks tend to come  
bunched on nights when the moon is fullest.'

Iraq news feed draws criticism
Local broadcasters slam Pentagon plan // via drudgereport.com
	'News executives of most Boston television stations are decidedly  
unenthusiastic about a Bush administration plan to transmit news  
footage from Iraq for local TV outlets in an attempt to supplement  
media coverage from that war-torn country.' .. 'The satellite link,  
dubbed "C-SPAN Baghdad," is designed to put a more positive spin on  
events and circumvent the major networks by making it possible for  
press conferences, interviews with troops and dignitaries, and even  
footage from the field to be transmitted from Iraq for use by regional  
and local media outlets, according to news accounts.'

// also read last week somewhere that Israel's forces are going to
// transition from using the uzi to a new weapon with electronics...

U.S. Marines Hot for High Tech 

	'New requests include calls for devices to identify, jam or detonate  
improvised explosives. The queries started appearing after reports that  
Iraqis opposed to the U.S. occupation have stuffed toy cars, Coke cans  
and animal carcasses with explosives and remotely detonated them when  
troops passed.' ... 'The DragonEye unmanned reconnaissance plane has  
been singled out as one of the most popular new technologies used in  
Iraq, and troops are begging for more.' .. 'The 5-pound,  
battery-powered plane is small enough to be carried in a backpack, and  
can be assembled and launched within 10 minutes.'

SURFACE WARSHIPS: American Robotic Ship in the Persian Gulf // gizmodo

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Intel Technologies bolster digital home display in Dubai
As part of its ongoing initiatives to bring technology to
the homes of consumers, Intel Corporation today kicks off
its Middle East marketing road show, Experience a PC at Home
Like Never Before, in the heart of the United Arab Emirates.

// precious metals and war go together, from what has been said.
// besides money, gold is also important within things electronic.
// that is, both in terms of basic electronics components, or so
// it seems, but also 'money as electrons' which is used to trade
// currencies no longer tied to gold, maybe that is the inversion
// of investing in gold-- which counters a hyper-monetary policy.
// then also had this thought: silver has always reminded (me) of
// electricity, or that aspect of things (like lightning), so as
// a color, not metal, if it can be called a color (metallic gray?)
// it has had this quality to it (or could be seen this way). others
// have said it is said to be 'invisible' or makes things disappear
// which is interesting as e-towers are silver, largely, in color,
// actually, lots of outdoor power/media stuff is like antennae. it
// was also imagined that, like juxtaposing amber and lodestone in
// terms of both electricity and magnetism (electromagnetism when
// together, symbolically, such as with a necklace designed as such)
// that so too, maybe 'gold' and 'silver' may have this, as though
// gold (often related to the sun) has never been a material or a
// color (metallic orange-yellow) which has enticed these senses,
// with 'silver' (often related to the moon, symbolically) it may
// also have this electricity (electron=>sun) aspect, with gold
// as electricity and silver as symbolic of magnetism, though it
// seems a bit of a stretch to consider this this far. oh well...
// (it is just that, the juxtaposition of silver and gold most
// likely does have some EM properties, even if both conductors,
// and maybe, also, as metals these may or may not represent EM).
// (note: nothing else seems to, so that is why it is wondered...)

Investors discovering new luster in gold

	'"I see what's happening, and I'm nervous," said Mark Lundeen of  
Minneapolis, a retired Navy technician who invests in shares of  
gold-exploration companies. "I think the only life raft you're going to  
have in the next couple of years is gold or silver.' .. '"As the  
international perception of the dollar changes, as our trading partners  
become less inclined to accept American dollars in exchange for their  
oil and stereos, I think the gold bugs will be vindicated," Lundeen  

[and] Dollar's drop becomes more ominous //- as is the .US oil culture

	'The U.S. also faces a unique problem in that commodities such as oil  
and base metals are priced in U.S. dollars.' .. 'Steven DeSanctis,  
small-cap strategist with Prudential Equity Group said his biggest  
concern is that oil prices can stay high in dollar terms, as people  
outside the U.S. are effectively paying less.' .. 'Economies using the  
euro will see lower energy costs and a lift in their economies, but in  
the U.S. -- the world's largest consumer of oil -- companies will see  
profits erode.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

The Central City // via architexturez.net

	'The "central" idea is to develop analogies for the organic identity  
of the city.' .. 'The central city ', is an audio visual, interactive,  
internet art, experience. The central city consists of text pieces,  
embedded sounds, all made for the internet. The city becomes an organic  
networks of grids and diagrams, juxtaposing urban sights and sounds.  
Networks of information technology, are contrasted with organic  
networks and city networks.'

Passing the torch : At 1,776 feet, Ground Zero skyscraper unveils
a towering faith in freedom and innovation. // quote... (???)

	'When visitors take an elevator from the 1,000-foot level to the  
1,500-foot level, Childs said, the cab will pause when it gets to 1,362  
feet and 1,368 feet - the heights of the two fallen World Trade Center  

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