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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #68

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (12/15/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

It is wondered how one can submit a Friend of the Court briefing for  
the case of Cheney v. U.S. District Court, D.C., 03-475 regarding .US  
energy policy, and how comments from the public can be included in the  
review of this case. It is believed that without a general approach to  
the stakes of a non-public energy policy in these days is the greatest  
threat to national and international security- in so many ways that any  
one approach would insufficiently detail why this is not in the public  
interest to keep records or minutes between Ken Lay, Cheney, and others  
in a room in the Senate watched over by Democratic Sen. Leiberman of  
all people. For instance, energy policy and planning is directly  
related to the present and future health of the economy, in both  
insurance and health effects and emergency issues related to global  
wwarming and pollution and security-risks at installations, to the  
strategic importance of transitioning to a diversified energy base and  
distributed system (such as the blackouts of large, centralized systems  
and transmission superlines) along with open SCADA systems,  
vulnerabilities, and power outages through corruption (California) or  
other means (sabatoge, weather). Furthermore, the basic biological and  
other medical effects, from nuclear radiation to EMF and RF exposure  
due to the ongoing cellular and oncoming wireless boom in signal space,  
add to the need for transparency over public energy policy. Funding for  
'nuclear plants' and 'large new power corridors' were the basis for  
Cheney's policy, oddly opposite of what is needed today and is still  
proposed as being a security solution-- not furthering of the risks  
faced by vulnerable and out-of-date energy strategies. Further, the  
ability to adapt is lessened based on the assumption of a steady supply  
(-side, shortages) of oil, coal (global warming), natural gas (finite,  
hydrogen not feasible for near term, markets now under an investigation  
for price fixing), subsidized gasoline prices, new road building intead  
of mass transportation funding, weak fuel efficiency standards,  
promotion of inefficient appraoch exacerbating problems, no research  
and development of a scale necessary to adapt and innovate, the lack of  
HUD developments in sustainable housing and community building, --  
less, the spread of nuclear weapons, nuclear targets of communities and  
large cities, and the ability to neutralize what is the entire  
infrastructure through weak protections and non-redundant systems which  
have proven again and again they are not up to the task to defend  
civilians (who do not have a private government bunker). In a  
worst-case scenerio, such an egregrious abuse of power _could occur  
such that someoen such as the Vice President, Kenneth Lay of Enron,  
James Baker and George Bush of oil fame, and others could privately aim  
for policies in their own belief of what is in the best interest of the  
.US, (maps of oilfields prior to the Iraq war, development issues for  
economic markets akin to Enron's planning for energy systems as  
commodities trading, the rigging of infrastructures to game the  
system)-- that there is too great a possibility of major absue to
leave this in the realm of private judgement as to what is best for the  
public, especially during these times when so many issues are still  
being unaddressed- even ignored-- against the best interests of the  
national security interests of the .US and the world. That is what is  
related to energy policy, and why these files must be opened up to  
change the energy strategy with public interests as the driving force.
Else, wars could be fought for the wrong reasons, non-democratic types  
of decisions could undermine the security of national infrastructures  
and institutions, and the future could be lost to very bad gamblers.
Brian Carroll (Interested providing a friend of the court brief for why  
.US task force documents and .US energy policy planning justifies and  
requires the full public review for national security threats.*)

(Including but not limited to nuclear, biological, radiological, and  
other attacks on power, media, and technological infrastructures,+++)

01) --top stories--

// this is incredibe: it offers a type of visual proof of
// today's power system, via satellite imagery, and trying
// to hide information and facts to a delusional extremes.
// and-- who is most delusional in doing so-- excellent...
// why would the VP's place be more obscured than,
// say, the White House, Senate, Pentagon, NSA, etc?

UnEyeballing the Vice President's Residence /// !!!

[and] High Court to hear Cheney-energy dispute // the Lay of the Land

	'The Supreme Court said Monday it will hear Vice President Dick  
Cheney's argument for keeping private the details of closed-door White  
House strategy sessions that produced the administration's energy  
policy, a dispute that tests the limits of White House secrecy.' ..  
'The case is part of the administration's wide legal effort to  
strengthen the powers of the presidency, and will be the Supreme  
Court's closest look at presidential secrecy since the Paula Jones  
scandal during the Clinton administration.' ... 'The case is Cheney v.  
U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, 03-475.'

// to address 'modern' development issues, which are often heralded
// as the keystone to other things, such as democratic governance,
// it is necessary to factor in the foundation of modern societies
// on electrical infrastructures, natural resources, and networks
// supported by these (telephones, computers, and the internet).
// at certain stages- development = electrification = modernity.
// thus, as is mentioned at times, a 'power' crisis can relate
// to politics (of democracy) as well as electrical development...

AP: Power Shortages Darken Southern China // important news...

	'Residents of this southern Chinese city spend one day of every four  
without power. Coal is growing scarcer. Electric heaters have been  
banned and sales of generators have quadrupled. For the capital of the  
Chinese province where Mao Zedong was born, these are dark days.' .. 'A  
spike in demand for electricity, fed by a booming economy, is  
outstripping supply in parts of southern China -- a power crunch the  
government worries could hamper the development so pivotal to its  
efforts to lift millions of Chinese out of poverty.' ... '"The problem  
... is the contradiction between economic growth on an uncommon scale  
and insufficient electrical development," Ouyang Wei, a provincial  
economic official, was quoted as saying in Changsha's Xiaoxiang Morning  
Herald.' .. 'Planners say it could be years before supply catches up  
with demand. Until then, millions will be coping with life without  
lights, at least part of the time.'

[and] China's Tarim Basin: Gushing with Oil or Just Hype?

	'"The Tarim Basin is very important for the development of  China.  
Despite adverse natural conditions, our crude oil  production this year  
will hit 5.25 million tons," said Sun  Longde, president of  
PetroChina's Tarim Oilfield Company.' .. 'But that's a mere drop in the  
ocean for a country that  imported 74.15 million tons in the first 10  
months of 2003, a  jump of 30.3 percent from the corresponding period  
of 2002.'

// great news, locally, that may have impacts across the .US, as
// it has been said 'states' rather than federal government will
// start to make the changes without federal help or guidance. in
// this case, Minnesota is getting its innovative character back...

$1 billion upgrade for 3 power plants

	'A nearly $1 billion plan for Xcel Energy Inc. to upgrade three old  
coal-fired electrical power plants in the Twin Cities area has gained  
broad support from environmental, business and government groups,  
clearing the way for the biggest air-emissions cleanup in Minnesota  
history, Gov. Tim Pawlenty said Thursday.' .. 'The average Xcel  
residential electricity user will pay $3.50 a month more by 2010 to  
finance what Pawlenty called "a massive investment in our environmental  
and energy future."'

sensors // links to wide range of information...

Blaster and the August 14th Blackout // by Bruce Schneier, Cryto-Gram

	'This is where I think Blaster may have been involved.  The report  
gives a specific timeline for the failures.  At 14:14 EDT, the "alarm  
and logging software" at FirstEnergy's control room failed.  This alarm  
software "provided audible and visual indications when a significant  
piece of equipment changed from an acceptable to problematic  
condition."  Of course, no one knew that it failed.' .. 'Six minutes  
later, "several" remote control consoles failed.  At 14:41, the primary  
server computer that hosted the alarm function failed.  Its functions  
were passed to a backup computer, which failed at 14:54.' .. 'Doesn't  
this sound like a computer worm wending its way through FirstEnergy's  
operational computers?'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Toward a Brain-Internet Link // .....what?!?  (~i wanna be a bot~)
Direct neural control of complex machines is a long-term U.S.
military goal. DARPA has a brain-machine interface program aimed
at creating next-generation wireless interfaces between neural
systems and, initially, prosthetics and other biomedical devices.

	'I realized that what I really want is an implant in my head, directly  
coupled into my brain, providing a wireless Internet connection.' ..  
'In my line of work, an effective brain-computer interface is a  
perennial vision. But I'm starting to think that by 2020, we might  
actually have wireless Internet interfaces that ordinary people will  
feel comfortable having implanted in their heads -- just as ordinary  
people are today comfortable with going to the mall to have laser eye  
surgery.' .. 'All the signs -- early experimental successes, societal  
demand for improved health care, and military research thrusts -- point  
in that direction.' .. 'Remote- controlled rats are perhaps the most  
stunning evidence of this trend...' ... 'Why am I confident that  
brain-Internet interfaces will become a reality? Because it's not  
really such a vast leap from here to a thought-activated Google search.'

[and]  IBVA Technologies, Inc. // ?

[and] Brainfingers™
Brain Actuated Technologies, Inc.
Makers of Cyberlink™
Alternative Human-Computer Interfaces

Center's Design Tries To Aid Autism Battle // EM-related design...

	'The building, called the MIND Institute (short for Medical  
Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders), is the first facility  
of its kind with a new model for fighting disease: mixing clinical and  
research spaces in the same complex.' ... 'An expert colorist whose own  
child has autism, was brought in to develop a soothing palette. Earth  
tones and soft hues dominate the walls and carpets. Drawings and  
paintings by artists with autism dot the hallways. Fluorescent lights  
that set autistic kids on edge were avoided and replaced with ones that  
flicker less. Woodwork is curved to avoid sharp edges. Low reception  
desks let kids see who their parents are talking to. Acoustical tiles  
keep the volume level to a whisper.'

// could not locate the image online that was in today's paper of
// a miniature MRI machine that fits around the human wrist...

Electrical Stimulation In Patients With Paralysis
And Spinal Cord Injury

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

[see Cheney v. U.S. District Court, D.C., 03-475]

Scientists Decode DNA Of Bacterium That Cleans Up Uranium Contamination  
And Generates Electricity // are humans batteries?

	'Geobacter reduces metal ions in a chemical process during which  
electrons are added to the ions. As a result, the metals become less  
soluble in water and precipitate into solids, which are more easily  
removed. Small charges of electricity are also created through the  
reduction process. Geobacter is also of interest to the Department of  
Energy because of its potential to create an electrical current in a  

// difficult to comment on this. it's even received awards.
// maybe the meaning is missed, or it is actually what it is...

Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics

	'It is a little known fact, that Ms Spears is an expert in  
semiconductor physics. Not content with just singing and acting, in the  
following pages, she will guide you in the fundamentals of the vital  
laser components that have made it possible to hear her super music in  
a digital format.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

E-mail 'Cluster Bombs' A Disaster Waiting To Happen,
Computer Scientists Say

	'One or two automated messages would hardly overload an e-mail inbox.  
But Menczer, associate professor of informatics and computer science,  
said special software called agents, web-crawlers and scripts can be  
used by the bomber to fill in thousands of forms almost simultaneously,  
resulting in a "cluster bomb" of unwanted automatic reply e-mail  
messages to the victim. The attack can also target a victim's cell  
phone with a sudden, large volume of SMS (short message service)  

Bug devices track officials at summit // rfID'd...

	'RFID chips track a person's movement in "real time." U.S. groups have  
called for a voluntary moratorium on using the chips in consumer items  
until the technology and its effects on privacy and civil liberties are  
addressed.' ... 'The lack of security procedures violates the Swiss  
Federal Law on Data Protection of June 1992, the European Union Data  
Protection Directive, and United Nations' guidelines concerning  
computerized personal-data files adopted by the General Assembly in  
1990, the researchers said.'

GPS Spoofing Countermeasures // via TSCM-L...

	'... GPS receivers are generally aware of when blocking or jamming is  
occurring because they have a loss of signal. Spoofing, however, is a  
surreptitious attack. Currently, no countermeasures are in use for  
detecting spoofing attacks. We believe, however, that it is possible to  
implement simple, low-cost countermeasures that can be retrofitted onto  
existing GPS receivers. This would, at the very least, greatly  
complicate spoofing attacks.'

Wireless Hacks // book review...

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Bush's Energy Policy Lives Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

	'The Interior Department will determine how much gas can be extracted,  
sold and sent to homes and businesses on the West Coast, and how  
quickly. "It's a fantastic challenge," Ms. Mecham said. "We have  
world-class oil and gas resources, world-class wildlife resources and  
world-class scenic resources."' ... 'The conflicts between energy  
interests and those of wildlife advocates like Linda F. Baker of the  
Upper Green River Valley Coalition are sharp. But the two sides try to  
acknowledge each other's concerns.' ... 'Ms. Baker, who said she  
understood the need to harvest some natural gas, welcomed these  
proposals as "first steps" — but said far more needed to be done to  
ensure that the wildlife and the air are unharmed.'

Natural Gas Price Soars 46 Percent // winter heating season...

	'A 46 percent surge in the price of natural gas since Thanksgiving has  
been so startling, one analyst has suggested the futures markets should  
be investigated.'

// examples of needed changes in energy planning/developments...

C&I customers show growing interest in renewable energy

	'Kinko's does it, IBM does it, even Dow Chemical does it. Across the  
nation, companies large and small are electing to get some or all of  
their energy from renewable resources, creating more marketing  
opportunities for utilities that offer some sort of green power  
program.' ... '...Current national and global events have made  
renewable energy a hot topic. Green power is a good way for a company  
to generate favorable media coverage, set itself apart from its  
competitors and build customer loyalty. People who support green power  
like to support businesses that share their concern for the  

Blackout a wake-up call to energy decision makers, think tank says

Alameda P&T gives customers renewable energy education they want

Radioactive Potassium May Be Major Heat Source In Earth's Core

	'Radioactive potassium, uranium and thorium are thought to be the  
three main sources of heat in the Earth's interior, aside from that  
generated by the formation of the planet. Together, the heat keeps the  
mantle actively churning and the core generating a protective magnetic  
field.' ... 'The Earth is thought to have formed from the collision of  
many rocky asteroids, perhaps hundreds of kilometers in diameter, in  
the early solar system. As the proto-Earth gradually bulked up,  
continuing asteroid collisions and gravitational collapse kept the  
planet molten. Heavier elements – in particular iron - would have sunk  
to the core in 10 to 100 million years' time, carrying with it other  
elements that bind to iron.' .. 'Gradually, however, the Earth would  
have cooled off and become a dead rocky globe with a cold iron ball at  
the core if not for the continued release of heat by the decay of  
radioactive elements like potassium-40, uranium-238 and thorium-232,  
which have half-lives of 1.25 billion, 4 billion and 14 billion years,  
respectively. About one in every thousand potassium atoms is  
radioactive.' .. 'The heat generated in the core turns the iron into a  
convecting dynamo that maintains a magnetic field strong enough to  
shield the planet from the solar wind. This heat leaks out into the  
mantle, causing convection in the rock that moves crustal plates and  
fuels volcanoes.' // proto-earth as a geodynamo

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

// also saw on TV about using DNA computers databases to match
// the survivors of genocide with the remains of their family...

Computers, newly opened archives reuniting Holocaust survivors

	'About 1,000 people have been found by the tracing center since it was  

Cameraphone with photo of Saddam Hussein after capture  

[and] Net delivers early news of Hussein's capture

SENIORITY - The Growing Market for Bigger Buttons // EM-design related

Can you hear me now? // unbelievable. via gizmodo.com
Horn includes hidden cell phone in end-zone celebration

Hydro-electric model of education // thanks *

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Hitachi squeezes fuel cell into PDA -- The electronics giant
is teaming up with a maker of disposable cigarette lighters
to make methanol fuel cartridges for handheld computers

Nokia to Send TV Shows to Cell Phones // via drudge. HDTV someday...

10 lowest gas prices in the Twin Cities // newspaper content...

The Measure Of Water: NASA Creates New Map For The Atmosphere

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

A survey to assess appropriate Metaphors to use for
the Visualisation of Spatial and Attribute Uncertainty,
in Spatially Referenced Data. // related to GIS data...

Physical Computing Links // great resources...

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

// homebrew RFID pick-pocketing of unencrypted exchanges? probable.

Companies test "contactless" credit cards // RFID cash or credit...

	'The card companies say the system is much faster and safer because  
the card never leaves a customer's hand.' .. '``In some instances it's  
faster than cash,'' said Betsy Foran-Owens, a MasterCard vice  
president. ``You're eliminating the fumble factor.''' ... 'While  
old-fashioned credit cards store account information on a magnetic  
stripe that has to be swiped, the contactless cards keep their data on  
chips inside the plastic.' ... 'The contactless cards have no battery  
or power. When they near a reader, they are jolted to life by the  
reader's electromagnetic waves. A small radio antenna in the cards  
instantly transmits account information to the reader.' .. 'The  
transaction then proceeds through the credit card network just as if  
the card had been swiped.'

Smart Plug May Banish Cable Clutter // HDMI vs. DVI+S-video+...

Sanyo unveils new sound-traveling handset // via NewsScan...

	'Talking on the phone even in crowded, noisy places will be made easy  
with a new handset in Japan that sends vibrations through the human  
skull to relay sound.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Could bounty hunters catch spammers? // global posse..?
New law raises the idea, but skeptics have questions

	'Armed with a tough new anti-spam law, federal agents can begin  
hitting illegal spammers with heavy fines in 2004.' .. 'That is, if  
they can catch them. Unfortunately for law enforcement officers, the  
people who send out torrents of unwanted electronic messages can be  
very elusive, hiding behind false addresses and fake names, often while  
operating overseas.'

'Scrap nuclear arms' Israel urged: The head of the United Nations  
nuclear watchdog has urged Israel to surrender its alleged nuclear  
weapons in order to further peace in the Middle East.

EM-related quote, from the article: The Empire Strikes Out

	'... without the refineries restored to full production and due to the  
tremendous fuel consumption of the occupying coalition forces, Iraq is  
now almost out of gas. Citizens have to wait up to four days in line to  
collect their ration allotment, which they then sell on the black  
market at one hundred percent markup to taxis and bus drivers who  
cannot afford to wait in queue. This has really restricted movement  
within Iraq for the average citizen.'

New weapon can shoot around corners

	'... it can be fired through an exploded doorway around the corner  
into a house, or from a hall into a room. A soldier sees the target on  
a small TV screen mounted on the barrel of the gun.' ... 'The device  
swivels at the middle, 63 degrees to the left or right, with the stock,  
trigger and the small screen at the hand-held end. The entire firing  
mechanism, fitted with a pistol that sits over a mini-camera with a  
zoom lens, is located at the front end.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Find Chips // search engine for chips, components...

Technology Grant News

IBM to move software jobs to India, China  

[and] In India, a High-Tech Outpost for U.S. Patents

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

G.P.S. Art // lots more are experimenting with GPS today...

EM-architecture related quote from: The Daniel Libeskind Scam:
How New Yorkers got stuck with a WTC plan they didn’t want

	'Childs would in fact adapt the tower design to be more feasible by  
engineering standards. Rather than create a vast hollow spire attached  
alongside an occupied building, his early renderings reportedly showed  
the spire as more of a broadcast antenna structure shooting out of the  
top of an office building. This meant the Freedom Tower would more  
closely resemble a 70-story building with a giant antenna on top,  
rather than a 115-story building that was internally hollow.' ..  
'Childs then bowed to Silverstein’s financial interests (those of radio  
broadcasters), by extending the height of the building so the antenna  
would reach at least 2,000 feet. The symbolism of 1,776 feet would be  
lost after all, and the public would be ultimately served with the  
“skyline element” they specifically decried at the Javits Center forum  
in 2002 – a spindly cosmetic spire without humanly occupiable space.'

Davide Grassi - Igor Stromajer - Brane Zorman:
Ballettikka RealVideo Internettikka
(terroballet # tactical net action)
launch: December 18th, 2003

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