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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #67

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (12/11/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

Have been working for awhile now on learning basic electronics
and wanted to share an entry-level recommendation for those
who have some basic knowledge, and want to learn programming
(variant of BASIC) and how it ties into electronics/hardware,
in an excellent educaitonal, self-learning format. will be
sharing more ideas of how one might begin learning more about
electronics, yet nothing seems to encapsulate everything in
one approach. Even this. Yet, robotics and areas where the
Parallax BasicStamp is being used are where things are coming
together, hardware/software/programming & electronics/invention,
and to consider one can learn about microcontrollers, and also
program one (to control a solderless (or soldered) breadboard)
is quite incredible as a potential for learning electronics.
This is not the only approach, yet if one is ready to jump in
this is a way to realize the potential in learning electronics...

[continued] Whats a Microcontroller? Parts Kit and Text

[and] Stamps in Class Curriculum

[and] Applied Sensors Parts and Text // data logger...

01) --top stories--

China, U.S. lead burst in oil demand; prices remain volatile

	'With China's economy expanding rapidly and a recovery simmering in  
other countries, demand for oil will increase faster than expected this  
year and in 2004, the International Energy Agency said Wednesday.' ...  
'Demand has surged this autumn in the United States and several other  
industrialized nations, while Chinese demand appears to be advancing  
"at a breakneck pace," the agency said in its monthly oil market  
report.' ... 'Chinese demand for crude jumped by 11.5 percent in  
October, though growth will slow as China becomes constrained by limits  
on its capacity to generate electricity, the agency said.' .. '"The  
pull from the Far East has taken over from the typical U.S.-centric  
focus as the key driver for the oil market," it said.' .. 'Paul  
Horsnell, head of energy research at Barclays Capital in London, agreed  
that China's thirst for oil imports has become a significant factor in  
world markets. China is a top oil importer after the United States, and  
both countries are leading the world economic recovery.' .. '"It's been  
quite a while since we've seen the Chinese and U.S. economies going on  
all cylinders," Horsnell said.'

// MICROGRIDs also known as 'distributed/decentralized' power systems.
// tie together the networks of DC local grids, AC regional grids...

Research Generates Reliable Energy Source During Outages // ***

	'Researchers from the College of Engineering have designed a system  
where a small network of local generators can reliably disconnect from  
the rest of the power supply, enabling locations where electricity is  
critical to stay in operation.' ... 'The UW-Madison technology consists  
of a microgrid, a small network of several power generators located at  
a single site. These generators, integrated into the main energy  
distribution system, encompass a wide range of power sources, including  
micro-turbines, gas internal combustion engines, fuel cells and  
photovoltaic, which generates voltage from light exposure.' .. 'When  
problems occur within the transmission lines, the generators and their  
loads (the devices each one powers) can separate from the main  
distribution system to isolate particular areas - hospital rooms or  
factory floor, for example - from the disturbance.' ... 'Besides  
sidestepping possible power outages, the microgrid system is more  
energy efficient.'

AM Radio Receiver Transistor, AM/FM Integrated Circuit chip...

Electronic Construction from A to Z : "Everything you
wanted to know about building stuff but were afraid to ask."

EDUCYPEDIA  The educational encyclopedia // electronics+...

Seeking Balance: Growth vs. Culture in Amazon // SUVs + Ecuador's oil

	'As international energy companies move into the Amazon basin to tap  
some of the last untouched oil and natural gas reserves, more and more  
natives are fighting to keep them out.' ... 'How this struggle plays  
out will determine whether Amazon resources become a critical part of  
Latin America's development and an important component of the American  
strategy to diversify energy supplies beyond the Middle East.' ..  
'Latin America already provides more oil to the United States than the  
Middle East does. Plans for new oil and gas fields are speeding ahead,  
pushed by companies from as far afield as China and including  
Occidental Petroleum of Los Angeles, Repsol-YPF of Spain, EnCana of  
Canada and Petrobras of Brazil.' ... 'That future will be increasingly  
uncertain and conflict-ridden, many oil executives concede, without  
some compromise and compensation for the Indians who live there.' // ~  
"They've accused us of being terrorists..."

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Mars Mission's Invisible Enemy: Radiation // ***.  concrete/lead+earth

	'In a new $34 million NASA laboratory here, part of Brookhaven  
National Laboratory, scientists are using subatomic particles  
accelerated to nearly the speed of light to slam into materials that  
could be used in a spaceship, and tissue samples and small animals.  
Using  tools like PET and M.R.I. scans and DNA sequencing, they hope to  
shed light on ways that radiation damages biological tissue, and what  
can be done about it.' .. 'On a trip to Mars and back, probably every  
cell in the body would be hit by an ionized particle or a proton,  
researchers say, and they have very little idea what that would do. "If  
every neuron in your brain gets hit, do you come back being a  
blithering idiot, or not?" asked Dr. Derek I. Lowenstein, the chairman  
of Brookhaven's  collider accelerator department.' ... 'A round trip to  
Mars would be of a different order of magnitude.  Brookhaven puts the  
exposure at 130,000 millirem over two and a half years. That is  
equivalent to almost 400 years of natural exposure.'

Magnetic wood blocks mobile phone signals // ***. via slate. +wi-fi

	'While normal wood is transparent to radio waves, Oka's blocks them  
because it contains fine particles of a magnetic material called  
nickel-zinc ferrite. When an electromagnetic wave hits the ferrite  
particles, the magnetic part of the wave is absorbed.' ... 'The  
wood-based shields could be used to make doors and walls for rooms or  
even entire buildings where mobile phones simply won't work...'

Electric currents to control game players' posture: study // via giz

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

// there's a lot more to this than is mentioned below...

Apple's Panther: Something Wicked This Way Comes-- Behind the
medicine-show glitz of Steve Jobs' new-product announcements,
something very bad is happening in Apple's orchard. Slowly but
quite surely, Apple has begun to demonstrate its own form
of Microsoft's "stick-'em-now-fix-it-later" philosophy.

Saving The Data Deluge For Posterity's Sake // 'digital junkyard'

	'Think it's an easy job saving all this data? One study by researchers  
at the University of California at Berkeley says the amount of  
information produced every year is equal to about 800 megabytes per  
person--that is, every person on the planet. That includes information  
stored on paper and in digital form. And it has been growing at a rate  
of about 30% every year.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

  // D.I.Y. 'security bubble' with an 800/1,900MHz crystal circuit,
  // should be feasible. plus, cellphone bugs, and magnetic wood...

Hope You Like Jamming, Too
Cell-phone jammers may soon be all over. // and, cellphones as bugs...

	'A cellular "security bubble" in London could have protected Bush from  
a very real threat: terrorists who use cell phones to detonate bombs  
from miles away, or even another country. By connecting a cell phone to  
hidden explosives, and then calling that phone, one can detonate a bomb  
(the electrical charge that activates the ringer on the cell phone  
serves as the triggering signal).' ... 'The physics of jamming a cell  
phone are actually quite simple. Cell phones operate by sending signals  
along a range of the electromagnetic spectrum reserved for their use.  
(In the United States that part typically is measured as either 800 or  
1,900 megahertz; in Europe it's usually 900 or 1,800 megahertz.) All a  
cell-phone jamming device needs to do is broadcast a signal on those  
same frequencies, and it will interfere with any devices trying to  
transmit in that range. The net effect for a hapless cell-phone user?  
The phone's screen will simply indicate that no signal is available.  
Odds are most people won't even notice that their phones are being  
jammed. They'll just assume that they're in a dead spot—and feel  

‘Eyes in the sky’ flying blind? // via cryptome.org
Experts troubled by ‘too few’ spy satellites to track terrorists

	'MANY SPY SATELLITE experts fear that the planned next-generation  
satellite system, which has encountered technical troubles and massive  
cost overruns and is now years behind schedule, will not be delivered  
before the old satellites die out.'

Nachi worm infected Diebold ATMs // also an e-voting machine vendor...

	'Though ATMs typically sit on private networks or VPNs, the most  
serious worms in the last year have demonstrated that supposedly-  
isolated networks often have undocumented  connections to the Internet,  
or can fall to a piece of malicious code inadvertently  carried beyond  
the firewall on a laptop computer.' ... '"I think of ATMs as a relative  
of SCADA systems, as those  things not really being on the Internet,  
but being on some network," says Peter Lindstrom, an analyst with Spire  

Inherent insecurity
Now that desktop PCs have put a veritable petri dish for viruses on
every desk, the only sure-fire answer is to remove the nutrients.

	'The nutrients are program code on the client machines. All  
applications should be executed on secure servers and merely have their  
user interfaces displayed on the desktops. That would leave nothing for  
viruses to attack on the desktop, which makes them less destructive to  
users and far less able to propagate.' ... 'How the thin-client  
approach will play out in practice is still unclear.'


	'An international group of independent researchers attending the Word  
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) has revealed important  
technical and legal flaws, relating to data protection and privacy, in  
the security system used to control access to the UN Summit. The system  
not only fails to guarantee the promised high levels of security but  
also introduces the very real possibility of constant surveillance of  
the representatives of the civil society.'


05-- electromagnetic power & energy

// not qualified to comment on this in any knowledgable way,
// except to say that the Michelson-Morley experiment has always
// seemed overly simple for the conclusions made (no aether)...
// thus, linking to this theory, as it focuses on this experiment...

Unified Field Theory by Prof. A. Zielinski

// light emitting diodes, LED chips, dice, and color standards...
// see especially: LED Numeric and Alphanumeric Display Construction
// see great graphics of the 5x7 matrix display, which seems to be
// replacing the 16 segment, wonderful graphic url'd below. multiplex!

LEDs Are Still Popular (and Improving) After All These Years:
This article discusses a 35-year-old display technology that
itself has rapidly changed — the LED. This overview covers
the origins of LEDs, the traditional applications, and how
improvements in the technology have stimulated new applications.

	'The Commission Internationale de l' Eclairage (CIE) formalized  
standards for the measurement of light, and the response of the human  
eye or "standard observer", back in the 1930s. These standards  
characterized the variation in eye response over the entire visible  
range under a variety of lighting conditions, such as daylight and  
night. The CIE also defined the primary colors (Table 1).'

			'Table 1. CIE Definition of Colors'
			Color Name		Wavelength
			Red 				700nm
			Green			546.1nm
			Blue 			435.8nm
	'LEDs are processed in wafer form similar to silicon integrated  
circuits, and broken out into dice. Chip size for visible signal LEDs  
generally fall in the range 0.18mm square to 0.36mm square (Figure 3).  
InfraRed (IR) LEDs can be larger to handle peak powers, and LEDs for  
lighting are larger again.'

[specifically] Figure 6. 7-segment, 14-segment,
16-segment, and  5 x 7 matrix digit types
Basic Electronics, Part 2: Elements of AC Electricity

	'You are now viewing the complete, general subject outline for      
SweetHaven's Elements of AC Electricity (ACEE), Part 2. Modules that  
are underlined are currently available, free of charge, for your use.'

The Unusual Diode FAQ - v3.2  

How to Hold Moonbeam in Your Hand  // controlling/stopping light...

Earth Radiation Belts Spectacular Following Halloween Solar Storm

	'"We have been observing the Van Allen Belts for over 11 years with  
the SAMPEX spacecraft," said Baker. "We have never seen such a powerful  
enhancement and distortion of the radiation belts during the lifetime  
of SAMPEX. Baker noted that the center of the outer Van Allen belt is  
usually about 12,000 miles to 16,000 miles away from Earth's surface,  
as measured above the equatorial region of the Earth.' ... 'During the  
Halloween storm, the Van Allen radiation was greatly increased and  
pushed inward toward Earth's surface to an unusually close degree.  
"From Nov. 1 to Nov.10, the outer belt had its center only about 6,000  
miles from Earth's equatorial surface," he said. "This is a place where  
ordinarily there are almost no energetic electrons at all."'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Study: Television violence on the rise // .US

Kofi Annan: Keep Media Free!

	'Participants plan to hand Annan a document calling on information  
summit participants to remember that "communications technology is not  
an end in itself -- it is a vehicle for the provision of information  
and content."' .. 'The broadcasters asserted that "the future is not  
only on line," but radio and TV will remain dominant means of mass  
communication in many poor countries for decades.' .. 'They said policy  
makers should not forget them, nor their viewers and listeners, in the  
rush to the Internet. They also note that freedom of expression should  
be protected.' .. 'Annan said he was aware of their concerns.' .. '"All  
over the developing world, as antennas and satellite dishes sprout  
across the landscape -- some of them placed there in defiance of the  
authorities -- we can see the immense thirst for connection," he said.  
"Let us show we are listening."'

Mafia muscles in on spam and viruses // speculation.

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication


What is the Xtal Set Society? : Started in 1991, the Xtal Set Society  
is dedicated to building and experimenting with radio electronics,  
often--but not always--through the use of the crystal set, the basis  
for most modern day radio apparatus.

How EZ-D DVDs Work

Google News Map

[and] GAP - the Global Attention Profiles project // like weather map

RFID kits...

Nanoguitar May Fine-Tune Telecom // NEMs = nanoelectromechanical
Cell phones and other wireless devices usually use quartz crystal
oscillations to generate the carrier wave on which they transmit or
tune into an incoming signal. A tiny vibrating nanorod could do
the same job in far less space, drawing only milliwatts of power.

	'Researchers can tune nano-oscillations to a very narrow range of  
frequencies -- an electronics property called "high Q" -- making  
nanostrings useful as filters to separate signals of different  
frequencies.' ... 'Devices shaped like harps, xylophones, guitars,  
violins or drums make great tools for Craighead's research group when  
they study resonance and vibration.' .. 'The guitar shape was "an  
artistic expression by the engineering students," Craighead told  
NewsFactor.' .. 'The ability to make tiny strings vibrate at very high  
frequencies offers many potential applications in electronics,  
Craighead added.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Manhattan Style Construction Tips and Techniques // IC Socket Mounting

MacBrick // see this for how computers could be mixed with sensors...

Circuits in the Circuits Archive

Learn Electronics Circuit Analysis Puzzle Pages

Student finds largest known prime number

	'Shafer ran an ordinary Dell computer in his office for 19 days until  
Nov. 17, when he glanced at the screen and saw "New Mersenne prime  

Java Applets on Physics // Oscillations and Waves, Electrodynamics

// 'official' or standardized time, today, is based on the accuracy
// of the scale of the atom, versus the sun, reflecting new 'order'...

EM-QUOTE from Daylight-deprived? Look with hope to the setting sun

	'The "equation of time" is the name scientists have given to the  
difference between the clock's noon and solar noon. The spread can be  
as much as 16 minutes during some parts of the year.' .. 'The elaborate  
equation helps explain why the sunsets seem -- on our clocks, at least  
-- to turn around before the solstice. We have, over the centuries,  
developed clocks that are more regular than the sun. If we tried to  
live by true solar time, we could be frustrated in trying to catch a  
plane or meet a friend for lunch.' ... 'Over the centuries, our passion  
for order has driven us to adapt to our irregular relationship with the  
sun. We adopted leap year to adjust for the fact that the Earth  
revolves around the sun in 365.2422 days. We gave up sundials in favor  
of clocks that run at a steady "mean" solar time, not the true, more  
erratic, time.' .. '"As long as you live by the clock, you have order,"  
said Robert Gehrz, another astronomy professor at the University of  

[and, image...] first successful photograph of the analemma.

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

SchmartBOARD - Electronic Circuit Building Blocks // modular PCBs

Chinese make spray on electronic ink for e-papers // via gizmodo.com

NEC develops world's smallest transistor: report

Logiblocs give you the capability to make your own control systems  
using the electronic building blocks without knowing anything about  
electronics. All you need to do is follow the simple step by step  
instructions, switch-on and go. // EM educational tools/toys...


Researchers Manipulate Tiny, Floating Droplets On A Chip:
In an innovative study, researchers at North Carolina State University  
have designed a way to control the movement of microscopic droplets of  
liquid freely floating across centimeter-sized chips packed with  
electrodes. The discovery allows the performance of new types of  
chemical experiments on the microscale.

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

High Payments to Halliburton for Fuel in Iraq // .kw>.iq, .05>$2.64
	'"I have never seen anything like this in my life," said Phil  
Verleger, a California oil economist and the president of the  
consulting firm PK Verleger LLC. "That's a monopoly premium — that's  
the only term to describe it. Every logistical firm or oil subsidiary  
in the United States and Europe would salivate to have that sort of  

U.S. rejects North Korean nuke offer

	'``The goal is to dismantle a nuclear weapons program in a verifiable  
and irreversible way,'' Bush said. ``That is the clear message we are  
sending to the North Koreans.'''

Carnegie Mellon's Red Team to Compete in
$1 Million Desert Race for Robots // via gizmodo.com

Anthrax Powder: State of the Art? // 'charged questions'. nanatech?

	'There is no debating that the Senate powder was exceptionally pure  
and highly concentrated. Nor is there any doubt that it contained the  
Ames strain, one of the most virulent strains discovered. But what made  
it truly remarkable, according to biodefense specialists, was its  
conversion into a cutting-edge aerosol.' .. 'That transformation had as  
much to do with chemistry and physics as with microbiology. Anthrax  
spores cling to one another if they get too close; sticky chains of  
proteins and sugar molecules on their surfaces latch onto each other,  
drawn by van der Waals forces that operate at a distance of a few tens  
of angstroms. Untreated spores clump into larger particles that are too  
heavy to stay airborne or reach the narrowest passages in the lung.' ..  
'In a separate research arena, pharmaceutical scientists in the 1990s  
began experimenting with adding electrostatic charges to small  
particles in medicinal powders designed for inhalation. Adding a like  
charge of sufficient strength creates an electrostatic field of up to a  
few centimeters, which makes particles repel one another, creating an  
"energetic" or self-dispersing powder.'' ... 'The Senate anthrax spores  
carried like electrical charges, and some experts believe that they  
were added deliberately to aid dispersal.' ... '[Alibek's] theory  
raises a question: Why would only the Senate powder acquire a charge  
from the sorting machines?'

Dirty Bomb Warheads Disappear // via cursor...
Stocks of Soviet-Era Arms  For Sale on Black Market

	'"For terrorists, this is the best market you could imagine: cheap,  
efficient and forgotten by the whole world," said Vladimir Orlov,  
founding director of the Center for Policy Studies in Moscow, a  group   
that studies proliferation issues.' .. 'Why the Alazan warheads were  
made is unknown. The urgent question -- where are they now? -- is a  
matter of grave concern to terrorism and nonproliferation experts who  
know the damage such devices could do. A dirty bomb is not a nuclear  
device but a weapon that uses conventional explosives to disperse  
radioactive materials, which could cause widespread disruption and  
expose people to dangerous radiation. Unlike other kinds of dirty  
bombs, this one would come with its own delivery system, and an 8-mile  
range. A number of terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, have sought to  
build or buy one.'

re: Yamantau Mountain // post-nuclear war facilities? (via cursor)

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Stock Focus : A Brighter Outlook For Semiconductors

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

American Know-How Can't Prevail Nohow // film review...

	'Power Trip," Paul Devlin's superbly balanced and organized  
documentary about the politics of electricity in the former Soviet  
Republic of Georgia, offers a cautionary  reminder that the basic  
services we take for granted in the United States are often luxuries  
elsewhere. It also underscores what became painfully evident at the  
height of the Enron scandal: political power and the distribution of  
energy are intimately connected.' ... 'Faced with mounting losses, AES  
adopted a get-tough policy in which whole neighborhoods were blacked  
out until bills were paid, prompting street demonstrations...'

[and] A Documentary Records a Fierce Struggle for Power,
Electric and Otherwise

FNMOC WXMAP Global Areas (NGP, GFS): // incredible maps...

the first Radio Shack catalog // 1939 samples...

EL wire // material for EM artworkings...

EM-quote from STRANGE BUT TRUE: By the Numbers

	'Q. Could you pick up a dollar bill with a magnet?
	A. A large electromagnet would pick up a U.S. dollar...'

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