~e; optical poetics

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 9 Oct 2003 19:55:56 -0500
Cc M.L.Vanvolsem@newcastle.ac.uk

  Thanks to Johnny Golding for suggesting
  making contact with the researcher/artist
  Maarten Vanvolsem regarding visualizing
  electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Permission
  has been given to temporarily show details
  of images taken with a 'line' camera, which
  explores time and speed in a single image.
  These are part of an 'optical poetics' project
  and are quite something to see. The first of
  the two images below made me wonder if
  a spectrometer was used. And the second
  image helps one understand how the first
  is made up of lines over a period of time. I
  have never seen such a technique and it is
  curious how an event with radiation or light
  may be captured such as a sunset or even
  an eclipse, night photography, fireworks, or
  even underwater scenes. Attachments exist
  for telescopes, yet it is wondered if spectro-
  meters or other sensing devices could have
  a recording function to interface with visually.
  Thanks to Maarten for sharing these works...

  ADDICT2.jpg - 99k [temporarily online]

  09.jpg - 165k [temporarily online]

  (it is wondered what a UV filter on a line camera
  would be like, or an infrared filter, seeing heat).


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