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Subject: AEI Newsletter #108, 10/6/03

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Tom Valone, president of the Integrity Research Institute, has done it 
again by presenting the
first Tesla Energy Conference & Exposition on November 8-9, 2003, in 
the Washington DC
Metro Area. Mr. Valone is noted for hosting well-organized and 
professionally produced
conferences and seminars. This two-day energy science exposition honors 
Nikola Tesla, a
legendary inventor and electrical engineer who performed amazing feats 
of technological
innovation. Tesla's breakthrough inventions and U.S. Patents exceed 
700, including the
poly-phase alternating current system, wireless communication and 
radio. This conference
boasts an impressive list of confirmed speakers presenting a 
fascinating array of topics. There
will be informative lectures, dramatic demonstrations (including a 
Tesla Coil demonstration),
and alternative energy exhibits. Act quickly to receive a reduced 
conference registration fee as
well as a discount on your hotel room reservation. The conference is 
being held on a 3-day
weekend (Veterans Day). Spend the extra time exploring Washington, DC.
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Boeing Airlines' top-secret anti-gravity propulsion engine research 
project is back in the news
again. CNN's September article "New Technology from 'Black World' " 
comments on energy
and propulsion technology programs being funded by military and private 
corporations. The
mention of Boeing's work on a revolutionary anti-gravity engine is 
actually just a glimpse into
the world of so-called "black technology" being secretly funded by the 
U.S. government.
Obtaining information about today's black technology applications is 
virtually impossible. In
official circles, a black program may be classed as "deniable", which 
means people can refute
that the government is developing or knows about its existence. 
"GRASP," or Gravity Research
for Advanced Space Propulsion, was only recently reported in Jane's 
Defence Weekly, but the
U.S. military may have had the technology for years. That would explain 
the frequent sightings
of mysterious aircraft that have been flashing across Nevada skies 
since the 1980s.
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For all you motivated college students out there, check this out! The 
National Hydrogen
Association and the U.S. Department of Energy are pleased to announce 
the 1st Annual
University Student Hydrogen Design Contest. This is your invitation to 
participate in the design
of a next-generation hydrogen fueling station. Teams of graduate and 
undergraduate students
enrolled in North American colleges and universities for the 2003-04 
academic year are invited
to participate in this exciting new program which requires creativity 
and knowledge from a
variety of disciplines, including: design/architecture, engineering, 
economics, environmental
and physical sciences, business and others. Hydrogen has the potential 
to dramatically
reduce harmful emissions and reduce U.S. dependence on foreign energy 
sources. Here's
your chance to get onboard the hottest developing energy technology in 
the 21st century.
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The Center for Alternative Technology (CAT) is Europe's leading 
eco-center. For 25 years CAT
has been involved with the search for globally sustainable and 
ecologically sound
technologies and ways of life. From it's base in the United Kingdom, 
CAT explores and
demonstrates a wide range of alternatives, communicating to other 
people the options for them
to achieve positive change in their own lives. Through educational 
outreach programs and
seminars, they teach practical skills like building your own wind 
turbine, as well as other
residential courses in subjects such as renewable energy and 
environmental architecture. CAT
tutors all have extensive experience in their fields and some of the 
programs fulfill graduate
degree requirements. The CAT website is chock full of great information 
like educational
booklets, resource guides, factsheets and more. Check out how the folks 
in Wales are
implementing co-operative principles to achieve the best environmental 
practices. You can
make a difference!
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If you need any facts or information about the latest in wind energy 
technology, the Danish Wind
Energy Association website should be your first stop. It's loaded with 
tons of accurate info plus
an electronic Wind Energy Manual that contains formulae, data tables, a 
glossary and more.
The site includes "Wind with Miller," a linked website for schools with 
class assignments and a
teacher's guide. The target audience is 5th grade and up, but many 
students find this a great
way to learn about wind energy. You can also download a file with 
building instructions and
experiments with a paper wind turbine, complete with a gearbox. To help 
educators and
proponents expand awareness regarding beneficial wind power, the Danish 
Wind Energy
Association has even included a link that enables you to download the 
whole website to your
own computer, including calculators and the Wind with Miller site. Take 
the guided tour and
chances are you'll agree that this is probably the best wind energy 
website available on the
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