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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #32

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (6/21/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & medicine
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transportation & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic art & artifacts

00) --commentary--

Electromagnetism is in the news again, ways big and small.
For instance, issues of Iranian and North Korean nuclear
capabilities, and dual-use aspects of nuclear science for
industry and missile production. Looted uranium in Iraq
is reported as being returned, while in today's most recent
guerilla aspects, an electrical power transformer was hit
by a grenade (RPG) or something similar, causing it to
explode and take out power in 50 percent of Baghdad. The
rise in protests for democracy are being televised, around
the world, and issues of covert broadcasts being sent into
that area are of diplomatic tension. There are too many
things to account for in any given week in other realms,
yet the medical and science aspects of electromagnetism
are back with some discoveries, tying light frequencies
with body rhythms, then again with computer monitors. A
former .US Vice President is talking about starting a
cable TV company, while the first internet primary may
materialize. The aspects of business and economics are
still mulling the relation of SARs to semiconductors at
the same time as neuroeconomics is relating brain science
and economics decision making. Much too much to take in,
though all electromagnetic news and related in this way.

Have had another fortunate string of luck with the ongoing
development of the online exhibit for EM art and artifacts,
trying to gain some time using wi-fi for downloading at a
local cafe, to see EM artwork on the walls, of power poles,
and ideas, in addition to other contacts online. Have been
captivated by a series of photographs while doing archival
research for the exhibit, of Native Americans and tepees,
riding horses, while the electrification of North America
was underway, and to see this transition captured in photos
is unerasable in the mind. It was seen in a painting which,
to contact every museum for every interesting work became
impossible, yet this photo is the same as a painting in
the exhibit, so much so that the starker aspects of the
transformation through electricity and its infrastructure
becomes very stark in comparing different ways of life,
and that what is visible is, 100 years later, identical
to the poles on the street in most every city on earth.
the first photo is added as a counterpoint, for context:

Native Americans and Electrification (4)

and, the work of a very talented painter from Minneapolis...

The artwork, and in contemplating questions about it and
the past issues helps to contextualize today's rapid fire
environment, of a century of complexity buzzing about in
news like that below, and how to make sense of it, or if it
is even possibe, if not discussing it in terms and within
an accurate context in which to describe, and rationalize
how things connect. there is art, during the same time as dirty
bombs, which may help or force one to question assumptions
and maybe even experience beauty, even in troubling times.

01) --top stories--

Group Aims to Take Politics Out of Energy Policy // yes.

	"Another independent group waded into the U.S. energy debate today,  
adding another report to a growing pile of recommendations on how the  
nation should reduce its dependence on oil and chart a new energy  
future. But the Energy Future Coalition is adamant that its blueprint  
to revamp the nation's energy policy contains something that many  
others do not - broad political support." ...
	'The coalition's recommendations center on an "iron triangle" of  
issues, Wirth explained, and are designed to break through the  
"enormous inertia" that plagues efforts to revamp the U.S. energy  
system. .. 'These three great energy challenges, Wirth said, are  
"global oil dependence, the risk of climate change, and the need for  
modern energy to enable economic development."'
	"The report calls for upgrading of the nation's power grid, explained  
Energy Future Coalition Executive Director Reid Detchon, because it is  
"built on 1950s technology." This creaking technology costs the U.S.  
economy some $120 billion a year in power outages and interruptions,  
Detchon said, but could be transformed into a digitally controlled,  
stable and secure transmission network  for about half that total."

// uncanny. linux kernal developers are countering...
// note: Bill Gates of Microsoft once made a comparison
// between free software and communism, a new software war...

SCO cancels IBM Unix license: SCO Group on Monday said it revoked IBM's  
license to sell its version of Unix, called AIX, and   requested that a  
judge permanently block IBM's Unix business.

Will We See Gore TV?
The former Veep looks at creating a liberal alternative to conservative  
talk radio and television

	"Numerous sources in Hollywood and Washington tell TIME that Gore has  
been quietly sounding out potential financial backers for a cable  
television network that would feature "progressive" viewpoints." ... 			
	'Gore has long been interested in the nexus between politics and  
media. His 99-page senior thesis in college was titled "The Impact of  
Television on the Conduct of the Presidency, 1947-1969."'

Fears over 'lost' radioactive units-- Thousands of devices containing  
radioactive material have been lost or stolen worldwide, the auditing  
arm of the United States Congress has warned.

Cellphones Ring in Changes for Bangladeshis

	"Under a special low-priced package, it has been offering  phones to  
village women, now popularly known as phone ladies,  and changing  
lifestyles into the bargain. The phones are registered only in the name  
of women..." "The phone ladies also enjoyed a bigger say in family   
decisions, including marriage of children, Masuda said."

02-- electromagnetic health & medicine

Study: Cell Trio Accounts for Light Sense

	"The new study... found that the cell trio likely accounts for the  
entire ability of all mammals to detect light. Beyond seeing, the eyes  
also track changes in light levels to signal the body's clockwork  
adjustment of everything from sleep patterns to blood pressure."


Is There An Unexpected Price For Late Night High Tech Excitement?

	"...Newly published results suggests that performing an exciting video  
display terminal task fitted with a bright display suppresses the  
nocturnal changes in melatonin concentration and other elements of our  
biological clocks. In other words, playing an exciting video game at  
night with a bright display backlight might just be the physiological  
cause of a poor night's sleep."

Technology Elite Are Focusing Next on Human Body // TEDMED

Report by the E.P.A. Leaves Out Data on Climate Change // EM-power.

	"The editing eliminated references to many studies concluding that  
warming is at least partly caused by rising concentrations of  
smokestack and tail-pipe emissions and could threaten health and  
ecosystems." ... "Drafts of the report have been circulating for  
months, but a heavy round of rewriting and cutting by White House  
officials in late April raised protest among E.P.A. officials working  
on the report."

Bad breaks fixed fast by bone 'printer'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Sony Ericsson "dummy" phones stolen from JFK airport

You Can Patent That? [recently issued intellectual-property gems]
Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

$15 million suspected stolen in September 11 fraud

	'The machines lost the computer link with the New York Cash Exchange  
that administers bank-to-bank transactions, including automated  
withdrawals, Morgenthau explained. The exchange was unable to check the  
credit union's account balances to make sure there was enough to money  
to cover a member's ability to make withdrawals.
	'Morgenthau said the credit union decided "not to shut down its entire  
ATM operation because of the hardship it might impose on members,  
particularly those affected by the tragedy. Unfortunately, a lot of  
people took advantage."'

Smart sound meters could end noisy TV ads

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Welcome to The US HomeGuard. // a new cyberTIPs program?
The Citizen Corps that's helping keep our country safe.

	"Our citizen corps is a new kind of National Guard composed of  
ordinary citizens who serve their country working from home over any  
Internet connection. The US HomeGuard is open to adult US Citizens.  
Learn more..."

How The Soviets Are Bugging America // great overview of telephony...
When the Reagan administration sent 55 Russian 'techicians' packing  
last fall, it put only a slight dent in Russia's U.S. spy network
By Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Popular Mechanics - April 1987)

Self-destruct files to secure DVDs, CDs: If technology firms like Sony  
and Microsoft have their way, songs and movies will expire after a  
single play -- unless you pay the copyright holder their due.

'Little Brother' Could Be Watching You, Too // security K.O. privacy

	"Though law enforcement officials have to safeguard the public's  
constitutional rights, private companies and individuals can focus  
their cameras in public spaces without the same worries, says David  
Sobel of the Electronic Privacy Information Center."

Best Firewalls for Small Businesses

Survey: Financial firms prey for hackers // 39% breached in 2002.

Companies Told to Store Employee IMs : New rule says financial firms  
must hold on to chat records for three years.

GPS pet tracker

How do I know who you are?

	"If your eyes move too fast, or are damaged, forget it. If you've got  
an extra finger, forget it. And being bald could turn you invisible.  
People are the problem for the new biometrics that governments are  
under pressure to use as global security systems get tougher. James L.  
Wayman of San Jose State University, California, worries about this.  
He's a key biometrics adviser to the UK and the US - a far cry from his  
dream to play with the Beach Boys..."

Location of 911 Cell Calls Tracked // just like landline...
Alexandria First in Region to Use Positioning Technology

	"The pinpoint mapping relies on a basic concept that essentially uses  
cell phones as small beacons that transmit longitude and latitude  
coordinates. But to locate a caller, police departments must be  
equipped with the new technology, wireless service providers must have  
updated transmitting capabilities and callers themselves need  
newer-model cell phones that are able to provide the information the  
computers need to track them." ... "The FCC requires cell phone  
companies to install the infrastructure to support the new 911 systems  
as well as to sell phones that are compatible with them."

Security companies warn of devious new trojan
New threat knows as Trojan 55808 or Stumbler // passive scanning

CERT, Adobe Warn of Flaw in PDF File Readers

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

How Surge Protectors Work

Kerry Touts Security Through Energy Independence

	"The United States can no longer afford the security risks that come  
with its current oil consumption, Kerry said, and needs to revamp its  
energy policy in order to put the nation on a course toward energy  

Army criticized on Iraq oil contract

	"The Army would ignore the votes of 99 senators if it were to renege  
on plans to open competition for companies to restore Iraq's oil  
production, the Senate sponsor of competitive bidding legislation said  

Study expands commercial US wind power potential

	"About a fourth of the United States packs winds powerful enough to  
generate electricity as cheaply as natural gas or coal-fired plants,  
according to a study by Stanford University researcher"

The Undeniable Realities of the Hydrogen Economy // $  

Europe and U.S. Will Share Research on Hydrogen Fuel

	"While the European Union views the fuel cells as a way to harness  
renewable power sources like solar or wind energy, the United States is  
focusing on ways to use it along with fossil fuels and nuclear energy."

The Galactic Odd Couple : Why do giant black holes and stellar baby  
booms, two phenomena with little in common, so often go together?

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Mom accused of using stun gun // via obscurestore.com
She is charged with child abuse after authorities say she zapped her  
13-year-old daughter as punishment for using their home computer.

Why Europe still doesn't get the Internet // incredible.

	"The all-but-final proposal draft says that Internet news  
organizations, individual Web sites, moderated mailing lists and even  
Web logs (or "blogs"), must offer a "right of reply" to those who have  
been criticized by a person or organization."

Celebrities morphing into video-game stars

Democrats' Online Appeal // internet primary...

Fast forward into trouble -- Four years ago, Bhutan, the fabled  
Himalayan Shangri-la, became the last nation on earth to introduce  
television. Suddenly a culture, barely changed in centuries, was  
bombarded by 46 cable channels. And all too soon came Bhutan's first  
crime wave - murder, fraud, drug offences.

EM-Related QUOTE from Son of the Rosenbergs

	"To the moment they drew their final breaths, the couple maintained  
their innocence and pointed to a government frame-up. And then, in a  
blaze of electricity and agony, the Rosenbergs were gone."

The Robocoaster // funny commentary...

07-- electromagnetic transportation & communication

New phones combine cordless and cellular // hybrid phones...

Net traffic mirrors seasonal patterns

Unleashing the Beast in Your Coatpocket
Lurking inside your cellphone is a vastly underused computer. One  
inventive programmer figured out what to do with it.

	"A revised version of MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile, the  
standard for running sandboxed Java apps on handheld gizmos, including  
cellphones) scheduled to be released this summer allows users to allot  
more access to their phone's resources to "trusted" apps that have been  
vetted by the manufacturer or some other industry-approved authority;  
watch for the first round of train wrecks soon after its release."

Regulate the F.C.C. By WILLIAM SAFIRE
The effect of the media's march to amalgamation is too
worrisome to be left to three unelected commissioners.

Plan To Clear the Air for Police Radios Hits Snag

United to launch in-flight e-mail service in U.S. // new airmail...

War on Road Fog Lacks Easy Solution

	"Electronic speed limit signs here normally read "70 miles per hour."  
But when lasers on the side of this seven-mile stretch of Interstate 75  
sense heavy fog, the signs go blank and a police dispatcher can click a  
mouse to set them to read 50 m.p.h., or 35, or even to close gates on  
the entry ramps."

Among Film's Ghosts, Its Future // Digital Cinema Laboratory...

	"There are also big economic advantages for the studios. They stand to  
save $1 billion each year if they no longer have to produce and ship  
film prints to each of the world's 150,000 screens but instead can  
transmit them as electronic files through a high-speed data link, or  
physically deliver them on a hard disk or other storage medium." .. "At  
the multiplex, films will be stored on a drive, and an operator will  
simply issue a set of keyboard commands to a server computer to send a  
film to digital projectors in as many theaters as warranted. Splicing  
and threading huge rolls of film will be a thing of the past.".. "But  
digital projectors are much more expensive than conventional ones, and  
the computers and other equipment needed are an additional expense for  
theater owners."

FAA Commissions Safety Study of In-Air Cell Phones

Space snapper catches unusual views // amazing to consider...

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Scientists Report Hottest,
Densest Matter Ever Observed // quark-gluon plasma...

Computing's Big Shift: Flexibility in the Chips  // config.chips

	"Under this new approach, software is able, on the fly, to effectively  
redraw a chip's physical circuitry. Not only can adaptive computing  
enable a single chip to perform tasks normally requiring several, it  
can add speed while saving cost and energy when compared to today's  
conventional static chips in which circuitry is inflexible."

Atomic Trampoline May Calm Jumpy Transistors

	"Suspended over a semiconductor cavity, the tiny trampoline "bounces"  
individual electrons,..." ... '"We can reduce the two-dimensional array  
to a channel where electrons flow in only one dimension like a string,  
and finally we can tune the device to a zero-dimensional state, which  
is the so-called single-electron transistor," Blick explained. "We can  
bounce around single electrons in a very controlled way and see how  
they spread energy in the very thin membranes" of the atomic  

Researchers Spin Super-Powerful Fiber // 300ft fiber nanotube...

	"Nanotechnology researchers report the development of fibers tougher  
than steel or spider's silk with electronic properties that someday  
might turn smart-looking duds into truly "smart" clothes.
	The fibers' electronic characteristics could allow them to act as  
batteries and sensors in clothing, says Ray Baughman, who led a team of  
researchers from the University of Texas-Dallas."

New Microchip Sniffs Out Dangerous Fumes // e-nose.

Nanotube chip could hold 10 gigabits // Nano-RAM/NRAM

Tiny computers will bend to browse

New Way To Make Realistic Shadows For Computer Images, Animation

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

The camera phone quietly wins fans // via gizmodo.net

	"...many [wireless] services are discovering a surprising new segment  
they hadn't anticipated: business people and professionals who are  
taking advantage of the phone's ability to take digital snapshots and  
quickly share them with colleagues and customers."

'Nano' Suddenly a Gigantic Label  // competitive branding...

Hobbyist Wins a Patent for PC's // dual PC via OS switch

	'"The big advantage of the patent is that any new virus will not pass  
into the main computer system," Mr. Policard said last week.'

MESSAGE ON A BOTTLE // the future. via gizmodo.net

	"The mini TV screen is designed to show a short film sequence about  
where the wine was grown, how it was bottled, taste notes and what food  
it suits. .. "The bottle also has a temperature control device in the  
neck and is meant to be light and easy to transport."

TI Claims Bluetooth-Wi-Fi Breakthrough

// the PDA below, with keyboard, is basically what is proposed would
// be a decent option for school computing rather than full laptops.
// plus, it has wi-fi built in and external storage via flash cards.
// between PDAs and Tablet form-factors with the same functionality,
// it would be ideal for a everyday system (though not development).
// the PSION already has done this, earlier, but with a decent-sized
// expandable keyboard, pen input for drawing and data input, then
// add an integrated GPS-chip for location-based services, then most
// could have satellite systems using broadband and secure e-commerce.

Mobilemag.com > Samsung Nexio S160 5" PDA Reviewed // via gizmodo.net

HEADLINE: DVD rentals overtake videos for first time

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Hatch Takes Aim at Illegal Downloading // anti-luddite luddite...
	"The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Tuesday he favors  
developing new technology to remotely destroy the computers of people  
who illegally download music from the Internet."

[and, in related news] Orrin Hatch: Software Pirate? // hah.

Iran 'jams' US-based satellite channels after clashes

	"Iran's cleric-run government has declared war on satellite television  
and allegedly begun jamming American-based channels, blaming them for  
inciting the wave of student-led protests which have brought bloody  
clashes to Teheran's streets."

Rocket attack claimed by Islamic militants damages Future TV building

	"Future TV is widely watched in the Arab world, especially in the Gulf  
region where residents particularly tune in to its entertainment and  
call-in shows."

Army Awards Contract for New Uniform
General Dynamics Wins Bid for Wired Outfits // thanks *

Test of Missile System Misses Target

Two charged over China 'balloon plot' // EM-quote

	"Xinhua said that the group had planned to explode the balloons by  
remote control, in order to scatter thousands of pro-democracy  
leaflets. ...The Chinese Government has accused them of terrorism."

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Report: U.S. tech exports fall
Exports of U.S. tech goods fell precipitously during the past two  
years, according to a report released Thursday.

Sun Microsystems Deep in Identity Crisis

U.S. calls for GSM on Iraq airwaves
The U.S.-led administration ruling Iraq has issued a tender for a  
nationwide GSM cell phone network, which would give companies access to  
one of the biggest mobile markets in the Arab world.

	"The U.S. Army now uses a 10,000-line GSM network built by MCI to  
communicate in Baghdad. MCI is the new name for bankrupt U.S. company  

Is Tech Really a Victim of SARS?
Many companies are blaming the deadly virus for their less-
than-anticipated results. Some analysts see it differently

	"[S]ince the disease showed up last winter, many tech companies appear  
to have begun blaming it for problems that were really caused by poor  
product design, inept marketing, and overoptimistic forecasts, analysts  

Brain Experts Now Follow the Money // neuroeconomics...

	"[R]esearchers are busy scanning the brains of people as they make  
economic decisions, barter, compete, cooperate, defect, punish, engage  
in auctions, gamble and calculate their next economic moves. Based on  
their understanding of how fluctuations in neurons and brain chemicals  
drive those behaviors, the neuroscientists are expressing their  
findings in differential equations and other mathematical language  
beloved by economists."

E-merchants Turn Fraud-busters : Web retailers are teaming up to fight  
online credit card fraud and take back the e-neighborhood.

Personalization May Squash Internet Rumors // interesting.

Chip gear orders drop a notch

RFID Takes Stock of Supply Chain -- With the ability to update  
information, simultaneously read and identify multiple tags, and  
operate in a variety of harsh conditions, the EPC system is ideal for  
tracking products, boxes and pallets in near real-time.

	"An Electronic Product Code (EPC) identifies the object, and all data  
related to the object (product, case, pallet) is stored on servers on  
the Internet. The EPC system automatically links the EPC with the  
correct database, and manufacturers and retailers can consult, manage  
and change that data if they have the right privileges."

12-- electromagnetic art & artifacts

Electric Science festival // e-music? by way of lab-au.com

CALL: ALTERNE (Alternative Realities in Networked Environments)

The Electric Polka (1864) historic sheet music // graphics

E-Mail Mob Takes Manhattan // performance as a new cybersport.

	"The crowd of people was participating in the Mob Project, an  
e-mail-driven experiment in organizing groups of people who suddenly  
materialize in public places, interact with others according to a loose  
script and then dissipate just as suddenly as they appeared."

Ultimate Machines for Serious Gamers // like modified/custom cars..

// similar work with steel I and H beams used for measurements
// and building telecom have been explored years prior...

Smart Bricks, or a Dumb Idea?

	"The brick can be laid into a wall like any other, but the prototype  
comes with a thermistor to track temperature changes and a two-axis  
accelerometer and multiplexer to measure vibration and movement. Data  
is transmitted to a desktop PC using an internal antenna, and future  
models may include an inductive coil to recharge the brick's battery.  
Sensors deployed throughout a building, encased in bricks, would  
provide a holistic, real-time picture of the strength of a building."

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