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Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 00:02:39 -0500

  [for those interested, here are URLs from the CIA World
  Factbook which demonstrate how electromagnetism is
  used as an 'indicator' of sorts, relating different cultures
  into a common, electromagnetic one (with disparities yet
  a similar EM infrastructure of power, media, & technology).
  I forgot to include 'manufacturing' yet there is probably an
  indicator for types such as high-tech, electronics, etc, which
  would also apply. (there is an URL at the very bottom of the
  page where one can find these 'field listings' if interested in
  other indicators sorted by country). ideally, some day such
  data would be related in many forms, where say TV stations
  and forms of government could be juxtaposed, or linking the
  exporting and importing of energy with geopolitical alliances.
  this is, it is proposed, basic literacy information that someday
  may be necessary to grok the complexity of the interrelated
  world through media, the internet, power, energy, maybe it
  is a different type of geographical knowledge. if it were to be
  graphical, and navigable through the interconnections that
  are between different indicators/fields, it provides a strong
  model to build basic hypotheses about electromagnetism
  (and electrification) in relation to world development. for
  example, a 'guesstimate' (US slang for guess-estimate) to
  get a statistic for how many 'wooden electric poles' there
  are in the world is possibly impossible, even estimating.
  there may be 10-100 billion in the USA alone, there may
  be a trillion or more electrical distribution poles worldwide.
  how many TV sets, it is wondered, if including all those that
  preceded the ones now plugged in, and in the waste cycle,
  and their toxic effects? issues like this are hard to grapple
  with, for everyday citizens, without basic info such as below,
  and then, there is so much beyond this that needs to also
  be considered (such as with power, importing and exporting,
  choices of hydro due to natural resources or nuclear, say).
  it is this type of information resource that is valuable in terms
  of raising public awareness of electromagnetism, as it is
  evidence of the role it has in establishing a shared world.]

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by Country

Internet users by Country

Telephones - Mobile Cellular by Country

Telephones - Main Lines in Use by Country

Telephone System by Country

Televisions by Country

Television Broadcast Stations by Country

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Radio Broadcast Stations by Country

Electricity Consumption by Country

Electricity Production by Country

Electricity Production by Source, by Country

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