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>  the work of Norm White:
> http://www.normill.ca/artpage.html

Norm the Artist, Oughtist, and Ne'er-do-well

Here are my central art-beliefs:

1. Art should concern itself as much with behavior as it does with 

2. Some of the best art happens when behavior and appearance are 
completely at odds with each other.

3. Economy of means is a critical part of aesthetics.

4. Art functions best, and is most needed, outside of galleries and 

Curriculum vitae

Short Autobiography and Credo

Here's some of the stuff I've done over the years (Click on the 
thumbnail for a bigger picture):

"Four-Letter Word Generator (1974). This work harkens back conceptually 
to my 1966 random-number generator, with 4-letter words replacing the 
single digit readout. Although technically more sophisticated, it is 
strategically less complex, depending simply upon a few out-of-sync 
oscillators for its choice of the next word. All the words chosen are 
pronounceable, although not of any particular language. Materials: 
Plexiglas, neon alphanumeric readout tubes, and custom electronics. 
Owned by Hans Redmann, Berlin, Germany"


"Departure (1977). A moving re-enactment of the famous Michaelangelo 
painting. The viewer puts pennies into a slot, whereupon black curtains 
open revealing Adam's arm resting on a lush field of Viridian green. A 
light goes on offstage right, and Adam's arm reaches up toward it. Then 
God's arm swings down and **ZAP** , a 1 cm. spark jumps from finger tip 
to finger tip!! Finally a light goes on offstage left as the curtains 
close. All for seven cents. Materials: wood, oil-paint, motors, 
textiles, custom electronics. Owned by Medtronic, an artificial 
pacemaker manufacturing company in Minneapolis, Minnesota."


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