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EUROPA - News on Euopean H2 developments // thanks *

	"Preliminary draft report from the HighLevel Group now available for 
comment. In October 2002, the High Level Group (HLG) on Hydrogen and 
Fuel Cells was launched and given the task of formulating an integrated 
EU vision of the possible role that hydrogen and fuel cells could play 
in achieving a sustainable energy system. A preliminary draft of the 
vision document [PDF  644 kb] has now been released by the HLG to 
provide an opportunity for the wider research community and other 
interested stakeholders to give their comments. In the meantime, the 
Group will continue to work on the document with a view to producing a 
finalised version by the end of April 2003. If you are interested in 
contributing your views on this draft vision document, we would request 
that you do so in a structured format, using the template that can be 
downloaded here: Template for comments [MS Word  57 kb] Template for 
comments [PDF  12 kb]."
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