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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #23

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (4/18/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & medicine
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transportation & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic art & artifacts

00) --commentary--

	4.15.03 Paraphrase of US public TV newshour of Iraqi citizens, when
asked what they thought of current events:  ~We have no electricity,
we have no TV news -- no radio news... we have no batteries.~

[THOUGHT: The canceling of the DARPA open-source project over
constitutional rights, versus the Energy Task Force where there
is active stonewalling about who was on board, is interesting
to compare/contrast. It makes one wonder if Enron and others were
appointed as special 'government-officials', thereby not needing
to be reviewed as private contributors, and thus it would not be
misleading to say that 'only government officials' participated,
such as, say, Ken Lay of Enron, and other interesting members.
That would be a huge scandal if true. But who really knows, as
there has been an unusual level of secrecy about that critical
issue-- vital to security through protection of the Critical
Infrastructure, environmental policy, energy efficiency, child
education about science and technology, and many more things
that would help transform the present into a better future. If
corruption and collusion got in the way, no security would be
possible, nor would changes in the way systems now operate.]

01) --top stories--

Judges question Bush administration's attempt to block lawsuit against  
// .US Energy Task Force lawsuit appeal under review...

	"The Bush administration says it has demonstrated that the makeup of  
the Cheney task force was limited to government officials."

// compare and contrast the below, with above EM policy  

DARPA cancels open-source software project after anti-war comments

	"The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency halted the  
contract less than two weeks after The Globe and Mail of Toronto  
published a story in which programmer Theo de Raadt was quoted as  
saying he was "uncomfortable" about the funding source."

// FFV, LNG, Biotechnology, Fischer-Tropf, Hybrids, Iraq +

Woolsey On Alternative Fuels p.1 [from EnergyAg Newsbriefs April 2003]
James Woolsey has been in and out of American government most of his  
life. His last stint was from 1993 to 1995 as the Director of the CIA.

	"He pointed out that as a result of the OPEC oil embargoes of the  
1970s, the US generates little of its electric power from oil. Today,  
virtually all oil we use -- on the order of about 95% -- is in the  
transportation sector."

Woolsey On Alternative Fuels - Part 2 // remarkable.

	"...the nation could eventually replace two-thirds of its current oil  
consumption, most of which is used in transportation, with a  
combination of biomass fuels and hybrid-electric vehicle systems."

The dreamcatcher // REM state, and processing reality, emotions...

	"...depressed people do so much worrying and feel so stuck that the  
ruminations cause an overload of dreaming which uses up a lot of energy  
in the brain. Which is why they wake up exhausted, unable to focus  
their mind outwards and motivate themselves."
	"Our culture doesn't really have a handle on emotions. An emotion is  
simply a box in which the brain initially codes incoming perception. So  
it is put into the anger box, the anxiety box, the sadness box. Our  
culture started to treat emotions as though they were something sacred  
and the most significant aspect of a human being, rather than seeing  
them as this rather primitive classification system that usually needs  
further refinement. That is the job of the higher cortex, which can  
fill in the thousand shades of grey that often exist between the black  
and white of emotional reasoning."

02-- electromagnetic health & medicine

// DU duststorms in .iq mentioned in detail on-list on 3/25/2003,
// to quote: "And on rare occasions, wind or human activity may
// raise DU-laden dust that local people [& troops] could inhale."
// also, the concept sounds similar to that of dark energy and the
// theory of an infinitely expanding universe, where very small
// amounts of energy, added up over the entire universe, counter-
// act the more local/immediate/concentrated force of gravity, as
// a corrolary to that of low-levels of radiation on human beings.

Depleted uranium casts shadow over peace in Iraq

	"Given its low radioactivity and our current understanding of  
radiobiology, DU cannot trigger such health effects, the British and  
American governments maintain.

	"But what if they are wrong? Though DU is 40 per cent less radioactive  
than natural uranium, Miller believes that its radiological and toxic  
effects might combine in subtle, unforeseen ways, making it more  
carcinogenic than thought. It's a controversial theory, but one for  
which Miller has increasing evidence." .. "Miller points to another  
reason to be concerned about DU: the so-called "bystander effect".  
There is a growing consensus among scientists that radiation damages  
more than just the cells it directly hits."

Research Shows Hazards in Tiny Particles // etcgroup.org

	"A new review of research on nanoscale materials suggests that tiny  
particles are often toxic because of their size and are likely to pose  
health hazards, especially to workers making them."

Mobile Carrier Launches SARS Location Service // via gizmodo.net

X-ray Proofing // Demron "radiation couture"...
To save himself, a physician enters the rag trade

	"After eight years of collaborative research, the physician-  
entrepreneur has developed a unique polymer composite-based fabric he  
calls Demron. It not only blocks x-rays and nuclear emissions (gamma  
rays, alpha particles and beta particles) as effectively as current  
standard lead-based apparel does, it is also significantly more  
flexible and wearable." ... "In addition, the new fabric seems to be  
impermeable to deadly chemical and biological warfare agents..."

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Device gives wireless zip to an old TV // mirror old TV-WiFi...

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Weapons lab rolls out new radiation detectors // via gizmodo.net...

	"The device, known as RadNet, is designed to make calls, surf the Web,  
act as a Personal Digital Assistant, pinpoint locations with Global  
Positioning System technology and sniff out nuclear materials with a  
cutting-edge sensor. It is one of several national security projects  
being worked on at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory."

Voicemail Hackers Phone It In  // ongoing developments...

	"Voicemail passwords are being transformed into all-access backstage  
passes that allow malicious hackers to exploit voicemail systems,  
racking up huge charges on their unlucky victims' phone bills."

Security Biz Thrives on Fear 

How Identity Theft Works

// very interesting situation. also, potential for virtualized
// civil disobedience. 'where cyberspace meets the real world...'

Cyberattacks with offline damage -- What's virtual is virtual, and  
what's real is real. Right? By John Schwartz The New York Times

	"Some experts have talked about hypothetical, sophisticated  
cyberattacks on real-world facilities that are connected to the  
Internet, like the power grid and dams. But the situation described by  
Rubin suggests that a far more low-technology approach could cross the  
barrier between virtual and real realms.
	"Other automated attacks could easily follow, he said in an interview,  
including automated orders for hundreds of maintenance requests,  
package pick-ups and service calls."

Lawyers see security suit-riddled future

	"The lawyers warned that privacy contracts don't necessarily protect  
companies from liability, and privacy regulations in certain countries  
could result in jail time for those who allow the unauthorized release  
of private information..."

Court blocks security conference talk

QUOTE: Prosecutors Detail Lavish Way of Life of Double Agent Suspect

	"Ms. Leung's home in San Marino, a rich suburb just east of Los  
Angeles, was equipped with built-in microphones and video cameras that  
allowed American agents to spy on her Chinese house guests."

CyberStalking Is Increasing // Via NewsScan...

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Power shortages threat to Tokyo // yikes!!!
A series of accidents has knocked confidence in nuclear power
Tokyo is facing its first blackouts in nearly two decades as the city's  
main power company on Tuesday shut down the last of its 17 nuclear  
reactors for safety checks.

[and] Japan's nuclear power industry in trouble

	"Seventeen plants will go off-line in what experts say is an  
indictment of Japan's nuclear industry. Japan's key nuclear company,  
TEPCO, has been dogged by safety concerns and revelations that it  
deliberately falsified inspection data."

Power to the Mobile People  // thanks * for the reference...

Oil's Pressure Points

	"The upshot of all this, energy experts say, is a global oil industry  
and world oil markets that are more volatile and unpredictable than  
they have been in a decade." ... "This world of uncertainty, industry  
experts say, underscores the fact that the sole oil producer that can  
dampen volatility is Saudi Arabia."

Fuel and fertility hand in hand

	"Considering food, transport, heating, entertainment and so on, the  
average North American runs at 11,000 watts."

// this is wild. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod,
// turning the tables on the wrath of a deity for house fires.
// it is still dangerous to be on the telephone during a storm
// as the spike in the electrical current can travel along the
// outdoor wires, into one's home, phone, and one's self. deadly.
// this service seems to address this via wireless automations...
// ('monthy-subscriber' services and a lot of middle-management).

Before Lightning Can Strike, a Sky Watcher Pulls the Plug

	"The company's new device has a pager that receives alerts from a  
lightning detection network. When the network pages the device that  
lightning is nearby, the device disconnects computers, televisions and  
other electronic devices and switches them to a battery backup. When  
the pager receives an all-clear from the lightning network, the device  
can restore the original connection."

// '..the peace is very much about oil.'

Oil Lubricates Foreign Press Debate About Postwar Iraq

	'In Australia The Sydney Morning Herald reported Wednesday that "since  
U.S. forces rolled into central Baghdad a week ago, one of the sole  
public buildings untouched by looters has been Iraq's massive oil  
ministry, which is under round-the-clock surveillance by troops."'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

// this URL demonstrates politics embedded in technology in various
// ways, in this case, geopolitics, and non-spec computer batteries.

Israel-made battery found in computer // Bahrain news... via Macsurfer

	'"But this raises interesting questions about how widespread it may  
be. We could have Israeli parts in our mobile phones, cameras and even  
our vehicles and not even know it."'

APPLE GETS BRUISED IN ARAB-ISRAEL FIGHT // & news the day after...

Want a job? Lose the 'wacky' e-mail

	"Job applicants who use 'wacky' e-mail addresses are far less likely  
to get the position, according to a poll of U.K. human resources  

Women need widescreen for virtual navigation

	"Female architects, designers, trainee pilots and even computer gamers  
should be given much wider computer screens, a team of computer  
scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  
and Microsoft's research lab in Redmond, Washington, told a computer  
usability conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last week. Wider  
screens and more realistic 3D animations, they say, will boost women's  
spatial orientation and 3D map-reading skills to match those of their  
male counterparts."

	"It may sound like sexual prejudice, but it seems that men's  
much-debated ability to navigate slightly better than women applies in  
virtual environments as well as the real world..."

Weather phenomenon sparks nuclear attack fears

EM-related HEADLINE & QUOTE: Shuttle Doomed at Takeoff
Telltale Heat Spike Was Recorded After Debris Strike

	"The evidence comes from an old magnetic tape recorder that is part of  
the Orbiter Experiment Support System, sources said. ...It shows an  
unusual temperature increase in a key sensor just behind the leading  
edge of the left wing near the spot where foam that fell from the  
shuttle's external fuel tank is suspected of striking the shuttle, just  
81 seconds into the flight..."

07-- electromagnetic transportation & communication

Car Makers Go Green With Hybrids  // Ford & Toyota...

D-Link DVC-1000 i2eye Videophone // broadband videophone (i4u.com)

How Telephones Work

UPS all wrapped up in wireless // via NewsScan...

	"The new UPS-developed Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD)  
has a record number of ways to wirelessly connect, ... with infrared,  
Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) and  
two cell networks: CDMA1x and GSM/GPRS."

For a participative democracy of mass media

Hybrid Telephony Leads the Way in Voice and Data // VoIP...

	"Using a hybrid, customers can protect their existing PBX investments  
while benefiting from lower call costs - the essential argument for IP  
telephony in the first place. A key cost in phone systems is that of  
handsets. Customers can see the cost benefit of hanging onto at least  
some of their existing handsets." ... "The growth of broadband will  
boost IP telephony uptake as corporate companies recognise the value of  
using IP-based telephony for remote connectivity through virtual  
private network connections."

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

A Brief History of the Multiverse // (intraverse extraverse interverse)

	"Some scientists now suspect that many traditional laws of physics  
might in fact be merely local bylaws, restricted to limited regions of  

The future's bright // OLED, FED, and TOLED displays...
A new type of display promises to be thinner, lighter and more energy  
efficient than an LCD screen. And you can view it in the sunshine.

LEDs vs. the Lightbulb -- With their longer lifetimes and higher  
efficiencies, light-emitting diodes will transform the illumination  
industry—and save billions in energy costs. By David Talbot.

Ice telescope draws useful blank
First evidence from Antarctic neutrino detector announced.

	"The device looks for high-energy neutrinos - elusive, neutrally  
charged particles with virtually no mass that almost always pass  
through the Earth intact." ... "Larger than the Eiffel Tower, the  
telescope has more than 700 light sensors that detect rare neutrino  
collisions with atoms inside Antarctic ice."

Magnetic fields blow vents cover
Roving magnetometer maps ocean ridges and faults.

	"Researchers are capitalizing on the magnetic properties of solidified  
lava to identify important volcanic structures on the ocean floor."

  // GPS... as mentioned before, what if these active and precise
  // GPS maps showing all opposing and troop formations, falls into
  // opponents control, thus compromising the levarage of using GPS?
  // also, 'the Plugger' GPS display still requires a handheld map...
  // the upcoming "Dagger" GPS will track all 12 satellites at once!

On the Ground in Iraq, the Best Compass Is in the Sky

	"The FBCB2 system displays the location of similarly equipped units in  
the area as blue icons. When any of the units spot enemy forces, they  
enter their location into the system. They are then displayed as red  
icons, and that information is relayed to other FBCB2 trackers."  
"...new [Dagger] devices will allow soldiers to see not just lines of  
coordinate numbers, but also a map that shows their location in  
relation to objects like minefields, rivers and enemy positions."

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Amazing Magnetic Fluids // magnetorheological fluids...
Astronauts onboard the International Space Station are studying strange  
fluids that might one day flow in the veins of robots and help  
buildings resist earthquakes.

Matsushita announce LCD capture device

// considering the PDA-Tablet computer divide over the past week
// this article about 'micro-tablets' has promise as a platform
// which could leverage the best of both. for example, a micro-
// tablet could make use of audio-visual data better than PDAs,
// while also allowing robust software programs for field work,
// say GPS location mapping and then wireless databases accessed
// with photos and plots and geographical contour maps, layers of
// data for building and construction trades, with ample screen
// real-estate for complex data, possibly the best 'map' platform
// ever created, if it would allow massive amounts of mapped data
// to be clearly represented at a large enough scale, versus the
// micro-screens of PDAs or the bulkiness of full-size screens,
// on laptops or tablets. Maybe the tablet is actually a smaller
// platform than the laptop, for travelling. also, since Osborne's
// passing a few weeks ago, the idea of a 'briefcase computer' has
// been contemplated, in that carrying around a laptop is basically
// the equivalent in size, weight, as an office-in-a-computer-box.
// if something was larger (more useful) than a PDA, which it may
// be that a cellphone could replace in terms of Personal Info Mgmt
// (PIM) software, then a micro-tablet would be akin to a satellite
// or travel system, except for the required office-in-a-box work.
// people could sketch on their tablets, write letters, paint or
// render with watercolors, type with travel keyboard, remotely
// download large files via wireless broadband, use Personal Area
// Networks for information and data-webs, geolocation services if
// a gps-chipset was included, compress a movie for viewing on the
// go, or even function as an HDTV via chipset or removable card.
// plus, these devices are more malleable as educational platforms
// in terms of their portability, docking, and as wi-fi terminals.
// thought there was an early model of this, maybe the 'dynabook'
// or something similar, morphed into a laptop, now reincarnating.

Manufacturers try out tiny tablets: The shape is shifting for tablet  
PCs as manufacturers test computer buyers' tolerance for offbeat  

	"HP is searching for a jack of all trades that can fill the roll of  
both PDA and notebook with the Scout, which is larger than the micro  
tablet but comes with an 8.5-inch screen, a fold-down keyboard and a  
camera. The device, which measures 7 inches by 9.5 inches, also can  
accommodate plug-in modules, for adding an extra battery or GPS (Global  
Positioning System) features."

Beyond Wi-Fi : The 5 next big things.

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

In the Dark Over Power Outage // see 'top stories' quote, above...
Mystery of Blackout's Cause Hinders Efforts to Restore Electricity

	" The Americans are convinced it was because of Iraqi sabotage. The  
Iraqis are certain it was because of U.S. bombs. Even the International  
Committee of the Red Cross, which has mounted a major humanitarian  
effort here, is not sure which side to believe."


Safeguarding GPS // GPS jamming, GPS countermeasures, INS backup...
Attempts to jam U.S. GPS-based weapons and navigation systems in Iraq  
were a reminder of just how vulnerable the technology is

	"Iraqi efforts at jamming may also have been thwarted by a novel,  
signal-boosting technology--deployed in Iraq under a shroud of  
secrecy--that overwhelmed the GPS jammers. Airborne pseudo satellites,  
nicknamed "pseudolites," installed on Global Hawk or Predator unmanned  
drones would have created a miniature GPS constellation over Iraq.  
These pseudolites would have captured the weak GPS signals from space  
and then relayed them, at substantially higher power and at closer  
range, to airborne bombs and missiles or to forces on the ground. Like  
the satellites in space, four  pseudolites would be required to plot a  
navigational solution..."

Planning for the Next Cyberwar // EM (network-centric) Warfare...

// about .US dronecrafts... 1,500mm video zoomlens sees people from
// 3 miles away in color/b&w... laser paints targets, hellfires...
// cloud-piercing radar, mapping, 10 different drone types in .IQ...
// [future miitary jobs for gamers: dogfighting via agile drones?]

In the Skies Over Iraq, Silent Observers Become Futuristic Weapons

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

How Credit Cards Work

Photo Shops Find the Bright Side of Digital Technology

	"The retailers that toughed it out still rely heavily on sales of  
double sets of prints from rolls of film. But now they can also burn  
those images on CD's, archive them on Web sites or print them on  
T-shirts or greeting cards.
	"And now, with digital developing labs and interactive Web sites, they  
have learned to turn digitally captured images into prints, CD's and  
other lucrative products."

Home Networking Poised for Takeoff

// critical to this issue is defining what is public and private,
// and what is in-between, proprietary, and public knowledge. to
// do so may require a common basis in psychology and language,
// prior to IP lawyers tangoing in an infinite discursive loop.

Will Patents Kill IT Innovation? // if-then both-and neither-nor (R)

	"Many in the tech industry are critical of the United States Patent  
and Trademark Office (USPTO) and its policies. It is certainly not hard  
to argue that some patents should never have been approved, and patent  
examiners are not even expected to have the expertise necessary to  
judge the worthiness of high-tech inventions. The question is whether  
patents are an impediment to the industry, a necessary evil or just a  
high- visibility nuisance."

Patent & Trade Secrets from the NOLO Legal Encyclopedia

Qualifying for a Patent FAQ from the NOLO Legal Encyclopedia

	"Some types of inventions will not qualify for a patent, no matter how  
interesting or important they are. For example, mathematical formulas,  
laws of nature, newly discovered substances that occur naturally in the  
world, and purely theoretical phenomena-- for instance, a scientific  
principle like superconductivity without regard to its use in the real  
world-- have long been considered unpatentable."

The end of tech history? // the likely future of Silicon Valley...

EM-HEADLINE: TV footage said to show Saddam on April 9

12-- electromagnetic art & artifacts

[this especially applies to the use of jargon and theorization in
electronics, digital, and new media and other works-- the complex
yet common electromagnetic foundation for works is often ignored:
superfluous words obfuscate potential EM artworks and artifacts.]

When Exhibitions Have More to Say Than to Show // a superb critique.

	"Call it trickle-down festivalism; it's probably coming soon to a  
museum near you. It's the phenomenon of exhibitions that, while nowhere  
near as large as shows like Documenta, nonetheless display similar  
traits: a Lazy Susan of moralizing primness, eccentric materials,  
intellectual dryness, multidisciplinary amorphousness or high-tech  
spectacle slowly revolving on a pedestal of arrested artistic  

Sound Recording by the 'Little Guys'

Classic artworks turn 3D

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