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The Electrification of the Soviet Union

A chamber opera by Nigel Osborne and Craig Raine


Based on the work of Boris Pasternak, The Electrification of the Soviet 
Union is a Dr Zhivago for opera. Personal and social turmoil combine 
for a young Russian poet: the world is poised on the brink of war and 
his search for meaning in life and love remains unfulfilled. Russia; 
1914; the beginning of the modern age - the world will never be the 
same again, but how will the individual survive with their dreams and 
beliefs intact?

Osborne and Raine's treatment of Russia's epic story draws an intimate 
portrait of ordinary lives, which facing out this time of change, have 
become extraordinary. Reminiscent of Kurt Weill at his most passionate 
and personal, this work seethes with emotion and power. The 
Electrification of the Soviet Union is a work to excite the emotions 
and exercise the mind.

Music Theatre Wales has commissioned a new chamber version of The 
Electrification of the Soviet Union, a work originally commissioned by 
the BBC for Glyndebourne.


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