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From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 00:00:19 -0600

  i thought i had an image embedded in a microscope
  movie which demonstrated this LCD pixel vs. Graphic
  pixel concept, yet i had to create a few new images
  in addition, to make a quick sketch...

  - the following uses a digital microscope placed
  against a computer LCD screen to demonstrate how
  a screen displays graphical information, versus how
  this same information is traditionally understood
  as 'pixels' in graphics and other applications....

  first, to get an overview of a icon and text on an
  LCD laptop computer screen, here's an external drive:


  and here's another...


  now if you look very closely at the images of the LCD screen,
  it appears there is a graphic grid where 1 box = 1 piece of
  color data, or a pixel.

  i was a bit wrong in my last description after thinking this
  through a bit more, but in fact there are 3 colors that make
  up each 'pixel/box' and it consists of red, green, and blue
  components in an additive process, meaning that red & blue
  could equal one color, and all colors would be white, and
  no colors would be black...

  here, at a higher magnification (i think it is 60x) is an
  example of this RGB (red/green/blue) grid on the LCD screen:


  if you first notice the dark vertical band, i first thought
  it might be a seam in the process of making the screen itself
  but exploring it for awhile i realized i was looking at an
  actual 'letter' composed of many many RGB slits, 3 colors
  making one 'box/pixel' as far as i know. though because i
  have shaky hands, it was out of the correct focal range...

  so then i tried to capture a letter to better demonstrate
  how each of these three RGBs can be manipulated to create
  colored data on the screen, seen at another scale as an icon
  or text, so here is one microscopic photo...


  this still suffers from the shakes, but i believe it is also
  showing what is part of the graphical shadow elements in the
  interface, which has a letter and its shadow in black. to the
  lower right. it is an intermediary photo showing how these
  RGB boxes are finely tuning themselves to become larger pieces...

  there, here is the photo that actually shows the result:


  it is of the letters 'k' and 's' and if you step back from
  your monitor it should be clearer and easier on the brain...
  this microphoto clearly shows the LCD screen creating the
  graphical/image screen, and how 1 graphical pixel is made
  of 3 RGB values. this is a tentative understanding, as i've
  read quite a bit about this and taken courses about this,
  and yet to see it first hand changes it a bit, as the uni-
  versal aspect of 'pixels' here is directly related to the
  resolution of the screen, and its composition (say, if its
  not an LCD monitor, then information is being conveyed the
  same way a TV shoots its information onto a glowing screen,
  an entirely different process, yet using similar principles).

  so, some information about all of this. i find it fascinating.


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