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From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 5 Dec 2002 11:46:09 -0600
Cc pen-l@openflows.org

  For those who are interested... a while back I was
  experimenting with a radio scanner and put up some
  sound samples from that exploration. At the time I
  wondered if someone could make a composition out of
  such sounds, and myself had no intention of doing so
  anytime soon. To make a medium-length story shorter,
  the chance to participate in the launch of the new
  mnartists.org website was an opportunity to pursue
  this idea further, through an electromagnetic audio-
  visual piece still called Scannerworks...

  The work consists of the original scanner sounds,
  plus about 20 archived tape recordings of lectures,
  historic speeches, tv music, in addition to effects
  such as running-through a radio dial, a unique and
  annoying sound that can demonstrate the spatiality
  of the radio spectrum. The point of all of this being
  that if one where to stand alone in an ordinary room,
  in an ordinary city, with ordinary technologies turned
  _off, not on, that the environment would still be
  totally saturated with these noises, signals, and
  sounds. And the cacophony that results would be what
  the Scannerwork attempts to convey, being able to
  listen into this streaming electromagnetic matter,
  energy, and information, at 186,000 miles/second.

  With imagery provided courtesy of Brad Brace's
  12hr ISBN project, both the audio and the video
  presentation is meant to convey this type of rapid
  multitracked consciousness, or unconscious state,
  regarding whether or not one relates to the basic
  premise that these invisible sounds even exist,
  which many may have to take on faith, unless they
  decide to turn on every device, on every channel
  of every radio, television, telephone, and realize
  that all these devices are receiving such data at
  a constant furious speed throughout the day & night.

  the work is embedded in the http://www.mnartists.org/
  webcast which is playing for the next 24 hours or so,
  and several plug-ins are required, Quicktime 6 in
  particular for the Scannerworks to be seen, and also
  a broadband internet connection.  The showing will be
  roughly around 11:25pm tonight, -6 GMT/Minnesota time,
  (which i think is in the Central Standard Time zone).

  Please take a look-see if you have a chance, and let
  me know what you think, for better and worse. Plus,
  should you not be able to make the schedule, the file
  will hopefully be archived for later viewing, and a
  backup is now online, should you be unable to see it
  as part of the main exhibit (as i'm not sure if it is
  going to be streamed full-size, which is rather large,
  or in a smaller format.) A temporary copy is online
  at http://www.electronetwork.org/exhibits/scannerworks/
  which has a BACKUP file with username and password info
  should you want to see the file on another time schedule.

  Thanks, and hope you visit & enjoy the show... brian

  Scannerworks- part of the MNARTISTs.org webcast
  -> http://www.mnartists.org/ (11.25pm CST/-6 GMT)

  Scannerworks- part of the Electronetwork.org exhibits
  -> http://www.electronetwork.org/exhibits/scannerworks/

  the backup file- 17megabytes (login: scannerworks  pass: guest)

  please forward to those who might be interested...

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