~e; call for works: EM Assemblage

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 3 Dec 2002 20:41:32 -0600

  Electronetwork.org is creating an online gallery of
  electromagnetic art & artifacts, and work is currently
  underway to present works from various vantages of art,
  science, and technology, across timespans and mediums.

  Thus far work is being collected and compiled according
  to those works, whatever they may be, that explore the
  realm of electromagnetism in a way that helps one to
  better understand or question it. Where the line between
  electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic art & artifacts
  is drawn is still an unknown. Thus, this is an experiment,
  and an open-development of sorts.

  With copyright restrictions, few if any famous artworks
  can be shown, such as Warhol's Electric Chair screen prints
  or Jasper Johns' brass lightbulb sculptures. So there is
  some difficulty is using museum work in related to other
  works, because of the restriction on educational fair-use
  of imagery for raising public awareness of electromagnetism.

  Thus, one of the questions is works people have experienced
  which relate to electromagnetism, consciously or not, yet
  meaningful and substantial exploration and interrogation of
  the electromagnetic realm, in some significant way. Second,
  is to ask for those artists whose work focuses on this realm
  to consider participating in the show and to make contact.
  Works are sought to represent major mediums, to demonstrate
  how an electromagnetic context transcends present-day issues
  about the interaction of New Media and Digital Art with that
  of traditional artworks and collections. These works will
  be juxtaposed with artifacts of the electrical infrastructure
  in addition to inventions such as cathode ray tubes, equations,
  and experiments such as the first transistor.

  The hypothesis being utilized is that there has been a gradual
  incorporation, more and more so, of electromagnetism in artworks
  and artifacts, and that this lineage can be seen in various ways
  and at various stages. Works in pottery, sculpture, installation
  art, video art, poetry, dance, music, weaving, and other mediums
  where electromagnetism is a central idea are currently sought.

  Please e-mail if you know of work that relates to this idea, and-
  or if you are interested in participating in this online show.

  brian thomas carroll, founder

  more information on phase 1 available at:

  the Electromagnetic Education Initiative

  the electromagnetic internetwork-list
  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization