~e; SinkingOfAnOilTanker

From arm <a@w3rk.net>
Date Sun, 24 Nov 2002 14:32:58 +0000

Yes! our society depends very much oil and fuel to do their magics but 
that magics can be cheap or expensive, can be more or less harmfull.

1. The owner of the SinkingOilTanker is already envolved in more than 3 
ambiental accidents. This last accident was provocated by a ship with 
more than 20 years.

2. It is cheaper for the SinkingOilTanker owner to let hapen an 
accident and receive money from the insurance companies for a new ship 
than to kill the old ship and build or buy a new one.

3. Spain and specialy Portugal are small countrys. And therefore they 
do not have the power to forbiden such criminals to navigate in their 

4. Money rules! The owner of the ship, the seller and the buyer of the 
oil are not paying the food to all the volunters that are workin in the 
spanish coast.

I do not know what as really hapened but as we know, for a small group 
of powerfull people in the world, money power is much more important 
than natural or ambiental power.

Saudacoes cordiais,


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