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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #6

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (11/23/2002)

01) Links to Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & medicine
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transportation & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics

00) --commentary--

The sinking of an oil tanker off of the coast of
Spain and Portugal is something that is driven, mainly,
by the needs of everday society for oil and fuel. It
is not a benign event 'over there' but something that
each action and purpose helps to perpetuate, and often
without other choices, to stop the continuation of the
habit and dependency.

For example, people with SUVs could be one reason, and
another, simply people who want to heat their houses,
or drive a super-efficient vehicle to work. In addition,
most inventions, however esoteric (like wireless shinpads)
rely upon this energy source to do their magic, and thus
take part in the same cycle, with the same outcomes:
every so often a major disaster that as news is dealt
with as a confined phenemena, over there, someone else's
oil spill, when its the oil for the world we make manifest.

01) --top stories--

Crippled fuel oil tanker sinks


Microwaves track football
Shin-pad transmitters could end controversial offside rulings.


The human Swiss Army Knife


02-- electromagnetic health & medicine

Shocks switch brain on
Electric implants may ease Parkinson's by stimulating nerves.


Chemists build body fluid battery
Biofuel cell runs on metabolic energy
to power medical implants.


'Mobile Cap' to Combat Phone Health Worries


"A Norwegian-based group launched a novel baseball-style cap on Monday  
to shield users of mobile telephones from radio emissions that some  
people fear can trigger cancers."

Boost for brain stem-cell implants
Protein cocktail persuades stem-cell grafts to become neurons.


Lightweight radiation-proof fabric unveiled


Emergency radios can jam patients' lifelines

"A two-way radio system being widely adopted by the world's emergency  
services is even more likely to interfere with the safe operation of  
some life-critical medical devices than the cellphones which are banned  
from hospitals, says a British government safety regulator."


03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Dr. Strangelove's Revenge // old nukes to power homes?


04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Agency Weighed, but Discarded, Plan Reconfiguring
the Internet By JOHN MARKOFF // ...eDNA


Surgical tags plan for sex offenders
Silicon chip to be inserted under skin


Robot guard-dragon unveiled in Japan


Television's Tiniest Stars

"Questioning Mitchell Wagenberg can be unnerving, not least because he  
is apt to videotape the encounter through his eyeglasses or through a  
rivet on his belt."


House Panel Hits Computer Security

"Overall, the government flunked."


05-- electromagnetic power & energy

An unexpected discovery could yield a full spectrum solar cell


Wireless Transmission in Earth's Energy Future


"To meet the world's growing appetite for energy without environmental  
damage, electricity would be converted to microwaves, beamed over long  
distances by satellite, and then reconverted back to electricity."

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Pedal power drives Laos net dreams
Bicycle-powered PCs should get remote villages online


Credit Cards Seek New Fees on Web's Demimonde

"In the wake of rules from credit card companies and banks that have  
strangled many online gambling sites, Visa and MasterCard are now  
looping the noose for adult sites that may have spotty credit-card  
records. Many of the online companies say that the new rules, which the  
card companies call antifraud measures, will clean up an industry rife  
with unethical billing practices. But some operators say that, in fact,  
the credit card companies have taken it upon themselves to step in as  
de facto regulators of their industries."


Internet blamed for marriage break ups


07-- electromagnetic transportation & communication

Laser could scan skies for black holes
Light bounces off black holes into bright concentric rings.


An Electrovan, Not an Edsel


"Dr. Marks, who oversaw General Motors' futuristic engineering projects  
in the 1960's, had created a prototype that took more than two years  
and a staff of 250 to construct. It was called the Electrovan, the  
automotive industry's first attempt at making an automobile powered by  
a hydrogen fuel cell  a technology now embraced as the power train of  
the future."

Hydrogen Station Opens in Las Vegas

Administration's Fuel Efficiency Proposal Panned

Supercomputer to Use Optical Fibers

"In the new design, the communications lines will be the fastest part  
of the computer and the processors will become slower "peripherals.""


08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Rules for a Complex Quantum World
An exciting new fundamental discipline of research
combines information science and quantum mechanics
By Michael A. Nielsen


God Is the Machine


IBM starts work on computer to rival the human brain


Software aims to put your life on a disk


09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Low Income Networking & Communications Project


How Quartz Watches Work


Segways go on sale. No need to walk ever again
By Carlton Reid, BikeBiz.co.uk


TIME 2002 Best Inventions


10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

U.S. ponders resumption of nuke-weapons test


11-- electromagnetic business & economics

IDC: Tech to hit bottom in 2002
The worldwide IT industry will suffer its largest decline ever in 2002,  
but this year could mark the end of the high-tech hangover, according  
to the research company


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