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Date Sun, 20 Oct 2002 11:13:47 -0500
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> Would cell-towers follow this marketing precedent?

  from what i've read- rooftop real-estate is a hot market,
  or its property is, for zoning in new technologies like
  Wireless masts and repeaters. it also seems under the
  domain of the individual business/property owner, and
  possibly a write-off from the city planning department,
  yet the only times it becomes news is when a large enough
  group challenges the safety of the celltowers in their
  (shared) neighborhood.

  i am not sure it is a similar or different argument than
  that used, for example, in San Francisco with the Sutro
  broadcasting tower, where radiowaves blanket the home-
  owners, especially with the introduction of new antennae.

  the NY Times (online) had an extensive enough article on
  this a year or more ago, where churches and others in the
  rooftop-realestate markets were almost in a name-your-price
  situation, as the desire to blanket areas with cellphone
  coverage (without gaps) is a priority, it seems.

  and, like Steve's connection with billboards, it seems that
  functionally they may be very similar phenomena, and also
  financially, yet i do not know if the few players in the
  nation-wide billboard market can be compared directly to
  nation-wide telelcom companies doing the same, differently.


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