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From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 19 Oct 2002 22:46:56 -0500

on a phototrip i was able to finally get an image of
the usual aesthetic detail on the Pillsbury A Mill,
which has wooden cross-arms and a metal spine, much
similar to electrical distribution poles, so much so
that it looks like an e-pole tacked onto the front of
one of the oldest buildings (i'm assuming) in the city
of Minneapolis. thus, an aesthetic similarity is found
also in previous imagery including bird-stands, stadium
lighting, canoe racks, amongst other repetitive forms...

Pillsbury A-Mill (80k)


then, by chance, drove by a gradeschool with a cellular
phone/data tower which i've been searching for all summer,
after having seen it yet not remembering where it was. the
thing about this tower that makes it unique, especially so,
is that it is of such a large scale and intensity of cell
& mobile phone signals, and its location on the grounds of
a school for children, where i am assuming 'recess' has the
back lot filled with schoolchildren during their day breaks.

cellularschool (19k)

wirelesschool (18k)

the most difficult thing about this scenario, which is not
unusual for the U.S. development patterns of wireless in
communities, where people and institutions 'rent' their space
for locating neighborhood cell towers and repeaters, such as
arrays of antennas on rooftops, on businesses, apartments,
and churches. schools and residents are an extreme case, it
is proposed. this is because from what little i know about
this subject, one thing about electromagnetic effects on
humans, it seems, is one that is based on length of exposure
to EMFs (EM fields). if one is temporarily in a field it
may be different than sitting in a dense field of EMFs,
day in, day out, for months on end, years even, in schools.
and, smaller children, it is assumed, may be more prone to
effects of these high-intensity changes in environment such
that it could have adverse effects, and is basically against
common sense to sell public health on the assumption that
because the debate about EMFs is not definitive in its
negative effects (depending on what rhetoric is used)- is
no excuse to disregard the health and welfare of children
by ignoring the potential threat to such a degree as is
displayed in this image. it is the worse case i have ever
experienced of the worst-possible placement/zoning of a
cell tower, and it should be under consideration to relocate
it until the effects of EM are better understood by the public.

this is not to say, as a non-professional, that this is
related or not to cancer-studies or whatnot, which experts
can and do and will continue to debate and hopefully address
in public forums what the known effects of EMFs are. yet, it
is only common sense to consider that, given knowledge of
problems with excessive and long-term exposure being where
effects are under question, that children should not be in
the experiment, as human trials, without being aware of it.

it would be a public service if zoning would not pursue such
areas for locating cell towers, until the effects are understood.


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