~e; The Collective Farm Electrician (painting)

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Date Fri, 18 Oct 2002 23:25:04 -0500

// this is an URL to an image of a painting that I once
// saw on a brochure of a gallery years ago (8 years+),
// and have ever since been holding onto it, and planned
// to scan it and share it with the list. yet when i went
// to look for it, after years of holding onto it as an
// image-artifact of electromagnetism in the arts, at last
// it became lost. i heard of a Russian Museum of Art opening
// nearby, the only one in the country it seems, and it has
// this very painting in its collection. without knowing this
// i went to the museum (on a day it happened to be closed)
// to ask if they knew about this painting. no one was there
// but their url was on a sign in the entry-way, and so i
// went back and looked it up, and as odd as can be, the
// painting was online and in better quality than i had
// ever seen it. it is a favorite in several respects with
// regard to its subject matter, and there is a lot of
// interesting cultural things about lineworkers, such
// as lineman's rodeos and other things (like logrolling
// competitions, somewhat).. and they are often referred
// to as cowboys, too, it seems. in any case, this idea,
// for me at least, is translated in this painting, as a
// type of new world/order being strung up on the poles,
// which eventually brings all the various worlds together,
// aesthetically and technologically. in any case, the url...

The Collective Farm Electrician
53 7/8 x 42 1/2 Oil on Canvas
Fedor Vasilevich Shapaev


Russian Impressionism at The Museum of Russian Art

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