~e; EM Exchange now open

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 5 Oct 2002 23:49:38 -0500

a new section on the Electronetwork.org website
is now open: the Electromagnetic Exchange (1c)


the purpose of the Exchange is to showcase products
and works of educational value, that may not receive
wide-ranging and cross-disciplinary exposure. this
is a proof-of-concept demonstration of the basic idea
and in the future, a database would be used to better
organize large amounts of data and themes. currently,
the categories include:

 maps, posters, diagrams 
 books, magazines, catalogs 
 education & learning 
 news, views, reference 
 e-mail lists, newsletters 
 tools & equipment 
 models, kits, experiments 

for instance, while train hobbyists may know of the
electromagnetic aesthetics used in scale modeling,
these same models, or a similar notion, could be
utilized to teach children and others how complex
infrastructural systems work, such as radio and tv,
and even computer networks, through scale models.
in this way, the physical aspects of electromagnetic
technologies could be seen all-at-once in a smaller-
scaled model, and yet made recognizable, while also
making the intangible aspects of today's environment
more tangible, by making it visible. each distribution
pole in a hobby kit could be used to explain how data
passes through the cables that they support, as well
as other issues. there are many other examples known
and unknown that could someday be documented, and yet
the first which still are impressive are the maps of
energy, produced by the industries themselves, to help
educate in some basic way, about these infrastructural
and electromagnetic systems of energy and power.

please send feedback/suggestions/content ideas to
human@electronetwork.org. thanks for your input.



[work will continue on making proof-of-concepts for
the EM Assemblage and EM Literacy & Studies sections.]
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