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 [this story is fascinating in that it transitions from a natural
 electromagnetic pacing of the heart, to an electromechanical
 one, and then, back to the natural EM properties of matter...]

"Biological pacemaker" created
By Mark Evans

"Researchers have created a "biological pacemaker" in guinea pigs by
a gene into their hearts -- a first step in what could lead to alternatives 
to the electronic devices now implanted in hundreds of thousands of people 
each year..."


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China implements "Great Fire Wall"
By Martin Fackler


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The Threat of Cyberwar Looms Large. Our Best Homeland Defense May Be 
Surprisingly Small.
Virtually Helpless
by Josh Martin

"...The best intelligence suggests that the next major military strike by
Bush administration, now drumming up support for an imminent war on Iraq, 
will draw in response an equally intense virtual assault. A report by 
Dartmouth College's Institute for Security Technology Studies examined 
cyberwar overseasówith particular attention to the conflicts in Serbia and 
the Middle Eastóand concluded that virtual onslaughts "immediately
physical attacks." By the logic of that analysis, if Bush moves on Saddam 
Hussein after the midterm elections, we would see the first full-on blitz 
before Christmas..."


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Japanese Houses Going High-Tech

"...Japan's leading electronics companies are hard at work trying to make 
this nation's notoriously cramped houses smarter - and more convenient -
a high-tech touch.
At its new Tokyo showroom, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., maker of the 
Panasonic brand, is enticing Japan's gadget lovers with two model "houses


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Drive-by spam hits wireless LANs 


"Detractors, though, have warned that warchalking could encourage malicious 
hackers to break into a company's wireless LAN with the intention of
or damaging corporate data. Wright's revelation about the existence of 
drive-by spammers has flagged up a new downside to warchalking."

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Scientists Develop Computer Mouse for the Blind

" Scientists looking for ways to help blind people get more out of
have developed a mouse that goes bump and combined it with sound 
representations of graphs that would otherwise be inaccessible."



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