~e; EM week in review

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 31 Aug 2002 14:45:15 -0500

*** // top story -- radio as biological organism...

Radio emerges from the electronic soup


"A self-organising electronic circuit has stunned engineers
  by turning itself into a radio receiver."

  1 // the title alludes to a dictation machine for the steering wheel.

Honda Unveils New Voice-Operated Navigation System


  "Japan's second-largest automaker said its new navigation system, 
called InterNavi Premium Club, offers regularly updated traffic 
reports, news, maintenance and other information as well as the 
ability to e-mail."

  2 // great car, they should sell think! back to another developer.
    // plus, good to know that hybrids and hydrogen is in the works,
    // as agenda. ford or GM just invested in a supercomputer, also...

Ford Says Pulling Plug on Think Electric Car


  3 // Jedi religion popular until it actually becomes religious.

Bad Movie Hurts Jedi Down Under


   4 // more on hydrogen

Sweet step to hydrogen revolution
Platinum extracts green fuel from glucose.


Hydrogen Powered BMW Turns Heads at World Summit


   5 // electromagnetic data archaeology and archiving systems.

A Universal Tool to Rescue Old Files From Obsolescence


    6 // heard of some of PowerLight 's developments in cheap-solar
      // roofing that can be deployed very fast, setup like a kit.

California Deploys Largest State-Owned Solar Electric Rooftop


    7 // more on grid computing... as EM-spacetime-machines...

Computer grids promise leap in computing power


"Gentzsch likens it to "time machines" such as the internal 
combustion and steam engines, which sped up the world when they were 

    8 // war section. seems drones could be more vulnerable to humans,
      // should em-warfare techniques be deployed. and, also may have
      // seen the portable translator at a public .mil expo, impressive.

The Drone Armies Are Coming


US Army tests portable translator


    9 // electromagnetism and health...

Sleep Aid: It's All in Your Head


Good legs 'control' paralysed partners


"In Yu's system, muscle sensors monitor signals from the patient's 
able leg. These are used to trigger pre-programmed electrical 
impulses in 11 electrodes implanted near nerves in the paralysed leg. 
This lets the paralysed leg do what the patient wants it to do - by 
taking its cue from the good leg."

    10 // em-related issues....

U.S. Says No To WEO (world environmental .org)


    11 // next generation digital tape challenges HDTV

Digital VHS teams with HDTV for a picture that comes alive


    12 // some thoughts on a soft-energy path, and US energy policy...


Power Lunch

What happens when energy executives sit down with environmentalists? 
They come up with a plan for the future that leaves fossil fuels to 
the dinosaurs.


"We didn't only talk to environmentalists. We also invited the head 
of a multinational oil company, a labor leader, an architect, a state 
policymaker, and a utility executive."

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