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  [the following two articles are related to wartech and
  electromagnetism. they are sent together as they show
  a certain genealogy or progression from an early state
  to a later state in technological developments. one is
  related to hobbyiest electronics, the other, sci-fi...]


  1- Meet Packbot: The newest recruit

  Remote-controlled robot searches caves, transmits video
  "Packbot" is equipped with special wheels and the ability
  to remotely transmit images to soldiers.
  - - - - - - - - - - - -
  From Nic Robertson, CNN


  [the off-the-shelf technology could be considered in the
  realm of hobby electronics, the flying planes, helicopters,
  cars, trucks, and other modifiable and racing vehicles
  using radio frequencies for remote control of motorization.
  imagine that today's remote control vehicles may have some
  computer chips and programmable functions in addition to
  drive controls. in a sense, like videogames, this type of
  electromagnetic military technology has a 'joystick' quotient
  whereby it is not hard to imagine the people with early Atari
  tv-boxes and cartridges, and subsequent gaming systems to
  be the optimal controllers/enthusiasts for such systems...
  and, this system in particular seems to perform a function
  that a dog or other animal may have performed in the past...
  which then gets into biomimetics, i think it is called, and
  the robotic lobsters and bees which are showcased as R&D...]


  2- "The Hunt for Zero Point" by Nick Cook

  An editor for the esteemed Jane's Defense Weekly says
  the U.S. government has been working on Nazi anti-gravity
  technology in secret for 50 years.
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  By Kurt Kleiner (book review)


  [this article has a few intriguing aspects. one being that
  last week news about NASA working on replicating anti-gravity
  experimentations, amongst other investigators. then, the
  plausible relation (given historical precedence in EM advances
  in the mid-2oth century) between electrical experimentation
  and major advances in fundamental understand of the breadth
  of EM phenomena, a broad range which was developed, and yet
  if there were such esoteric anti-gravity EM work, it may also
  have found fundamental development (in secret) if there was
  any credence to the effects. oddly enough, last week also a
  news story was widely reported about a 'reported' UFO flying
  in the Washington D.C. area that outran 2 Air Force jets, to
  add a cultural dimension to this fuzzy realm of intrigue. yet
  beyond the interaction between EM and anti-gravity/UFOs, what
  really makes sense in this book critique is the premise of
  why such technology, if it did indeed exist would be hidden
  from the general populace.

  it is this aspect that, having tried to discuss EM in basic
  situations, often induces eye-rolling and talk of 'going over
  people's heads' when trying to talk basics. often EM is seen
  as relegated to physics and mathematics, yet it is much more
  than these descriptions/understandings, as can be seen in a
  UFO-related examination, should such a thing ever need to be
  integrated into today's world, which would be a good thing
  if people were prepared to deal with such potential EM facts.
  yet, most are not (as science and technologies remain as magic).
  and this is because, it is proposed, a common foundation has
  yet to exist by which to share basic knowledge & understanding
  about the whole (broad) phenomena, enough so that the populace
  would have a sense of literacy in the basics, to be able to
  integrate such a conceptual-shift of paradigms (and the ability
  to see beyond the visible and into the abstract realms of EM).
  in short, today basic EM knowledge is not taught but sought
  by those with an interest in electromagnetism. but with some-
  thing like anti-gravity, there may be no way to understand it
  using traditional models, and an upgrade of basic knowledge
  may be needed so people can cope with new interpretations and
  realities. so it is an opportune time to begin learning more...]


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