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  [not sure of the 'size' of the device mentioned in
  this story, but it relates to previous news of game-
  machines (with graphics chipsets, eg) that could be
  used for missile guidance systems, and export rules
  based on this. imagine it is 'game boy'/PDA size...]

When Dreamcasts attack


"...a pair of white hat hackers who demonstrated Wednesday how to 
turn the defunct Sega Dreamcast into a disposable attack box designed 
to be dropped like a bug on corporate networks during covert black 
bag jobs. "

  [not sure if it is the small device in this image...]


  [more on nanowires, and T-Rays (terahertz radiation)...]



  [finding the missing matter via x-ray astronomy...]

  Astronomers detect the Universal web


  [similar technologically to that used in hearses and
  police and emergency vehicles to change traffic lights,
  but instead, to turn change car radios to emergency
  broadcast. if it were directional, it might work.
  which reminds me of the people recently seen roller-
  blading and bicycling while talking on their cellphones;
  and with headphones who cannot hear calls from passersby.]

  Emergency vehicle alert cuts car stereos


  [why has the wireless revolution been so slow..? one
  future reason may be security, usually not mentioned...
  soon storage technologies which interface with PDAs and
  computers, such as compact flash, will have 'security and-
  or encryption' standards may help other initiatives...]

  Wireless 'cloud' may offer silver lining


  [another pre-dated story. in L.A. there are a network of
  sound-stations used to locate gunshots, from what has been
  written. if a loud bang goes off, the sound surveillance
  (towers?) are used to triangulate the location is...]

Cameras to help keep south Los Angeles alleys clean


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  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization