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Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 22:57:40 -0500

  [a general note mentioned on another list, and
  given recent news worth mentioning: beached squid,
  manatees, and whales in the last week have occurred
  after mention of the .US navy sonar project going
  forward, which was related to whale beachings, yet
  it has not been related to these consecutive news
  stories, to clarify the relation or non-relation,
  but as a public event, it makes it easy to wonder.]

// this was covered more extensively in wired magazine
// or wirednews awhile ago. maybe, if following the way
// of drones, today's gamers will be navigating tomorrows
// modelplane wireless broadband networks via joystick.

Satellite plane: New communications platform or pie in the sky?

// about the slow.nerve.network...

Scientists reveal the secret of cuddles

// data laser spaces instead of radio transmissions

Laser comms crucial for space exploration

// 'the net is a quantum dot'

Quantum net for atom angling
  Physicists should be able to land exact numbers of atoms from a quantum cloud.

// replicating an anti-gravitation experiment to fly

Boeing tries to defy gravity

// another experiment: chicken feather processor

Technology: Researchers develop computer processor made from chicken feathers

// URL with many links...

emerging technologies - siggraph 2002

"Research and applications that explore tomorrow's advances in 
seamless human-machine integration. Emerging Technologies explores 
the full spectrum of possibilities: graphics, simulation, robotics, 
interaction, haptics, display systems, artificial intelligence, 
medical applications, enabling technologies for collaborative 
projects, and any other area that enhances interaction between 
digital and human systems."

// favorite article... update on the treasure hunt, with GPS...

Geocaching sends geeks out into nature

// more, noise as weapon system, offensive and defensive.

Noisemakers Called to Arms
Cutting-edge sonic equipment offers many military applications.

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  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization