~e; 4a. Electromagnetic Hyperlinks

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 10:07:22 -0500

  the electronetwork.org website now has a new
  section online, 4a. Electromagnetic Hyperlinks:

  --->> 	http://www.electronetwork.org/links/

  the categories reflect only those URLs that were
  bookmarked (before the last crash) and so it will
  take some time and others' contributions to get a
  good collection of EM phenomena from many viewpoints.

  the software program is freeware and it has been
  modified, yet it was not possible to edit some
  fields even if disabling/commenting-out the code.

  please consider 'adding URLs' to the links directory
  which are educational and are accessible to a wide-
  ranging audience, and which are non-commercial or
  greatly surpass commercialized viewpoints of EM.

  work continues on making a contact database, and
  once that is ready, the website will be prepared
  to categorize individuals, businesses, organizations,
  and government agencies working in the public interest
  on electromagnetic issues, in addition to linking URLs.

  thanks for taking a look,

  [please forward to those who are interested in EM]

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