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  some URLs to EM in the news. and, having uploaded the
  new site, started working on a new links directory and
  found that PHP/mySQL works very well, and am close to
  putting up an empty directory online. the main issue
  now is how to categorize a largely unmapped content-
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  the new directory will be sparse, yet i hope anyone
  and everyone who has an interest in EM can help in
  building out the different categories/areas of links.
  any suggestions and contributions are much appreciated.

EM news...

  [although not explicitly stated, the advances in this
  article are electromagnetically-based, as is most medicine
  today in some way. some uses may include lasers and electro-
  mechanisms (eg, robotic-surgery) or in the equipment to make
  possible today's medical discoveries and everyday practices.]

X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI ... Oh My
By Mark Anderson



  [printing TV-displays. it is not clear (to me) why this
  discovery is different from computer LCD displays...
  that is, why is it compared to a tv and not a computer]

Roll Up for the Floppy Television
Fri Jul 19, 6:10 AM ET

By Pete Harrison



  [as the url says, radiation nanobots to report on programmable 
cellular death...]

How Miniature Radiation Detectors Will Keep Astronauts Safe in Deep Space.


"the future of space exploration lies beyond Earth's protective 
magnetosphere, where an even bigger threat lurks in the form of heavy 
ion radiation."

  [read about the decibel level that whale's ears can burst, and what
  level the sonars are sending signals at. there must be a better way.]

Sonar OK'd for U.S. Navy
Associated Press



  [more on em audiovisual technologies...]

Microphones tell asteroids from A-bombs
Detecting low frequency rumbles could avert nuclear war.


  [the british military killed their windfarm project due to the
  same issue with radar signatures/blind spots. that might have
  been a test site for windfarms, whereas this is a full-fledged
  installation to deal with 545 wind-turbines in desert-communities
  where power may  be hard to find if energy-issues persist (as
  they were doing last week in california and nevada, for instance).
  during that week, the temperatures were 130^F in california...]

Air Force Kills Windfarm on Nevada Test Site

  [very small scale physics work differently than large scale.]

Second law of thermodynamics "broken"


"They found that the change in entropy was negative over time 
intervals of a few tenths of a second, revealing nature running in 

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