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IEEE Intl Workshop on Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education (WMTE 2002)
August 29-30, 2002
Teleborg Campus, Vxj University, Vxj, Sweden

On behalf of the Organizing Committee for WMTE 2002, we would
like to call for your participation at the The First IEEE
International Workshop on Mobile and Wireless Technologies in
Education, WMTE 2002, to be held at Vxj University, Vxj,
Sweden, on August 29-30, 2002.

The workshop is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society -
Learning Technology Task Force. In addition to an interesting
number of innovative educational, technical and industrial
papers, we have three excellent keynote and invited speakers
with strong connections to both industry and academia, and
we are planning two exciting panels as well.

The special events are:
- invited talk by Jeremy Roschelle;
- dinner with "dinner speech" by Elliot Soloway;
- industry panel and project panel

For additional information, please refer to the
conference web site:


Welcome to Vxj in August!
Best regards.

Marcelo Milrad & Ulrich Hoppe
Program Co-Chairs
WMTE 2002

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