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Date Thu, 4 Jul 2002 07:42:56 -0500

  part of a post regarding EVs. sending for the links...

>  have not found a page for the Ford th!nk, but they did purchase
>  the pivco/citibee as a company from what i've read online. the
>  citibee i rode in can be seen at an e-car expo on the island of
>  alameda in the SF Bay Area, California. the citibee is very small/
>  compact and is about the size of two fully faired tour motorcycles
>  side-by-side. here are photos from a website about the EV-expo:
>Zig's Amazing Photos of the Alameda Electric Auto Expo
>(after the EV-1 photos are those of Citibees)
>  basic info about EVs, pros&cons
>  http://ziggr.com/ev/
>  as i remember, the Citibee got between 40-60 miles/charge.
>  but maybe it is towards 30, the way batteries can perform.
>  in any case, this is definitely an inner-city car, great for
>  small-space parking, low speeds (not freeways, at least i would
>  never want to drive on one next to a semi-trailer-truck) ... yet
>  it was said to be perfect fvor an island, but not long commutes
>  or any distance travel, so has the golf-cart aspect. though it
>  does seem that for many people, if there were great public transit
>  in the USA, for example, that long-distance travel, or heavy travel
>  could be done by rail and interurban trolleys/light rail, while
>  driving to carparks for access to these would be ideal for EVs,
>  as they are compact, could be charged while waiting, etc. though,
>  again, they are still using energy off the grid and so are not
>  immune from the oil-economics that will likely come to bear.
>Electric Vehicle Web Sites on Manufacturers, Prototypes and EV Lists
>  saw this 3-wheeler, hybrid-motorcycle it seems, and even saw
>  people riding them once (on the freeway, i think, in Oakland)
>  and may have seen one around the corner from Wired magazine
>  in SF at a motorcycle shop, but do not exactly remember.
>  Sparrow: http://www.corbinmotors.com/sparrow.htm
>  check these out: http://www.corbinmotors.com/purchasing.html
>  Ford Motor Co.'s site for the Th!nk electric vehicle (EV)
>  http://www.thinkmobility.com/ (could not get past the 1st page)
>  general links of Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Information Sites
>  Mid Atlantic Regional Consortium for Advanced Vehicles
>  http://www.marcav.ctc.com/hev.htm


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