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0-- free war game (and paradoxical logic)

Army to Release Computer Game
By D. Ian Hopper
AP Technology Writer


" "A player on Team A will always fight as a U.S. Army soldier and
fight players on Team B depicted as terrorists. But that opposing
Team B "terrorist" will see themselves as Army and Team A as
terrorists. While it sounds confusing, Boyce said it will be seamless
to players.

"As far as you're concerned, when you see the enemy approaching you,
they are the enemy," Boyce said. "It's all a matter of perspective." "

1-- pertinent info

Reducing U.S. Oil Dependence
A Real Energy Security Policy

2-- book review

Lisa Gitelman, Scripts, Grooves, and Writing Machines: Representing
Technology in the Edison Era. Stanford, CA: Stanford University
Press, 1999.

Reviewed by Daniel Gilfillan

3-- computer method used in various fields it seems...

VR hallucinations used to treat schizophrenia

4-- the sun's influence on earth's EM environment
(natural, artificial, virtual)...

The day the sun caught fire
by Ed Harris

"The explosion is what astronomers call an eruptive prominence, a
loop of magnetic fields that trap hot gas inside. As the trapped gas
becomes unstable it erupts violently into space.

If eruptions like these are aimed at Earth, they can disturb the
magnetosphere, the planet's magnetic field, with dramatic
consequences. "

or: Sun's spectacular show

5-- cell phone as dual-use mapping device

Your Boss May Know Where You Are (Wirednews article snippet @ cartome.org)

"Your boss wants to talk to you, and pulls out a cell phone to
retrieve a map of your location."

6-- world health organization info on EMFs...


What are Electromagnetic Fields?
Natural sources of electromagnetic fields
Human-made sources of electromagnetic fields
The basics of wavelength and frequency
Electromagnetic fields at low frequencies
Electromagnetic fields at high frequencies
Key Points

Summary of Health Effects
What happens when you are exposed to electromagnetic fields?
Biological effects or health effects? What is a health hazard?
Widespread concerns for health
The International EMF Project
Key Points

Progress in Research
Different types of studies are needed
Interpretation of epidemiological studies
Difficulties in ruling out the possibility of very small risks
What's in the future?
Key Points

Typical Exposure Levels at Home and in the Environment
Electromagnetic Fields at Home
Electromagnetic Fields in the Environment
Magnetic Fields in Everyday Life - Are They Really that High?
Key Points

Current Standards
Who decides on guidelines?
What are guidelines based on?
Why is the safety factor for occupational exposure guidelines lower
than for the general public?
What guidelines cannot account forŠ
What are typical maximum exposure levels at home and in the environment?
How are guidelines put into practice and who checks on them?
Are exposures above the guidelines harmful?
Key Points

Precautionary Approaches
Protection of Public Health
The Precautionary Principle
Prudent Avoidance
Key Points

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