~e; audiovisualizing bitstreams

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 17:09:04 -0500

  [regarding a post previously sent about an internet-art-based
  project mimicking the FBI's Carnivore project, it has become a
  topic of much discussion. sadly, the part that is missing, from
  one point of view, is the spying aspect, that it is conflicting
  with public & private space, while only aesthetically critiqued.

  was going to send the following link, wrote a piece on it, but
  could not find what would be interesting about what it sounds
  like it might explore. and that is, making auditory streams of
  data of robots that scan websites, often for unknown purposes.
  not sure if this is a joke or not, on this site, as there are
  spam robots, and other robots that are sometimes with no-good
  intent, if they run amok, or are programmed to. and what files
  they explore is of interest, which is hard to know (if one is
  not setup for indepth web log analysis of robots). but this is
  all ripe info, about a specific server, which could be quite
  interesting. yet, it does not explore this avenue, and just
  reads data (in 51megabyte files, can be opened as a stream and
  pre-buffered to hear a sample, at the link below). bots can,
  or could, be dangerous, just like Carnivore. but the 'content'
  instead of the 'technique' or form is the lesser in _value, in
  terms of meaning, intent, or _knowledge about the exploration.]

"After the opening of our server, we noticed the abnormal
omnipresence of robots : Googlebots, Google search engine robots and
Psbots, Picsearch engine robots. Our logs* register the tracks of
some of them simultaneously in files "alpha" and "numbers", Robin
Fercoq's sub-directories. Every three months, up to five robots are
meeting there together. In fact, "alpha" and "numbers" are symbolic
links in loop, circular architecture of files in which bots seem to
find their way with more or less method.

Alerted, we opened a radio to listen them. Scripts automatically
broadcast the logs of robots in speech synthesis" Téléférique June
21th 2002



  [then, the reason for ultimately rewriting this link came about
  as the art-Carnivore (art-surveillance toolkit, anaestheticized)
  brought up earlier work which is admirable, and either i wrote
  about previously and forgot, or forgot to write about in a recent
  piece on those who made artworks predating these works, and is
  in my opinion, of greater interest conceptually and also content-
  wise, meaning-wise, and aesthetically what-it-is, not spin-dried.


  therefore, if one has a chance, listen to the (sanely compact)
  audio examples from nebula.m81: http://www.eusocial.com/nebula.m81/


  this is not an art-critique list, yet it is about electromagnetism
  and its infrastructures, physics, culture, and about the mediums,
  media, and content-messages brought about and through EM. and so,
  based on this criteria, the lattermost work explores this realm,
  and has substance, whereas others do not stand up when critiqued.]

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  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization