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Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 15:57:09 -0500

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Venus and Jupiter Over Belfast
Credit: Peter Paice


Explanation: Venus and Jupiter appeared to glide right past each 
other earlier this month. In a slow day-by-day march, Jupiter sank 
into the sunset horizon while Venus remained high and bright. The 
conjunction ended the five-planet party visible over the last two 
months. Jupiter, of course, is much further away from the Earth and 
Sun than Venus, so the passing was really just an angular illusion. 
Pictured above on June 3, a fading sunset finds Venus shining over 
Jupiter above clouds, the Mourne mountains, and the city lights of 
Belfast, Northern Ireland.

  [the following image, on the Nasa (astro pic of the day)
  shows what is otherwise difficult to explain about electro-
  magnetism and light. it is an image of two planets, alit
  as if stars in the night sky, at the same time as seeing
  what appears to be a hillside or undulating terrain of
  an earth-bound city, glowing as if a constellation, or
  more, a galaxy of stars, seen as if from the side and
  flattened (as some images of galaxies have been shown).
  there is a 'natural' light, it could be posited, in the
  sun reflecting off of planets, and an 'artificial' light,
  such as fire and electrical lights. yet the idea of a
  'virtual light' (as cyber-fi author, forget their name,
  wrote a book of the same approximate title) might in some
  way be considered another step in this direction, maybe
  a screen, or as McLuhan said about the electric light,
  becoming pure information. such as this image, which is
  online a screen, but also digitalized, as an image of
  light, etc, or, similarly, a non-realtime-actual memory
  of a light, in the brain, as a virtual representation.]

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