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Date Mon, 3 Jun 2002 08:21:00 -0500

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  patachon wrote:

>let's hope , finally . not too late but ....
>full article: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/06/03/science/03CLIM.html

from the NYTimes: "The new document, "U.S. Climate Action Report 
2002," strongly concludes that no matter what is done to cut 
emissions in the future, nothing can be done about the environmental 
consequences of several decades' worth of carbon dioxide and other 
heat-trapping gases already in the atmosphere."

  awoke to what is, for a novice such as myself, a surprising
  conclusion of climate-change being a non-issue/non-starter,
  and the 'concession', if it might be described as such, is
  divided in a categorical confusion, where 'environmental
  damage' can be billions if not trillions of US dollars and
  yet is not seen to have any relation to the future health
  of the economic nor social systems. if not mistaken, the
  'dust bowl' in the 1920s+ .US Great Depression also had
  with it a dust-bowl in the agricultural sector.

  if this data were taken in relation to other sectors, not
  the economics of industries as they are idealized to be, but
  in complex systems and their interrelated contexts and eco-
  systems, relating one industry to another in a chain of co-
  development- then this is beyond a dangerous 'dead-ender'
  of a policy, to limit it to environmental factors (as no-
  thing can be done to change it). if nothing is done to change,
  there  will be little of the automobile or energy industries,
  as they may be uneconomical where .US society would fall deep
  into a short-sited chasm which ruins the industrial base to
  keep a few people happy in the short term: "no pain, no gain."

  this is unbelievable. should not have even imagined that it
  was/is possible, but for the .US administration to not deal
  with this is an affront to citizens and communities and also
  businesses at large. i.e. there is no way this position will
  fly given the givens. this is now well-beyond the absurd.

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