~e; SKY as dual-use public domain

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 22:56:00 -0500

  amazing work by Natsios Young Architects, in
  an upcoming website/portal for information,
  blending cartography and cryptography in a
  new writing of present-day space, time, place.


  what is great is that their analysis goes where
  no one else is treading online, with respect to
  using cartography in a way that it used to be used,
  but are recontextualizing it for today's environment.
  and it is related to electromagnetism, as it will be
  comparing aspects of human and bird habitation and
  collision. for example, one map that will become
  a GUI (interface) shows a warfighter jet in direct
  juxtaposition with a bird. and a satellite for use
  in remote surveying with a bird's eye view of things.

  and, importantly, it is architecture and cartography
  exploring (and investigating by way of helping others
  understand) these issues, about bird migratory paths
  in relation to those of airflight and satellite and
  warfighters. but for the aim of questioning possible
  dual-uses, and also, focussed on conflict resolution,
  likely at several different vantages in the territory.

  this is very exciting, the unimaginable. and when more
  information becomes available, it will be forwarded.

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