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Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 16:12:58 -0500

[an article from Wired News on a TEMPEST (EM) protected Macintosh
computer. TEMPEST radiation allows an EM eavesdropper to reconstruct
what is being emitted from the frequenices of a computer, from a wire,
a processor, or a screen, cathode-ray and possibly LCD, but not sure.
with all of the nuclear announcements of late, it reminds me of a basic
call for computer companies to deal with security in both hardware and
software systems, as built-in, along with TEMPEST (if possible) and
especially EMP (EM pulse bomb) protection, which, in an atmospheric
nuclear detonation, all things EM (tools, buildings, and systems) would
have their electronics systems fried. meaning, all your equipment may
never work again, after one such event. meaning, it is worthless, and
remains so until it is designed for change (and EMP is used by the .mil
so hopefully such EM protection for citizens equipment will come along
rather soon into the product itinerary. but probably will not happen,
unless such an event as an EMP attack would occur. but, proactively,
increased durability/dexterity of computer equipment, and sustainability
in adverse conditions would be helped by integrating such things as above.]

Unlike many other Tempest-shielded computers, the Black Mac looks like an
ordinary computer, a move that may have been intentional so as not to attract

But its innocent-looking beige metal case is in fact a Faraday Cage, a metal
mesh that stops it from radiating electromagnetic signals. It has a flip-down
panel on the front for a Bernoulli drive -- a removable drive common at the

"The operative could take everything with him at all times," Damer explained. 

The opening for the drive is also protected by an emissions-busting ring of
copper coils. Unfortunately, the motherboard of the Black Mac has been removed.
So has the panel at the back housing shielded connectors for keyboard, mouse and

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