~e; ongoing project issues

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 4 Apr 2002 15:27:23 -0600

 {the electronetwork-l and pen-lists try to be transparent
 and public in their doings. yet private occurances have
 made it necessary to correlate events, and may not have
 to do with the content as much as the project managment,
 and reasons for certain decisions, and their revocation
 should circumstances change. an e-mail has been written
 to clarify certain issues regarding this project online,
 to try to right a personal situation which is troubling
 in the sense that it goes against the very ideas of the
 ~e.org project as a public educational tool, and yet it
 has not been clear how to otherwise deal with such a
 situation if there is no protocol nor respect, not by
 the well-intentioned people who are involved, but those
 who may be less-well-intentioned, and plain reckless,
 at any cost, laughing all the while at their deeds. so,
 it is with great concern this message is sent, it is
 with apologies that another way has not been found to
 deal with such a project situation, in the short term,
 and yet, it is the right thing to do, it is believed.
 as it is to respect the human individuals who are what
 this project is about, those interested in EM in what-
 ever way, and pushing back those who could care less
 about much besides their selves and their interests.
 therefore, it is not necessary and is advised to not
 read this if such an issue is out of place, yet it is
 also believed due to those subscribed to this list to
 know that the list maintainer recognizes a better way
 to address a situation, by facing it, and not taking
 the easy way out, and making more problems. but rather
 standing up to the original problem that remains. bc}
 [bcc'd to the 1 person to whom this directly relates,
 and the reason for pursuing this further, to try to
 find a peaceful reconciliation, through understanding.]

 --- project management/administration issues ---

  [thought these matters were cleared up, and all would
  move on, but there are people involved, all of whom i
  care about how i interact with, and so becasue of the
  need to clarify intent, and demonstrate why such chaos
  has occured with regard to the ~e.org project and others
  online, it became necessary to write it out, for both
  the people to see/read/contemplate, and for the others
  who are playing games to know that this is intolerable.
  as this is intended to be a transparent list, and also
  a peer to peer community, interested in the subject of
  electromagnetism in its many realms, it is composed of
  various types of peoples who can share ideas and info
  about such things and events. yet, if basic trust is
  broken, is not there, it is not possible to do so on
  the assumption that things are naively okay, that trust
  is implicit, that goodness is the default in the inter-
  action. the recent management decision was unfortunate
  to unsub someone, but was due to another cause which i
  was unable to write about. which is directly to do with
  this list, its purpose, its past, and its future. and
  it is no joke to me if someone is messing around with it
  in ways that are not funny, one, and two, really not nice.
  and this message needs to be made clear to whoever is
  doing such things to public research, to educational
  endeavors, that it is -not-okay- to screw around with
  this project. enough said. or so i thought. as a con-
  sequence, personal issues between people and what is
  the actual problem became caught in the middle, which
  was unfair. and is not acceptable. the only way to
  proactively deal with this situation was to write an-
  other message, to finish something i could not write
  beforehand, to deal with these people, to tell them
  to stop, stop now, and renounce this type of tactic.
  this may or may not have to do with 2 lists being shut
  down for spamming, it may or may not have to do with
  having the ~e.org website 'hacked' with clip-art, and
  it may or may not have to do with art-spam that is not
  funny, only a mean-spirited private system of critique.
  this is a public project, a public list, and is meant
  to benefit everyone. not to build a pyramid of power,
  nor influence, but to try to change the context in
  which discourses are endlessly looping about subjects
  that are understood only at the uppermost layers, or
  only by very specialized peoples. if we can share this
  knowledge, learn a bit here and there, we can all know
  or imagine or dream a bit more. instead of assuming one
  knows more than another: no one can know EM in its full
  sense, in all its details. this is shared knowledge.
  shared questions. or it is hoped that it can become this.
  for those who have an interest in protecting this project
  it is asked that you review the following post which is
  directly related to some of the issues faced by this
  domain as a community, that it is hoped to become, and
  to help protect against private ideological attacks.
  having been ready to move on, with some sadness, from
  forums where one has given quite a bit, and received a
  lot more, it is hard to leave on terms less than good
  when corruption prevails. thus, again, while not in the
  best interests of this list-maintener, at this time or
  another, to deal with this in such a manner, it is done
  so for one reason: the human beings who were trying to
  help who i, as a person, as a result of dealing with
  this other aspect, had to manage in unfair ways so as
  to address the fallout of challenging something else.
  thus, it is hoped that if such an issue as basic trust
  between peoples involved can be re-established, and the
  problems worked through, that it can and will be the past.
  and this is what is desired and hoped for, i.e. some respect.
  then there is a way to work together, in shared endeavors.
  the reason to write such a thing is for one person, who is
  someone i have learned from, a lot from. and who i have not
  treated in a way i would if given another choice. so to try
  to right the wrong of managing a conflicted situation, this
  e-mail has been written. that Academics are involved now is
  of no surprise, although at first it was a great devastation:
  in sum, some things are known, very few, others suspected,
  and more, some may never be known, and should be buried as]
  part of the past. it is time to do so, but this first, again...

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