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 [now i am not sure if this is HAM radio or what exactly, in the
 classroom, used for education. but it sounds fascinating. as their
 are many HAM-radio operators around, mostly older, i would imagine,
 but young people still getting licenses (and morse-code lessons).
 it is the sense that the radio and wireless are possible .edu tools
 for contemplating communications, and learning about things that may
 otherwise be impossible, through a book, or other method of study.]

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Classroom Connect is pleased to announce a new K12 mailing list
entitled: Radio in the Classroom ›[RIC]

The RIC list will be used create a sharing community for educators who
are exploring the use of radios for instruction and curriculum
integration. Now that "wireless" communication is in vogue, it is
becoming increasingly important for students to understand the science
and technology that make wireless communication possible. ›We will
encourage teachers to create and share lesson plans and learning
activties, and to experiment with all kinds of wireless communication

The RIC list is open to anyone who wishes to join, and will be moderated
by Gleason Sackmann [gsackmann@classroom.com], ›moderator of the K12
mailing list Net-Happenings. › Gleason first began listening to
shortwave broadcasts in 1956. ›He listens to foreign broadcasts
throughout the day using a computer-controlled Ten-Tec RX-320 receiver.

Anton Ninno [aninno@cnyric.org], a Technology Integration Trainer for
OCM-BOCES in Syracuse, New York, will serve as a co-moderator. ›His
amateur radio callsign is N2RUD. › Anton began using radios with
students in 1991.

Additional information will be provided in the Welcome message after you
subscribe to the RIC list.

To subscribe to RIC list, send the message: subscribe ric yourfirstname

to: listserv@listserv.classroom.com

Thanks for listening!

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