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w[hat happened with micro-radio/broadcasting (in the USA)
with the FCC actions at shutting down local communications,
Wi-Fi could unsettle in some ways, that are not as easy to
dovetail into traditional media markets. yet, with internet-
radio royalties and all the rest, maybe original content or
community content or discussion could be the resource for
distribution via wireless communications. here's some info...]

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XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio have petitioned the FCC to 
regulate Wi-Fi technology more closely, threatening to stymie innovation in 
the nascent wireless technology market. The satellite radio broadcasters 
say that even though Wi-Fi operates on a different frequency, the 
frequencies are so close that it's possible for energy to leak over from 
Wi-Fi devices and interfere with their services. They're asking the FCC to 
set limits on the services, although they say they're not trying to shut 
them down. "I think wireless devices are going to blossom," says Sirius 
co-founder Robert Briskman, who says Wi-Fi device manufacturers could 
alleviate the problem by installing filters and making other changes to 
wireless transmitters. Wi-Fi advocates say their systems comply with 
current FCC rules and that if the satellite radio folks are worried about 
interference, they should tinker with their own systems. Meanwhile, FCC 
Chairman Michael Powell is keeping mum on the satellite proposals, but has 
cautioned that heavy usage of Wi-Fi and other devices that use unlicensed 
frequencies could eventually cause a "meltdown." (Wall Street Journal 1 Apr 
http://online.wsj.com/article/0,,SB1017613134883515920.djm,00.html (sub req'd)

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