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//this article was something that reminded me of another aspect
in physics in which matter travelling at lightspeed can be made
to sit-still, to be examined, whatnot. this could refute what has
become a type of malady of equating scientific with humanistic
theories, as one is mathematics and another language. there is a
way to gain knowledge by watching things slow down, to observe
them in this way. such as with the internet's insides zipping
around as data in hard to comprehend ways, and on the outside,
a very slow, day to day, building and maintaining of its infra-
structure of poles, towers, powerplants, whatnot. thus, this://

Sit. Speak. Good Photon!

Researchers have trapped a laser pulse inside a glass chamber --and
released it again intact. Such command of light could lead to
mind-boggling new technologies.

[from: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2002/27mar_stoplight.htm ]

Quantum mechanics describes the bizarre rules of light and matter on
atomic scales. In that realm, matter can be in two places at once.
Objects can be particles and waves at the same time. And nothing is
certain -- only probable or improbable.

This improbable feat -- stopping light -- was accomplished...

The possibilities are mind-boggling: "Suppose you have some information
encoded in atoms," says Walsworth. "You could map that information onto
light, send it over to some other group of atoms, and imprint the
information there." Walsworth calls this "quantum communication."

Quantum communication might someday be used for sending ultra-secure
messages. One of the quintessential traits of the quantum world is that
observing a system actually alters that system's properties. In other
words, it would be impossible to "touch" a quantum message without
leaving "fingerprints."

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