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Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 22:26:01 -0600

  [took some photos today, but decided to put some
  others up that were taken a month prior, as the
  weather has gone from the 40s Fahrenheit to the
  zeroes and back now to the 40s, which is bikeable
  and photographable weather, for any length of time.
  take a lot of photos usually, so here are just a few
  that hopefully show some different aspects of EM,
  all having to do with the infrastructure, but in a
  different way, each, it is at least presented as such:

  geometrics.jpg 		140k

  this photo was inversed only because it helps make
  the e-lines more visible in the treelines, and thus 2
  geometeries interacting, one linear and the other a
  type of organicist energy. one natural, the trees, and
  the other, artificial, as high-voltage electricity. these
  towers, near downtown Minneapolis, are unique, a type
  which have some sort of poetic quality to me. also of
  note is that this huge powerline is in a wooded, discrete
  area, of a small island community, and like a bridge, its
  lines transit on and off the island, carrying EM power.
  thus it has a type of mysterious quality, as it is some-
  what hidden in the woods, wilderness even, it is not
  'cyberspace' per se, it is only electricity, no phone or
  data cables, just the big juice which makes the city run,
  and all the rest. and yet it is out of sight/out of mind.


  old standard.jpg		39k

  an example of a type of high-voltage e-pylon design.
  could be from decades ago. or anywhere in the world.
  think these e-towers were shown in bahaus photos...
  during its construction, or by one of the teachers...


  curvilinear EM .jpg		43k

  what strikes me so often is the elegence and beauty of
  the tension lines, strung along these gigantic towers.
  and when they can be seen up close, and at their heights,
  it is reasonable to guess (structurally) that their design
  is related to the weight of these very thick cables which
  they carry, and each turn and twist is not abrupt, but a
  gentle transition, over great landscapes. it is about tensile
  structures in that if one made a right-angle all of the sudden,
  with such great forces at work, it might tear the e-pylon
  out of the ground, as the forces would be too great to hold
  everything upright. in any case, this shows a linear but also
  slightly curving (down the path) transition of the powerline.


  jumpdown .jpg		58k

  this photo-graphic is difficult to explain. i have not seen such
  a thing that i can remember. i belive it is high-voltage drop-
  down for the area. it is probably either the big juice or the sub-
  transmission juice going into a specific quadrant of the city. it
  is a very powerful image, up close, as it is like an alien or some
  kind of dragon or creature unnamed. it is so powerful, yet it is
  just part of the landscape, a nothingness. part of it is the audio,
  of any of these lines, especially after rain, or mist, as dust or
  whatnot can get the 60 cycle hum really reverberating or what-
  ever happens, such that it is very audible, the sound, energy,
  buzzing in the wires. in any case, this is, in principle, somewhat
  the same purpose as a 'substation' in that it takes a higher voltage
  current and 'transforms' it into lower voltage for light-industrial
  and-or residential use. the lines on e-poles outside of homes have
  'transformers' which will drop the e-current down to house-levels.


score  .jpg		43k
score2 .jpg		49k

now this may get me in a lot of trouble, not being any expert, and
naive about all things musical. yet for some time i have related the
lines in the powergrid with music, musical scores, to be specific.
these two photographics try to demonstrate this, one is as-is, and
the other is inverted to try to get the lines to be more foregrounded.
back to elegance, and music, and turns and all. this e-pylon, at least
for one person, shows a type of harmony, even though it is likely also
a dangerous thing. if one touched it, they would be hurt. yet it has a
sounding, has a type of presence. maybe it is all negative, i do not
know. but i literally see what i imagine a compositional 'score' to be
like. if one were to look at the details, the rivets, the insulators (of
which i collected, but gave away as they are big and heavy, but if one
has a chance, take a look at ceramic insulators on these pylons, they
are really quiet impressive in their designs). i cannot explain what is
meant by musical score, so i will leave it at this. maybe just a naive
impression, of image, seeing. but for me it is hearing, to see e-pylons.
they are saying, sometimes singing something. there is an elegent beauty.



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