~e; yahoo for ~e.org

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2002 09:36:06 -0600

  [of the darkness that hangs over most everything, something
  of a ray of light struck the inner sanctums of the brain space
  of the ~e.org project. it is now listed on the yahoo/science page:


  this is huge, as probably 10 months ago info had been submitted
  and resubmitted, and as anyone doing websites and indexing them
  realizes, it is a crap shoot to get on yahoo, especially in an optimum
  place (one that is logical). so this is a gift of the roll of the dice+ what-
  ever one wants to think. it is a moment to smile. in thanks*, ~e.org.]

  * search engine rankings are a type of black science, people guess at
  how they work, and all share some common foundations. yahoo's .dirs
  are hand-picked from what i have heard. and if you do not submit at a
  certain time of the day, they may not get to your site submission and
  drop/dump all of the submitted URLs they did not get to. this is how it
  was known a few years ago at least. also, in ranking, people going to
  a site helps sites to index a project. so those who have visited have
  also played a vital role in helping keep this alive. thank you for visiting.

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